Sunday, September 20, 2015

FEAR: Not Fade Away

Recently I had read that there was a dip in ratings for the show, and honestly I can understand why. I think for the show to pick up some momentum, it needs to get a little crazier. This is just showing one neighborhood's experience. It's been a slow process and continues to tease us of what's to come and shows us little glimpses of what we want to see. I think tonight's theme was "living the delusion". The episode opens with Nick relaxing in a swimming pool and Nick taking a nice run around the quarantined neighborhood. It is interesting how everyone views things in their own different perspectives. You have one family in the neighborhood who are full on hospitalization protective gear with masks, gowns, and gloves secured by duct tape. You have the people living the delusion who are still clinging to civilized life, and it goes on and on.

"Day 9, nine days since the light's went out" - Chris Manawa
While Chris is vlogging himself on the roof of the house, he witnesses someone outside of their boarders signaling using a light or mirror and the sun. When he tries to tell his dad, Travis brushes it off. Later, he shows Madison who eventually confronts Travis about the possibility of Chris's story. Then, Travis relays this information to his "buddies" in the Military. The very last scene of the show is the clear indication of the delusion they have all been living, and some are finally coming to terms with. But, what now?

Inside the house, Madison is watching the clock that they have marked when the electric will be on and the duration that it is off. She continues to talk about making repairs to the house, trying to grasp some normality, her daughter isn't having it though. When her mom and Travis start to argue, she interrupts them out of her frustration of the situation. During the episode Alicia keeps going off to Susan's house, where she attempts to give herself a homemade tattoo over what her boyfriend had drawn on her arm. I think it's her down-time, it's popular today to say "Not my circus, not my monkey's", I think this is her way of doing the same. Everyone is trying to cope the best way that they can.


While Nick is lounging in the pool, Madison brings him his pill, but he refuses. He's making it seem like he's kicked his addiction; I don't think she believes him either. Later, we see his true colors as he cases a neighbor who's very sick and has medicine he wants. However, when a doctor comes to town and starts taking patient's away, his means of his fix is also taken away. Because Liza, Travis' ex-wife, has been taking care of the people needed medical attention, she escorts the doctor around the neighborhood and they assess the patients. We soon learn that they are being taken to a "facility", a military facility. When Mrs. Salazar is also scheduled to go, some tension fills the air.
"Be nice, so I don't have to shoot you." Lieutenant Moyers

Earlier, a military personnel, Lieutenant Moyers, was making a neighborhood announcement and we were introduced the classic power-trip jerk. His new buddy is Travis, who seems to be the new Mayor and his go-to guy. Little by little things start to show how the military aren't their friends. Just as Chris shows Madison his recording of the person outside of the neighborhood, she decides to investigate. When she goes beyond the wall she sees the bodies and has to hide when a military scouting crew comes rolling through where she is; if she's caught, she would be shot for sure. After she gets back she catches Nick routing around the house for his fix as she finally delivers the whoop-ass beat-down that he deserves!

Overall, it's not a horrible episode, I could just use a little more action. There were a few scenes that I truly enjoyed. My favorite scenes were when Madison and Daniel were talking, once she got back from scouting outside of the barricade. He asks her what she saw and she tells him. Daniel is full of intelligent insight, I'd definitely want him to stay around. He tells this incredible story from his childhood of similar circumstances, when military men in his village came and took some people. They too promised the people they were taking would return home, unfortunately they returned home dead. He explains how people act out of fear; great, incredible scene, loved it! The other scene I loved was toward the end when the military arrive at the house to take Mrs. Salazar, because of her badly broken ankle. She requires surgery and everyone has been reassured that there are surgeons and everything needed at the "facility". When Daniel tries to leave with his wife, the military personnel that were there taking her away stop him and tell him that he would have to stay, the only other person that they had on the list to go with them was Nick! Alicia tells Nick to run, Madison is fighting off the military, Daniel is trying to get to his wife. Travis steps in front of the guns explaining how things were getting out of hand... while they're taking Nick against their wills. The doctor is talking Liza into going with her, telling her that they could use her at the facility. She's torn because of her son Chris, but I think she felt more guilty because they took Nick; did she really want to face Madison after that? So she hoped into the truck and went with her patients. When Madison came in, after just seeing them take her son away, she tells Travis "Liza, she did this." The next scene that is probably the most profound for Travis, he's up on the roof getting some air after the chaos, he sees the light that Chris and Madison were telling him about, followed by the person's execution by rapid gun fire... after he had asked the military to investigate what his son had seen. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out in his mind and hopefully now, he'll understand that Lt. Moyer's is not his friend.