Sunday, March 15, 2015


Overall this is a stellar episode, one you definitely do not want to miss out on and need to watch. Pure AMC genius continues to reign supreme, and you know all this is leading up to a wicked season finale that will make us all go crazy when it's over and the wait will begin again until season 6. There is some good news however, there will be a companion series starting soon, so that is going to be interesting and maybe peak our interests and hold us over between seasons.

If you have not seen the episode titled SPEND and do not want to know what happens, OR you do not like spoilers, PLEASE don't read. IF you do read and complain about it, you will be left in a revolving door, surrounded by Walkers, and eventually meeting the same fate as Noah does. That is all. :)


Only one episode left until the season 5 finale airing March 29th! I can't believe the season is nearing the end, will the group be able to cope and live peacefully in Alexandria, or will chaos continue to reign supreme with our weary group? Speaking of weary and meek, the episode opens with Father Gabriel. We haven't seen much of the Father since he burned his collar back on the road. Now, he seems to be attempting to lead Alexandria's community spiritually. I'm not sure if he's in a church or the make-shift school in Alexandria, either way he's definitely struggling when he flips out after a gift is left for him and the note read how blessed they are to have him. He rips out the pages of his Bible and seems to have lost it completely, but he's still praying and talking to God, just quietly doing so as he stares to the heavens with his silent pleas. However, after watching this episode, and doing the Story Sync (as suggested) he has committed total treason against the group. Watching what he did, even I feel betrayed by his actions! Now, I hope that he meets a worse fate than Noah did! Traitor! I'm so pissed.

One of the best scenes, even though it was one of the quickest too, was Daryl riding out on his new bike. Presumably with Aaron behind him leaving Alexandria in a car. As far as we know, Aaron had asked Daryl to go out to recruit people to Alexandria. Here's the first run, and after the other groups experience in this episode of going out on a run, it makes me extremely nervous that Daryl is leaving the group. In the next scene Noah has a morning meeting with Deanna's husband because he wants to learn how to maintain the walls, along with other things, he wants to be an Architect in training. The old guy passes his journal over to Noah, because he use to write everything of note down, and now he suggests that Noah does the same thing. There's an awkward scene too with Rick and Jesse where I think Rick was attempting to somewhat flirt with her, although talking about window theories might not be the right angle Rick!? Also, Pete (Jesse's husband) comes to give Rick a visit. Is he sizing Rick up, is he continuing his "Porch Dick" presence? To me the entire encounter was Pete pissing, marking his territory, and trying to go all "Alpha" on Rick. Plus, there was a harsh scene when Pete says to Rick "heard you lost your wife", but it was the way he says it that just gets under your skin and makes you want to end him. Once Pete leaves, Rick looks down and seems to be contemplating his wedding ring... will he take it off?

A Natural Born Leader

Abraham had more screen presence in this episode, his first scene he's splashing water on his face in a nice, safe bathroom with a sweetly sleeping Rosita reflecting in the mirror. Next up, he's been assigned to the construction crew and reports for duty. The guy that was flirting with Carol in the last episode seems to be in charge and as they're working, a guy Abraham was talking to states he has to go "send a fax to Seattle" or something along those lines, which was code for he had to go take a shit. During this time, Abraham focuses on birds escaping the trees... does he know what is about to go down? However, he seems to begin having some sort of anxiety attack, is it that he's having a hard time dialing back to normalcy, or is he summoning the strength because he knows what is about to happen? Either way, shit hits the fan when a bunch of Walkers approach the group. There are plenty of people in the group that if they were worth an ounce of what Rick's group was, they could easily take care of the Walkers... but, since they are the protected Alexandrian's they start shooting. When a woman named Francine needs help, the Crew Chief instructs everyone to leave her. Abraham steps up and goes to save her, he puts her in the cab and shuts the door proclaiming "Motherdick!" as the Walkers push in and it cuts to a commercial (of course). 
However, no worries, it's not his time yet and he's able to fight them off with a bad ass chain with a crude concrete ball on the end. Francine also assists out the cab window with her riffle, as other people in the crew take Abraham's lead and helps as well. When the Walkers are put down, Abraham confronts the crew chief and Francine decks him before they get back to work. In the comics, Abraham does hook-up with another woman (Holly) resulting in him and Rosita ending their relationship (Rosita gravitating toward Eugene). But, I think the woman actor looks a lot like the comic book character, just give her blonde hair. Either way, these scenes were great, Abraham is a leader and it's not surprising that he takes over as crew chief "We have a wall to build!" Meanwhile, the old crew chief goes to Deanna to tell her what happens and he's not a dick about it at all, he tells them how he was going to leave Francine but Abraham saved her. Deanna says that makes Abraham a hero, but she's reserved about making him the crew chief. Maggie ends up speaking up for Abraham saying that he's more than capable to run the crew... Deanna's trepidation though is giving another leadership role over to a member of Rick's group, but in the long run this is what she wanted. She knows they can fight and survive. 

