Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Downton Abbey 4.1 - 4.2


Season four begins approximately six months after the tragic accident, killing Lady Mary's husband, Matthew. Lady Mary is still in mourning, clad in her frocks of black. Understandable at it is, there are those rallying around Lady Mary that want to see her happy again... and they seem to have a plan!
Sir Robert, Lady Mary's father has different plans, naturally. He feels that he should protect for his eldest daughter. He treads lightly around her and nearly bullying anyone that means to challenge Lady Mary to experience happiness, or a sense of worth, again. He seems content to have the reins back that control Downton's future and prospects.


Lady Cora is faced with discerning news of her grandchildren's nanny. Firstly, reported through the manipulative downstairs employee, Thomas. However, Lady Cora follows the cries of one of her grandchildren after hearing from Thomas that Nanny West leaves the children unattended. She witnesses Nanny West coddling Lady Mary's baby, but soon turns sinister as the nanny discussed how Lady Mary's baby is of heritage and is practically an angel in her eyes. Meanwhile, the deceased Lady Cibel's and Sir Tom's baby is crying in his crib and Nanny West, hatefully tells him to lay down - and continues to speak unforgivably toward the young master. Cora immediately interrupts the scene, calling for help and heroically dismisses Nanny West from her duties. 

Lady Edith meets with her love interest, Michael Gregson, her editor; whom is technically still married. However, he divulges his plan to divorce his lunatic wife, but doing so means becoming a German citizen. Post WWII, German's are not the most loved of peoples. Lady Edith expresses her concerns but is touched that Michael loves her and is willing to do this to be with her. I am SO happy that Lady Edith is finally happy. The last few seasons I have felt so sad for her circumstances. I truly - truly hope that this relationship will only produce happiness and joy for her.

In other news, Sir Tom enlists the help of Lady Mary, through further prompts from her grandmother the Dowager, to consider taking her late husbands role in running Downton Abbey. She seems reluctant at first, but once a letter surfaces from Matthew, she rises to the occasion with all the grace and poise that Lady Mary always exhibits (minus the dead body of a passionate nights affair from the first season). Through the masterful mind of the Dowager, she consorts that Sir Tom teach Lady Mary the ropes, knowing her son and how he would try to keep the reins by embarrassing his daughter in the process. However, Lady Marry triumphs and I hope it is something that she continues to do.

Lady Rose is the young rebel within Downton and is able to convince a downstairs, well respected, lead housemaid to go with her to a party outside of town. She dances with a young gentlemen, sparks are flying like fireworks. However, there is a drunken fight the ensues and the ladies have to flee. The gentleman that was interested in Lady Rose shows up at the back door of Downton. Lady Rose had told the young gent that she was a maid at the grande home. She greets him as a maid and lets him down gently... I don't think it's quite exciting enough to temp Lady Rose though.


Sneaky plots are already afoot within the downstairs staff. Poor Mr. Molesley is struggling to find work within his training. After a foiled attempt to impress a Lady to gain favor and possible employment, he is reduced to work in the streets. However, the caring power couple, the Bates, soon come to his aide. As Mr. John Bates forges his signature in an attempt to claim that he is repaying a debt to the prideful Mr. Molesley. While it is dishonest, you still want to be happy that Mr. Bates was able to pull it off.

Meanwhile, there is a new lady's maid that Lady Cora hired, Edna. She had previously been an employee at Downton and was dismissed after her lewd behavior. Through the protest of Ms. Hughes, Lady Cora still agrees to keep Edna on to replace her old maid. But, Edna quickly picks up the trickery that the old maid and Thomas use to produce. When Edna ruins a well beloved garment of the Countess's, Thomas quickly creates the plan to thwart his old enemy, Mr. Bates... which they target instead the honorable and good Mrs. Bates, Anna. I'm sure this will snow ball as the season continues.

The love triangle within the downstairs staff include the oblivious Ivy, and the two footmen, Jimmy and Alfred. Meanwhile, there is poor Daisy. I truly hope that Daisy finds romance and is loved by a deserving man, she deserves it. But, her and Ms. Patmore discuss the inevitable love triangle - and I believe Ms. Patmore has some tricks up her sleeves that will be revealed through the season as well.