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Welcome to Alexandria - Safe Zone! Last week we were left off with the group finally arriving at Alexandria. Titled Remember, the twelfth episode in there fifth season, pics right up where we left off, with the group walking up to the gates. This episode will be all about the group assimilating, their interviews into the community, and exploring within the walls. As they make it to the gates there is a commotion, before you know it Daryl sinks an opossum and as the gates open he states "We brought dinner" - love it! As the group walks in the guy at the gate informs them to hand over their weapons (yeah right buddy!) Of course the group doesn't and Rick states that if they wanted to fight them they would have started already. There's a great scene when they're walking in and Sasha takes out a Walker as the front gates are closing and Rick says "It's a good thing we're here."

Which is exactly why they're there. Interestingly, Andrew Lincoln did mention in an interview that there will be a lot of new character introductions. This episode there were quite a few. First up, Deanna Monroe is like the Mayor of Alexandria, and through out the episode she conducts interviews with each of the family members. She prides herself on being able to read people, so she assigns most of them jobs within the community. When she interviews Rick it's interesting because she knows they need them and Rick's trying to figure out what the threat is. Like on Talking Dead mentioned, it's a chess match between the two. There's a great scene when Rick it telling Ms. Monroe "It's all about survival now - at any costs." She definitely wants him and his family to help them out - but why? (If you've read the comics you have an idea or two). She also asks Rick what he did before, and through great debate he finally tells her that he was a Sheriff. 

Deanna explains that they (Rick and the family) have to store their weapons, that if they leave the gates they can check them back out, and it's a great scene with them all dismantling themselves with weaponry. Aaron also assigns their living quarters, which is two huge houses, but Rick being cautious suggests that they all sleep in the same house to stay together. They have running water, what comes next? Shower time! Naked Rick in the shower - whoot whoot! And next up, say good-bye to the Rick beard. Which, as he's finishing up with his shave, there is a knock at the door. It's a beautiful blonde woman, she introduces herself as Jesse and give shim a basket of supplies. She offers to cut his hair for him too as they converse a little. **SPOILER** I know through other sources that this will (or possibly will be) Rick's upcoming love interest. Later, when Rick goes for a nightly stroll, he meets Jesse's husband who seems to be a complete ass. Again, in the comics we know where all this is going. Back to the shave, Michonne and the group give Rick a lot of double-takes once the beard is gone.

The group explores Alexandria community, except Daryl, he's not so much loving going back to a "normal" life. I think it's because he thinks he's better in this apocalyptic world, he doesn't want to go back to what he was before, which to him he things was nothing. He's a huge part of the group and I'm interested to see how his character adapts, and even if he can - which I really hope he finds something, I'm actually surprised Rick didn't deputize him now that he's the Sheriff. Carl meets the rest of the kids and gets a little perplexed when they ask him if he wanted to play video games or play pool, it's like he can't wrap his head around the normalcy of it all. There's a teenage girl who he seems to have a little connection thing going on with her. She was an outsider too that was brought in and when he sees her climb the wall, he follows her but she's able to lose him. When Carl and Rick have a moment, Carl has a great point, that the thing he's concerned about being there is that the people in Alexandria are weak and he doesn't want the group to get weak. Later Rick states that it's not in them to be weak, and I fully agree. They've been through too much.

One of my favorite scenes was with Carol and her interview. She did a great job playing dumb, I feel like she's being the spy for the group, she told Ms. Monroe how she was a housewife and how she misses her husband ever day (yeah, right!). She was playing the sweet and innocent woman, portraying herself to be this weak and mild, she definitely has a plan. Another great scene was with Carol and Daryl (always), Carol is dressed with a cardigan and playing Soccer Mom or whatever, and she asks Daryl if he's taken a shower. They have their little back and forth (which I absolutely love) and Carol says she'll hose him down (God, I hope so!!) and as she's leaving he retorts "You look ridiculous." Love those two!

Glenn's interview, he states that they (the group) needed this because they were almost out there for too long. Glenn, Tara, and Noah are all assigned their job with the Mayor's son (who's a prick). You can tell right away he tried to assert himself and on the Talking Dead they hit it right on the head, these two Alexandria townies (Mayor's son included) are "playing" war. Again, it's why they want Rick's group in the community, because they have been through wars, they are survivors. Back to the supply run group, the prick talks about their "pre-game" ritual, which you can just tell isn't going to be good. They had lost some people (which I don't know if they really did lose them or if they had a hand in it) either way, they left a Walker "strung-up" and when they get there it's gone. When they find it, they're passing it around and taunting, it's really disturbing and you can tell Tara, Glenn, and Noah are shocked by their behavior and want to put the Walker down. When they push the Walker onto Tara, Glenn quickly puts an end to the Walker and they head back to town. The prick confronts Glenn, and everyone is trying to tell the prick to stand down. Ms. Monroe and everyone else arrive seeing the confrontation, Daryl is like a hungry wolf ready for a fight, when the prick turns to his mom and makes a comment about them coming into the community and Glenn retorts something along the lines 'because we actually know what we're doing' - the prick takes a swing at Glenn, who ducks and knocks the prick down, Daryl pounces on the other guy as the rest of the family swarm in to defend their own. Ms. Monroe breaks it up, puts her own son in place, and asks Rick to be the Constable, along with Michonne (Daryl doesn't like it and walks away). Ms. Monroe also announces to the community to leave Rick and his family alone, and she thanks Glenn for knocking her son down a few pegs.

Overall, an awesome episode. Questions that we're left with - Who took Rick's gun that he had left in the blender? What is the mystery behind Alexandria and why would they give complete strangers so much control so quickly? Either way, it's a great move, Rick and his family are a force and a surviving one. I think Ms. Monroe is a smart cookie and she knows this is what she needs if they want to survive themselves. The episode ends with Rick coming down the stairs in his new uniform. Rick, Carol, and Daryl have a Pow Wow and Carol reaffirms what Rick and Carl had already discussed, fear of acclimating too well and becoming weak, Rick says how it's not in them to be weak... and if the Alexandrian's can't make it, then they'll just take the place!! WHAT?! Uh oh! The Rick'tatorship is like that snake ready to strike, and Alexandria won't even know they've been bitten until it's all said and done. Can't wait!

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