Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Walking Dead 4.7

Dead Weight

"I'm surviving"
The episode opens just where it left off last week. The Governor a.k.a "Brian" is in the pit post-barbaric slaughtering of walkers with his new pseudo-daughter. He's holding her for dear life when his old henchman Martinez peeking over the pit's edge. Martinez helps the little girl up and with some trepidation, Brian climbs up out of the pit as well. Martinez later tells his old friend that he would not have let him out of the pit if it wasn't for the little girl.

Coming face-to-face with the past
Running the camp, Martinez quickly lets Brian (The Governor) know where he ranks in the scheme of things. This episode really focuses in the beginning on Brain suggesting that he is changed and wants to move on and forget the past. Then the past comes full-force back to the picture. On a run, they come across a cabin. Inside, the past hits home because the person that had been in charge there had walker-heads and his loved ones as walkers. This was mirrored of what The Governor had done last season.  

The calm before the storm
We knew "Brian" wasn't going to be able to subdue The Governor inside the psychopath. While hitting some balls on the roof of a camper, Martinez had been drinking (not a good move), then he directed "Brian" to be his caddy. This didn't last long - when Martinez suggested that Brian help him with the role of leader, The Governor comes out and uses Martinez's head as a golf ball. He then kicks him off of the roof and drags him to a walker pit... yikes!

Bad recipe - The Governor and a tank
Another, Pete, steps up to the plate and declares his leadership of the encampment. It is soon evident that, in this world, his morals are too much in the past to survive. The Governor pays him a visit, with a knife. More shockingly, The Governor goes to Pete's brother and tells him the sad news that he killed his brother. "There will be no thinking what's wrong and right, only what needs to be done" The Governor to Pete's brother. I personally do not like Pete's brother - I think he's an ass - perfect henchman for The Governor and his twisted deeds. Meanwhile, The Governor also shackles something to Pete's ankle and throws him in pond. Later we see that Pete is now a walker and in the water trying to claw his way to the onlooking Governor - his new bigger and better fish tank collection might be starting up again - uh oh!

The Governor domesticated as "Brian"
The end of this episode we see the Governor at the prison, he watches Rick and Carl in the fields working. Then, he comes across Michonne and Hershel, and he draws his gun... The look on Michonne's face is of peace. She's happily enjoying her conversation with Hershel. They are oblivious of the Governor who is lurking only a few feet away with his gun pointed at them and ready.

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