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With only three episodes left in season 5, Forget opens with hardened Sasha. She goes to sign her weapon out and interacts with Olivia, who is in charge of the pantry, gun stock, and seems relatively unscathed. Sasha had taken the family portraits from the house she was sleeping in and used them as target practice. This episode she really seems unhinged in a way, she's dealing with so much, the group deaths, the Walkers, and everything else. Then again, maybe Alexandria is exactly what she needs right now to work through her loss and psychosis. The Story Sync is so great because it gives so much insight, it was suggested that maybe Sasha is just rejecting Alexandria's civilization.

This episode is all about the group and how they're acclimating differently within and outside of the walls. Sasha isn't the only one having difficulty, Daryl still isn't playing along, and I think that's great. I don't think it would be his character to play nice in Alexandria, and through out this episode he mentions how the Walker World his group became who they were meant to be. There's great scenes with Aaron and Daryl on a side mission chasing a horse, Buttons. Aaron mentioned how he had been chasing the horse for a while now and in their attempt Walkers intrude and eventually (and very sadly) take down Buttons the horse. I just felt like Daryl keeps trying, and I think that's a great attribute, don't forget to keep trying. 

In the spirit of survival, the Pow Wow between Rick, Carol, and Daryl, they decide to take some guns from the stock room. We are in the thick of it with the Rick'tatorship now. Is he going over board with his new title and power or is he just trying to keep everyone safe? Either way, he's tipping on the dark side and just further demonstrates Andrew Lincolns mastery in his performance. Same to Carol, she is a master spy at this point. Daryl can't be involved because they're watching him and Rick is in the public's eye. Carol mentions at  some point the good thing about being in this world again is that she's invisible... just not to little boys following her for cookies! There was an amazing scene where Scary Carol comes out and is a complete terror to the little boy who disrupts her mission and catches her. Great scene and Melissa McBride who plays Carol is fabulous, let me tell you - if I were that kid I would have been pissing my pants!

When Deanna throws a party to welcome the newcomers, it gives a great cover for the covert operation to acquire guns. The group arrive to the party in intervals and have interesting interactions, but it's a lot like introducing wild dogs that you've cleaned up in with domesticated ones (a lot of butt sniffing and tucked tails). However, there is liquor there and maybe this contributes to some bad behavior, but when Jesse is handing over Judith to Rick, they're close and Rick takes the opportunity and kisses her cheek - WHAT! I'd love to know your take on this and their development. Is it that Rick is going to take what he wants, which is Jesse, or do you think it was the alcohol and lapsed judgment... I felt like screaming at the television, she's married, even though he's a "porch dick" (than you Chris Hardwick), still. Like Kevin Smith said on the Talking Dead, it's very caveman like behavior, even later when Rick is in possession of a pistol and when Jesse and her husband are walking down the street there is this instant when he reaches for the gun - like he could just erase him from the picture - crazy! But, we all love it too.

There seems to be a lot of "meeting of the minds" in this episode too, besides Rick, Daryl, and Carol's Pow Wows, Aaron follows Daryl to single him out, as well Deanna gathers Maggie with Rick and Michonne to discuss her vision for Alexandria, she's assigned jobs for everyone and we learn that she's recruited Maggie to help her with governing - which I'm sure will come in to place later too if they do stay with the comics and introduce Hilltop too. However, they talk security where Deanna and Rick seem to keep butting heads. He keeps telling her how people are the real threat, Sasha volunteers for look out duty in the watch tower (in exchange for them attending to her party). It just further shows Deanna might be a "poker player" and is playing her hand at a chess match with the crew, but she's clueless when it comes to the real threats and being prepared.

Overall, it is a great episode. It's not necessarily action packed, it's more personable. When Aaron follows Daryl and starts talking with him, he mentions something about "shrinks the brain" and I felt that he was very much trying to get inside of Daryl's head. Later we learn that he totally respects Daryl and wants him to be a recruiter. It's a great scene with Spaghetti Tuesday and everything, I think Hershel would have been smiling. But, Aaron presents Daryl with his garage of motorcycle parts to sweeten the deal and tells Daryl how he asked Deanna not to assign him a "job" because he wanted Daryl for his own purposes. Aaron doesn't want his partner Eric going out on missions anymore and he won't be able to for a long time with his broken ankle anyway. I wasn't too sure about their interaction at first, but after the Spaghetti dinner I felt much better about their budding bromance. 

"Wolves not far" - what's the mystery!

Other great scenes included Carol in the pantry getting ingredients for her cookies while also doing a little recon and unlatching the gun stock room for her covert mission. Meanwhile, later when she was there getting the guns, I wanted to scream at her for taking more chocolate. They made it a point when Olivia said how much she could ration it out, she's going to know someone took more. I just felt like it was a huge mistake and I hope it doesn't come back to bite her on her ass later. Also, when Carol was there earlier with her recon, getting ingredients, she meets "Toby" who she flirts with (as a distraction) and he invites her to learn how to shoot a gun, makes me want to laugh out loud, literally.

"W" for "Walker" or for "Wolves"?

Alphabetically though, this episode holds a lot of questions with two letters; A & W. Again, we see the Walkers with W's etched on their foreheads. We saw them in the town where Tyreese was bitten and it is being speculated (and really seems too ironic not to be connected) that the W will have something to do with "the wolves" - but, we'll have to wait to find out. has a great read about the comic book links and what people are guessing about the W and the wolves The Walking Dead: What Do The W's On The Walkers Mean? Another question, what's with the A stamp, I get it "A is for Alexandria" but does it tie in to the A that was written on the side of Father Gabriel's church? I can't believe there are only a few episodes left! At least the season finale will be 90 minutes, and then we'll all be crying when it's over again.

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