Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Walking Dead 4.5


Walker on the side of the road
Episode begins just where last week's episode ended; Rick driving down the highway contemplating his decision, Carol's watch in the passenger seat. Interesting shot as Rick was driving down the highway there was a walker, incompasitated on the side of the road... there were dogs eating at the body. This turned my stomach and made me wonder - will the dogs turn now? Then I had the zombie dogs mental pictures from Resident Evil *sigh* what ramifications will this have on society?

Hershel tends to the sick Glenn
Meanwhile, in the prison, Hershel, Glenn and Sasha are trying intibation on one of the sick in the quarantine ward. You can see how sick Glenn and Sasha are. When it is just Hershel and Glenn, they're disposing of a dead body, Glenn comments to Hershel in a desperate plea "What if I'm gone", he sees what is happening to the sick, he think he'll turn. Without hesitation and with authority Hershel tells him to "shut-up" - it's one of my favorite scenes between the two of them.

Maggie - No Holds Bar
Outside of the prison, Maggie is hard at work trying to stay ahead of the walker herd that keeps trying to push down the fense when Rick arrives back. He immediately asks about Carl and Judith. Maggie asks about Carol - twice. He explains to her that she had killed the two that were first sick.

Carl - The Good Son
Rick rushes in the prison to Carl's hallway and calls out for him, he asks about his daughter too and Carl explains that Judith is with Beth. Carl tries to make a plea with Rick to let him help. He explains how he's been exposed and that he's fine "You can't keep it from me". Rick, walking away replies "Yeah, but I'd like to think it's my job to try."

The Hero Hershel

"We can hold" Hershel to the Doctor
Further into the prison, in the quarantined area, Hershel and Dr. Caleb. The Doctor is trying to tell Hershel that they're all going to turn, he was trying to warn him. Hershel, holding onto his hope desperately "we can hold on". It was a great scene shot when the Doctor holds his head toward the light and shows Hershel that hope is lost, blood oozing from his eyes.

Hershel talks to Dr. Caleb
You could see the internal fight within Hershel, having the task of disposing of the bodies, including to end them after they have turned. When it is just him and the body that he has to take care of, his poor conscious, he placed the shoot over his face and with raised hands, brought them down with the mission. Behind him, Rick is (I think) shocked to see that Hershel has just done the deed. Hershel explained how they have had to dispose of three bodies. Rick comes to terms and is more understanding.
"I need to talk to you about Carol" - cut scene

Everyone Has A Job

Hershel has his hands full!
Hershel continues to attempt to close the wards cell doors when all hell breaks loose again. The build was perfectly done. When Hershel was closing the doors, he sees that someone is in distress, they have passed out - it's Sasha. He goes to her side and tells her she's a fighter and begins to work on her. Meanwhile, in the next cell there is a lady that has obviously passed (coughed up blood that she had been chocking on, was all over her face), she opens her eyes. Then they cut to commercial!

Zombies At The Fence
Outside the prison, Maggie & Rick are at the fence when they heard a gunshot. Rick tells Maggie that he has this (meaning that he can hold the fence). Maggie takes off for the prison, fearing her father and husband's well being.  Meanwhile back inside Hershel and Sasha are talking and she is saying how she thought he was a fool for volunteering his services within the ward. But, now she understands how heroic he really is. And Mr. Scott (the actor portraying Hershel) is brilliant with his scenes, really showing us the hero inside of Hershel.  Down the way, in cell 100, Glenn notices that the person he had been working on, stopped breathing. He tries desperately what he can with CPR to no avail. He tries to call out for Hershel, but his lungs start to seize and he starts coughing up blood! Glenn - Glenn coughing up blood - NO NO NO NO NO!!

Walkers Strike Back

Lizzie coaxing Henry
Another intense "walkers on the loose" scene. Hershel is trying to tell a father that is watching over his sick son (who's not breathing or moving by the way) if he'd like him to look at his son, but the father refuses and states that he'll stay with his son (in the zombie apocalypse it's customary for the people that know you to end you when it happens). However, when the walkers start their descent from their cells that Hershel didn't get to, the dad comes out of the cell to try to help Hershel but his son follows him out and bites his arm - this results in the shot firing into a normal woman who was trying to help rid the walkers. The son now feeds on his father. The walker in Glenns cell is coaxed out by Lizzie (the crazy girl) and she is walking backward trying to get him to follow her somewhere. It's a crazy scene because he still has the medical equipment in his throat and mouth, just hanging out "here Henry... a little closer". Down the hall, Hershel looks around confused and bewildered, Glenn's laying on the floor in a puddle of his own blood.

Attack On The Quarantine Ward

"If she saw me there would
be no keeping her out"
I literally was in tears when Glenn is choking on his own fluids. Maggie rushes into the ward, breaking through windows and barriers to her family. It seems Glenn is dying. Hershel goes to Henry (the intibated walker) because he needs the medical intibation bag hanging from his dead throat.  He is battling with this Walker when Maggie rushes into a scene. The dead father comes out from nowhere in front of her, without a thought she put a gun underneath his chin and pulled the trigger. She also saves her father. They are able to retrieve the bag and get air to Glenn's lungs.

"You Shoot or you run" Rick to Carl
Outside - Rick and Carl are bonding over reinforcing the fence, when the wood starts to give-way and breaks - letting the herd into the prison. Rick and Carl make a break for it. They regroup and gather themselves with a plan. Rick gives Carl an automatic gun and a very quick 101. I think Rick realizes, yes - Carl might have lost his childhood in this crazy world, but he's proud of his son that he's been able to adapt. I think he know understands the consequences, where Carl had been on the verge of something else before, he seems much more balanced now.

Daryl checking the scene out
Just as the tensions lower, Rick and Carl are finishing the herd off and we see Daryl and his crew driving into the prison. Immediately, I'm on the edge of my seat in anticipation to what Daryl is going to do, how is he going to react when he finds out about Carol! Tyreese rushes to Sasha's side as Bob, Hershel and Maggie work on Glenn. They arrive in-time to save Glenn and Sasha - deep breaths. Maggie tells Hershel to go rest, but he goes to Caleb's cell and tries to pray, it's as if he's drowning in his despair, the camera pans out and you see Hershel begin to cry.

Herd Break Through

Glenn's Stable!

Rick has to tell Daryl - eventually
Hershel walks outside where they (Michonne) has the bodies on a trailer to dispose of them. She asks Hershel if he wants to go "hell yeah" he states and they're off in the truck. Beforehand, Daryl asks Hershel how everyone is, he explains briefly that everyone's o.k. but there were a lot of deaths. Daryl asks about Carol... I wouldn't want to be the one to give him the news either! Hershel directs Daryl to talk to Rick, "she's o.k., just talk to Rick about her."

Rick is on his way to talk to Daryl to tell him about Carol when Carl stops him. Rick chickens out and they go to the field where they share w pea pod. As the camera pans out, you think that maybe it's Daryl that is watching Rick and Carl walking back up to the prison from the fields... BUT - IT'S THE GOVERNOR!!! 

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