Brutal Sacrifices

Eugene, Noah, Glenn, Tara, Aiden, and Nicholas all gear up and are readying to go on the groups first official run that we're seeing. Deanna and her husband are there to say goodbye to their son, as well as Maggie to see them off. Noah makes Eugene take a gun after he protests, Tara kids around with Noah, is she letter her guard down under the misconception of security that Alexandria presents, or was she just having fun in the moment? I honestly think, in these circumstances, you would have to take every moment as it is, especially if you could find any ounce of joy. Apparently Aiden and Nicholas find joy in techno dub step music (ironically a line in the music says "now, you're going to die", as they crank it in the van they're traveling in. It shows just how clueless these two (Aiden and Nicholas) are, beyond the walls if you ride around blaring music, you'll definitely attract a few dozen Walkers. Either way, the mission is to go to a solar warehouse to retrieve something the community needs. At the warehouse Glenn continues to share his wisdom and Aiden finally seems more receptive. However, Nicholas still is an ass and I don't know why he's on this duty, other than maybe hes Aiden's friend, which after watching this he's not a friend, let alone much of a human being either. Tara and Eugene have a little tiff too because he wants to take some credit for the group finding Alexandria, but Tara quickly puts him in his place. I think he's struggling to find his purpose and trying to find a way that he's been useful and a part of the group, he wants his intellect to be the factor.

R.I.P Aiden
Nicholas had commented that if shit hit the fan he would run for the front (and he would surely die) because Glenn and Noah were checking out the perimeter and find the front of the Warehouse crawling with Walkers, which ironically they do end up going out the front, well some of them do. The scene when the crew is heading in to the warehouse is intense, the auditory stimulation just makes you believe something is about to go down. Tara and Eugene find what they went there for, but they're also encountering a lot of Walkers. In an intense situation Aiden starts shooting a walker that was wearing armor, Glenn is yelling at him to stop, but Aiden hits a canister and there is an explosion before it cuts to a commercial. When we return to the group in the warehouse after the explosion, Aiden's friend Nicholas proclaims him dead, but he's really not. Also in the explosion Tara was knocked out, she's bleeding and not doing well. Glenn, Noah and Nicholas set out to rescue Aiden who is critically injured as well, a lot of metal is pinning him to the warehouse, doesn't look good at all. Walkers are filling up in the warehouse, when rescuing Aiden doesn't seem like a possibility anymore Nicholas whispers in Aiden's ear how they were responsible for the team member's they lost before and then runs off. Glenn and Noah of course didn't leave until there were absolutely no other options, as the walkers dig and tear Aiden apart. The entire scene is brutal, but not the worst in this episode. It's bad, but Aiden confesses to Glenn before Noah pulls Glenn away and they just escape. Meanwhile, after Eugene proclaimed that he would protect he incapacitated Tara, he ends up slinging her over his shoulder and fighting a few walkers off to his way to the van. Which was wonderful, because Eugene comes to the rescue later with that van!

Nicholas runs to the front of the warehouse and runs out the front revolving door, not listening to Glenn and Noah, who are now out of ammo as well. They all get trapped in the revolving door! I was seriously having difficulty breathing during these scenes! All seems hopeless, as Noah is saying there has to be a way, and you can tell Glenn is working out what to do, while the coward Nicholas is just panicking. Honestly, I was trying to work out how to throw Nicholas to the walkers so that Glenn and Noah could get to Eugene who had just arrived in the techno thumping van drawing some of the walkers away, but not all of them. Glenn tries a plan, but Nicholas freaks out, squeezes through the doors opening them just enough that Noah gets grabbed by the walkers. As Noah is being grabbed though he tells Glenn, "don't let go" or something along those lines, and later on the Talking Dead, they discuss how it really had alternative meanings behind it, it didn't really mean the literal, Noah knew he was going to die. Glenn has to watch as the walkers brutally rip apart Noah though, and it was gore, ripping, and just gross! And there seems to be no end to Nicholas and his cowardly ways, he orders Eugene to get out of the van, to leave Glenn and Noah... again, on Talking Dead, they discuss how Eugene quickly did the math and new something was up. He tries to take on Nicholas but he takes Eugene down, but Glenn arrives and knocks the coward Nicholas out. Now they have to head back to Alexandria. Deanna has to learn of her son's death, the death of Noah, and they'll have to deal with Nicholas and his treachery. Another great point brought up on Talking Dead, this was the first death on Glenn, he usually tries to save everyone, so it will be interesting to see how Glenn deals with this. AND - will Glenn now be in charge of the crew that goes out on runs? Yet, giving another leadership role over to Rick's crew!?

R.I.P Noah

In Carol We Trust

Carol finds Sam, the kid she had threatened, raiding her pantry... he's looking for more cookies. If this kid knew who he was messing with, I'm not too sure he would be rattling around in her house, let alone trying to communicate and become chummy with her. Carol tries to kick him out, but he wants more cookies and isn't going to take no for an answer. He reassures her that he hasn't told anyone about her taking the guns, she's obviously irritated with him, but once he starts talking about the guns and how he likes to break things, her attention is alerted. She figures out that Sam's dad, Pete, isn't very nice. She went to his house and tries to talk to him and he continues his "Porch Dick" persona. Carol goes to Rick,the same time that Eugene goes to Deanna. Carol tells Rick about Pete, and how she knows how this is going to end. 
Meanwhile, Eugene is comparing Rick's group to Satin and how they seem good, but he's telling her that they're not. During this sequence I really wanted to hurt Gabriel, I've never liked him as a character, and now I wished him and Noah could have been reversed. This is pure treachery, he's a traitor and in this world, what do you think will happen to traitors? Hopefully, the sweet Karma is that Maggie overheard Gabriel's conversation with Deanna, who I think she knew (being the proclaimed Poker Player) that he might not be entirely right in the head right now. However, it gives her something to think about, and as the scene is ending, you can hear Glenn yelling that they need help, so the van is arriving and she's going to learn of her son's death, is this going to change her mind now about Rick and the crew? Either way, back to Carol and Rick, she tells him that he's going to have to kill Pete... and that's exactly the ammunition he needs, he's wanted to end Pete, now he has a reason. Get ready, the Rick'tatorship is going to explode all over Alexandria and it's going to be glorious.

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