Monday, September 28, 2015

FEAR: Cobalt

The fifth installment continues the unraveling of civilization. Cobalt, is code for the military and their "humane" orders. This episode tackles more psychological aspects with the collapse of our society and the different perspectives. Slowly, with this season they have followed the Road to the Apocalypse (story sync), with the eighth step; Military Withdrawl. Which include guardsmen orders to take out hostile civilians, violent coercion of dissenting troops, evacuation of troops ordered, and planned euthanization of the quarantined; otherwise known as code Cobalt.

Travis is unable to pull the trigger

Cobalt starts with Travis attempting to talk to the military about those that were taken to the quarantine zone. I believe it was Lt. Moyers that, once again, pulled his dick-card and pushed Travis to understand the gravity of their situations. However, the Lieutenant seems to have a soft spot for Travis and decides to take him to see his people. They load up into the military vehicle and on their way Moyers spots a walker and orders Travis to take "Kimberly" down. I think Travis' evolution and realization is going much slower than I would think. I feel like he should man-up already. However, during this time they get a distress call and the Lieutenant meets his demise. It would have been nice to see more of his experience. Then again, maybe he's not necessarily dead, or he might have turned and we'll see him again; who knows.

Kimberly didn't know she was on the menu!

Meanwhile, in the Quarantine Zone we meet a new character, Strand. He seems like this arrogant-rich man that can bribe his way, or manipulate any situation to best suite his needs. He's a realist and understand the situation and what he'll have to do to survive. His manipulation is evident when he talks to the husband that left his family in Travis and Madison's neighborhood. The dad's mind is plagued with the results of his decision to leave, and Strand adds salt to his wound, and it festers as we watch the father suffocate with guilt and eventually is taken away. When the guards are checking the quarantined, Nick is running a temperature because of his withdrawal and the guardsmen start to fullfill their orders and are taking him away, when Strand barters his release; he definitely has a plan!

Strand, the Master Puppeteer
Back at the Homestead, Ofelia was able to lure one of the guardsmen back to their home. Once there, Daniel traps him and begins the process of torturing him for information. I really like Daniel's character, not that he tortured the man, but the character development and how the actor portrays him, I think, is amazing. His character is one I look forward to watching and I feel like he's a true Walking Dead character, if you know what I mean. I haven't really liked any of the other characters; I think Nick is annoying with his addiction, Alicia's character is going through her own psychosis along with Chris; Madison, I think, is developing better than I had anticipated. Strand seems like an interesting character and I'm looking forward to seeing what he brings. I'm hoping that next weeks season finale will bring the smolder that we love so much and drives us crazy for more!

Question: Would you follow Daniel's methods of acquiring necessary information?

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