Sunday, March 22, 2015


**Spoilers and Predictions** 
Proceed with caution - unless you want to be paired with Nicholas for a run!


Can you believe it? I don't want to believe it! The season 5 finale is next weekend and in true Walking Dead fashion, it's going to be one heck of a show, especially since it will be 90 minutes versus the regular 60 minutes. Can't wait and at the same time, I don't want it to be over yet. I believe, if I've heard correctly, that the companion series will begin shooting this summer (thank God!) With the complexities involved we could have a couple companion series that run year round! Alexandria is nothing compared to what's coming. We still have Hilltop and what everyone's been anticipating, the next ultra villain, Negan. Plus, if you are staying current with the comics (unlike myself), then there is even more to come. But shh, keep it to a whisper (har har har). 

What Deanna thought of Carol's sympathy note...

Back to the fifteen episode to season five of The Walking Dead titled Try. Overall, an amazing episode, it makes the time go by way too fast because you are so enthralled. A great perspective was talked about on Taking Dead, about Rick's group and their need to be outside of the walls to remind themselves what is out there. Like being inside is too much anxiety and it is eating away at them, they've all expressed their fear in becoming weak being in a community that seems untouched by this zombie apocalypse and other horrors. So, what happens when you let wild dogs in? There are bound to be a few dog fights. The episode opens with the Monroe family mourning the loss of Aiden. Deanna might not be the great poker player she thought she was, is she internalizing her own decisions, or will she seek out the proverbial finger pointing vengeance of civility?

The Coward
AMC has perfected following multiple characters through story arcs and taking us on these insane rides, in one episode we experience the facets of psychosis and how people handle death and trauma differently. We all hate Nicholas, but in the fight or flight instinct, he is obviously the "I'm going to leave your ass to get torn to shreds by flesh devouring zombies!" What we also refer to as a coward. He literally makes my skin crawl how he would just run. I get that he was terrified, but he made some pretty messed up decisions, and these aren't his first cowardly mistakes either. We also know that Nicholas is the mystery person that snagged Rick's "J" gun, which after Glenn goes to Nicholas and gets in his face about how Aiden and Noah's death are on his hands I was like "Oh shit! - so later when everyone is running in Alexandria to break up a brutal fight and we see Nicholas running behind Glenn, I thought for sure he was going to use the commotion from the brawl to his advantage... but, then I remembered, he's a coward, he wouldn't do that! Not only did this low-life run away from our group in a critical time, he lies to cover his faults as well! When Deanna video tapes his confession it made me nauseous listening to his blabbering idiocy. The only other person that I hate, maybe even more so, would be Gabriel (which I covered a little last week).

Another great example of the genius writers involved in the series, as they dive deep in the hell we can put ourselves through just to survive the traumas of reality. While Sasha sort of got on my nerves this episode, I can sort of understand. But hey, no one snaps or goes off on Michonne! My eyes were about to pop out of my skull when Sasha swatted at Michonne and told her she didn't need her help. From the beginning of the episode it's obvious she's struggling as she's looking through her scope and is taking out Walkers. After Rosita comes to Michonne and informs her that Tara is in stable condition, she also divulges how Sasha hasn't been seen for days and presumably is up in the tower. They set off to find her and along the way discover she has been hunting Walkers, as her signature is a bullet to the back of the head. When they catch up to her they get semi-surrounded and the three of them take them out and it's like letting off steam and great practice for what is now, the real world. Like Michonne commented, she feels like she's asleep in Alexandria. However, when Sasha runs out of ammo there is an intense scene when she gets knocked down and that's when Michonne saves her. She's working through a lot and it wasn't until Yvette on Talking Dead explained that she might be lashing out at Michonne too because she's the one that talked to her after Tyreese died, to not make stupid choices like he had, and Sasha said she wasn't like him. Yvette expanded even further explaining how she feels Sasha is literally clearing her path (by clearing out the Walkers), this is her form of therapy in a way, this is what she has to work through. I also liked how Yvette talked about her lashing out at Michonne and Rosita, because they're there for her, but Sasha doesn't want it because she doesn't want to get close to anyone else. 

