Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Walking Dead 4.6

Live Bait

The episode picks up where the Governor left off last season. He had just shot most of his town people that trusted him, then took off with two of his henchmen. Then we see them camping, the Governor is just staring into the fire before him as we see a walker coming toward him. The walker walks right into the fire and proceeds for the Governor - who is still just starring into the fire. One of the other guys that were with him shot the walker. The next scene the Governor is emerging from his tiny tent and the other two he had been are no where to be found. He is alone. He drives to his old town and sets fire to it while watching the town fill with walkers.

We see the Governor walking like he is in shock or something, he's dragging his feet and stumbling around. Then, he sees a girl in the window. He goes to investigate and finds a family secure within their apartment building. Two women, their daughter and their feeble father. You meet the one sister, who proclaims that she is Atlanta City Police and that if he steps out of line she has enough ammo to shot him for a couple days - but, I don't buy it. What I find interesting about her claim was her inexperience with the gun - meaning, she leaves it too many times - someone could have robbed it from her and then where would they be??

The family agrees to let the stranger (as we know him, the Governor) stay the night, that they'll hold his gun while he is there for the night and return it to him when he leaves. In the meantime he does a couple favors for him and they discover that he use to have a family. You don't know if he's trying to reclaim some humanity by helping them, or if there are ulterior motives. Either way - you're left waiting for the ball to drop. In teaching the girl chess, he is keeping a close eye on the sisters caring for their father. He explains strategy for chess and you know there is foreshadowing in his words. The father dies and traumatically for the family the Governor uses an air tank to bash the father's head. The Governor buries the deceased. The sisters are grateful and he burns the picture that he had of his previous family that he had been carrying around with him. He tries to leave and the one sister tells him no, basically that they need him. His bang drops and insinuates that he will stay.

They hit the road. The one sister and the Governor (who they know as Brian) get hot and heavy while the other sister and her daughter are asleep right next to them. The truck that they had been using dies and now they are on foot. Tara, the other sister trips and gets hurt. They come up to a herd and need to run. The daughter freezes but runs to the Governor for help. They escape into the woods and are trying to get away from the herd. The Governor is carrying the daughter (Megan) when they fall ito a pit that has a couple walkers in it. He has to end them with his bare hands. Then, the Governor's henchmen that had left him deserted before comes to look into the pit... the end! Arg'

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