Sunday, September 13, 2015

FEAR: The Dog

The third installment of the first season starts with Chris looking out the barbershop window at the rioting, when an infected looks into the shop and gives him a scare. His dad quickly tells him to get away from the window, as Chris isn't too sure what he's seen. When we rejoin the family back at the homestead, Madison the mom is handing over a glass of water for her son to take his "pills", but he starts to crush them, she protests but her attempts of reasoning with an addict are useless. I'm tired of Nick and his addiction already, how ridiculous that he had the nerve to tell his mom he's more experienced and knows what he's doing... obviously not, or else he wouldn't be an addict. If I were his mother I would tell him that there wasn't anymore. I hope she wises up and tells him there isn't anymore so he can go ahead and "howl at the moon". Back at the barbershop, they notice the walls are getting too hot from the fire next door, so they decide to abandon their position and make a run for it.

While the group is trying to flee the barbershop, the rioting continues as the infected are seizing their opportunity and feasting. Meanwhile, back at the homestead, Madison, Alicia, and Nick start to play a family game of Monopoly while they are waiting for Travis to arrive home so that they can leave (I hope they're packed and ready to go). Traveling might not be as easy as they thought it was going to be, especially with an elderly lady so hurt. While Travis and his group were trying to escape, the elderly lady was blocked by some scaffolding, the police were using water canon's against the rioters, and made the scaffolding come down on her. Travis scoops her up in his arms and they keep moving toward his truck. The ex-wife looks at the damage to the elderly lady and it looks like she's broken her ankle. The ex-wife, Liza, informs Travis that they'll need a doctor. Back at the homestead, they are happily playing their family game of Monopoly until they hear a gunshot and then their tones change.

Travis finds the infected neighbor in the house feeding on the dog as the power comes back on, the walker gets up and starts toward Travis. Madison and the kids are making their way back, when Nick asks his sister about the shells. She decides to go back for the shells, she finds them and quickly begins to gather them as she looks up and notices a cup of tea and pills. Her neighbor had killed herself, Alicia notices and takes off for home. Meanwhile, Travis is wrestling with an infected as Daniel takes the gun from Nick and shoots the walker in the face (must not have reached his brain) and has to shoot him again, taking off half of his head with the shot. Alicia's racing back toward her house when she's grabbed by the infected neighbor that she saw, Chris (Travis's son) tries to help her, but she elbows him in the face. After she's okay, the family combined now, tries to come to terms with the dead and what's happening. Travis checks on his son's injured nose, there's a nice father-son moment. Once everyone is back together, arguments start back up between staying and going. Madison tells Travis to take care of the dead body in their house, so he's taking it out as Daniel tells him he should burn the body, but Travis is against it.

The Barber, Daniel, talks to his family about how this is the wrong time to be in the debt to somebody. His daughter isn't happy about his choice to stay; she wants Travis and Madison's help. The ex-wife, Liza, and Madison talk, Liza explains how as mother's they need each other, and Madison asks something of Liza. When the time comes and Madison is a walker, for her to kill her, because she thinks it would break Travis. Meanwhile, while Madison is talking to Liza, she doesn't take her eyes off her neighbor Susan, the walker is at the back fence but can't get through. She explains to Liza how Susan took care of her kids and she took care of her too after her husband died. Which makes me wonder how her husband died. The kids had brought up during the families Monopoly game how their dad came home late and maybe even not at all sometimes. This makes me think that maybe their dad was an addict too, and maybe he died because of his addiction.

As a new day dawns, Travis is burying the walker neighbor and says good morning to his other neighbor "Susan" who's still trying to get through the fence. When Travis comes back into the home, Daniel is teaching Chris about the shotgun, which he doesn't like and tells his son to go finish packing. Travis asks Madison if she's ready and she states that she has one more thing to do, which I knew was to deal with Susan. When they're both there, Travis persuades her not to go through with it, while Daniel is watching from afar and thinks them weak for not ending the walker's life. As they are preparing to leave, Nick tells his mom he needs more pills. At this point she's enabling him! It's ridiculous. He continues to manipulate her and is very upset to learn she gave some of the pills to the elderly woman who has a broken ankle and foot. He makes a comment about how he thought family should come first. Sorry asshole, injury trumps addiction. As they are leaving they notice military helicopters flying overhead.

"Good people are the first one's to die" Daniel Salazar

Travis, his ex-wife Liza, and son Chris are riding in his truck, while Madison, Alicia, and Nick are in her car; they're leaving as she notices Susan's husband arrive home. She takes off back to her neighbor's house to try to stop Susan's husband "Patrick" from finding Susan. Patrick finds Susan outback where she has been trying to get to the others, he asks her what's wrong as she makes her way toward her husband who is anticipating her with open arms. Madison arrives and yells for him to stop -- just as Susan goes into her husband's arms and with an open mouth, going for his shoulder, the military arrive and takes a shot to her head. Patrick is hunched over her sobbing as Madison is taken away by the military. I'm not so sure this is a good thing - that the military has arrived. But, they take over the neighborhood. Madison talks to two military personnel and asks if it's contagious, to which they don't really answer her. They ask her if she's been exposed, she quickly replies that they hadn't been, but when they ask about the fresh grave -- again, she's quick to reply that they had to bury their dog. As Madison and Travis watch what's happening he comments "The calvary's arrived", he thinks it'll get better now, as they watch the military take away black packaged corpses. Daniel's watching too from the upstairs bedroom window, as they're marking homes. He comments how it's already too late. 

Next Episode September 20th - "Not Fade Away"