Daryl and Aaron are out on their first exploration together, we don't know if they're just tracking or what but Daryl spots light in the darkness, so they know they're not alone. Later they come across a chopped up person or walker, and a woman that had been tied naked to a tree, left to have her abdomen torn out my a walker. When Daryl lifts up her head, there is the themed "W" carved in her forehead that's really pushed in this episode. We see quite a few walkers with the "W" in their head, so the "Wolves" are getting closer and I'm sure we'll get a glimpse of them in the season finale for season 6 maybe, or maybe not. You never know with AMC. My prediction is that season six will be about these "Wolves" and Alexandria coming to terms with survival. I believe at this point in the comics, or at least I'm pretty sure, it's not long after Rick and Pete's fight that the Walkers invade Alexandria, and I would think this would be in the finale. This episode we really saw the increased presence of Walkers, especially with the W characteristic. As well, it is during this time that there are a lot of casualties, including Carl's eye. But, the show has different variations for example - at this point Andrea is still alive, Carol has long been dead, and I'm pretty sure Rick is missing his hand. Either way, some serious shit is about to go down. AMC will either drag out the crazy stuff in the comics and or add some of their crazy too, as usual!

My question is, why didn't Deanna videotape and interrogate Glenn too? I guess I can understand that Deanna would question Nicholas because he's sort of her man, and Glenn is with Rick, but that's also only digging further a drawn line in the sand between the two sides. You have on video Nicholas covering his tracks through muddled lies, which I think Deanna could see through. But if people are going to have access to Nicholas's confession, shouldn't they have access to Glenn's accounts as well? I would think so in order to conclude any means of justice, if that is what she seeks as leader of Alexandria. We see in the sneak peak that her and Maggie will butt heads about Deanna's process for dealing with the aftermath of Rick and Pete's fight. However, before we get to that great scene, there were so many great scenes in another stellar episode. The build up to Glenn confronting Nicholas is great. When Rick and Glenn are discussing the events and they are arguing their sides, Glenn makes it a point to say "we are them" (referring to Alexandrian's), again on the Talking Dead they brought up a valid point, how the group is esentially babysitting the people there, Glenn also states "we have to make this work." I think this is why he goes to Nicholas and tells him that he's not to go outside of the walls (of course Deanna has already instructed Nicholas the same thing, and he already has disobeyed her direct order because he went outside of the walls to dig up the gun he had stashed, which was Rick's "J" gun). That's why when Glenn does confront Nicholas and tells him basically not to endanger anymore lives, including his own. "Are you threatening me?" Nicholas. "No, I'm saving you." Glenn. I absolutely love Glenn and I hope he doesn't depart soon and mirror the comic book Glenn. Although, as mentioned before, when you become the moral compass in the show... you are pretty much signing your death scene. 

And sure enough, teenage angst is still alive and well in the zombie era. Carl continues to investigate Enid, but she busts him following her. "What do you do out here anyway?" Carl. "Same thing as you." Enid, states before she takes off running through the woods as he follows her and for those few seconds you realize, they're just kids trying to grasp some joy in their insane reality. Meanwhile, you can also contemplate that she too is trying to stay astute in the way of the world now. Carl has voiced his concerns to his dad how he fears Alexandria will make the group weak, and it seems most of them, if not all of the group have by this point been beyond the wall and have at least taken down a walker or two (maybe not Carol, but something tells me she's good!). In their next scene, once they have finished frolicking through the woods, they have a heart to heart. They have some similarities because Enid lived on the outside too before they took her in. I'm still on the fence about trusting her or not, I think she's been planted, but that's just my theory. Anyway, they confide in one another that they don't want to forget what is beyond the walls, so now they can relate to one another too. At some point they come across a lone Walker, Enid winds up a kitchen timer and throws it distracting the Walker, before they take off again. It's sweet for us to witness Carl's first love interest and how he can be so fearless, and now in unfamiliar territory. "Why do I scare you?" Carl. "I don't know, you just do." Enid. I think she scares him too though! When they are face-to-face, surrounded by walkers in a hollowed out tree (very close quarters), she says "It's their world, we're just living in it." 

Andrea/Comic vs. Jesse/Show
While his son is just discovering love, Rick is on the brink of another mental break (if not already there), and to make matters even worse, he's found interest in Jesse. Which I've written before how this is just fuel for his fire. Again, Yvette had a great point on Talking Dead, how Rick is putting all his cards out on the table. I'm interested to see how this plays out though, in the comics Jesse's character is dark haired and dies when the walkers invade Alexandria (I believe), and eventually or shortly after Rick shacks up with Andrea (in the comics), who has blonde hair, while Jesse's character resembles more of the Andrea character in the comics (minus the two facial scars), we'll have to wait and see where this is headed - and can Rick really handle if she were to die right now? He's already psycho-focusing on red balloons. Anyway, Carol has the confession from Sam of Pete's abuse, which tells me he still has his head on straight, he could have killed Pete 10 times over by now, but he takes this information to Deanna, being the
good cop that he is. She knows! It's the "sacrifice for the good of the people" - I haven't particularly cared for Deanna, but have been giving her the benefit of the doubt, because it's not an easy job. However, after she knows and still permits this behavior to continue so that the community can have a surgeon is despicable. She stands there and lectures about civility!? When Rick joins her at the grave site, he's civil and asks her how she's doing, and she confesses not well. They get in to a verbal debate; Rick is showing is cards about survival, and she's playing with an old non-existent deck. He's fighting for survival and she's fighting for civilization; Rick = Kill; Deanna = Exile. They butt heads and when it comes down to it she tells him if he were to kill Pete or anyone she would exile him too.
There is a great scene before this too when Rick is trying to reel-in psycho-Rick, when Pete happens to walk up (bad timing dude!). Rick turns to him in a very intimidating and warning way tells him to "Keep walking". If Rick tells you to keep walking, you better listen. And Pete does! He definitely got the hackles up defensive threat from Rick and heeded his advice. When Rick goes to Jesse, you know it's about to get crazy again. Rick confronts her about the abuse and tells her "It has to stop". Her response "Why do you care?... We have to take care of ourselves". When he's contemplating and looking around the normalcy of the town, you can see the storm brewing in him, and this is when I thought (the town needs a breach of the walls, let the people know there are huge threats in the world). But, Rick has his own way of doing things.
He goes back to Jesse, nearly busting through her front door entering her home, and confesses to her how Sam asked for a gun to protect her. He explains to her "If you don't fight, you die" and he tells her he doesn't want her to die, he says that he can keep her and her boys safe she just has to say yes. They banter back and forth a little before she nearly whispers "yes" and perfect timing, Pete enters the room. He's obviously been drinking as Jesse attempts to tell him to leave. He snaps at her and that's when the dog fight escalates as Rick states that Pete will leave, along with himself out front to solve this the 10 knuckle way. In staying true to the comics, they crash out through the front windows of the house and the whole town comes to see the commotion. Jesse attempts to break it up gets a fist from Pete, Carl attempts to reel his dad in and gets pushed away, as Rick goes in to killer mode as he focuses on his red balloon and then he hears Deanna's voice telling him to stop, he questions her "or what?" Rick pulls out his gun, "you gonna' kick me out?" (Nicholas sees that Rick too has a gun, his expression looks more worried now). Rick continues to go off on the Alexandrian people and explains how his people have survived because they have done what needs to be done (or something along those lines), that their way (the Alexandrian people's) of doing things (civil life) is extinct. He's all bloody and seems crazy-pants at this point, he states again "If you don't fight, you die." right before Michonne knocks him out.

Sneak Peek - Conquer (Season 5 Finale)