Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sherlock 3.1

Better Late Than Never

This long awaited season opener was full of Sherlock style, with plenty of mystery and just the bit of laughter that makes you feel like you've just visited with an old friend. Through out the entire episode the longstanding question was played with - just how did Sherlock survive? There were plenty of theories; one of my favorites involved Sherlock crashing through Molly's window and finally greeting her properly - YUM! But, we finally do discover the master execution of the plan LAZARUS that was put into action. 

2 Years in the Making...

So, Dr. John Watson is in the middle of proposing to his lady, when Sherlock cleverly tries to surprise his old friend. At first, it seemed that Dr. Watson was questioning his mental state as he had to take a couple minutes to make sure what he was seeing was really what was in front of him. Once that was determined he lashed out at his friend - hilarious Watson, hilarious! I particularly enjoyed the head-but. Then again, how would you feel if your best friend tortured you with their death for the past two years and then to find out it was all a ruse. John doesn't take the news well and attempts to go back to work as it has been for the past year or so while Sherlock's been gone. Sherlock, as well, tried to get back to what he does best enrolling Molly to be his John during the time. But, soon - It's inevitable - Sherlock and Watson are like to opposing magnets drawn to one another.

Threat Level Raised

Of course in great Sherlock fashion, there was an emanate threat to Parliament; the race was on to solve the mystery, put the puzzle pieces together and save the world! There were two puzzle pieces that didn't seem to fit in this episode. Not a bad thing, after all a mystery wouldn't be a mystery without a little intrigue. The first piece was the question, why was John abducted and threatened? It didn't make sense within the scenario - which Sherlock even mentioned that not life's not clean and perfect, there are bits and pieces that might not make sense. But then they show the end scene with someone, who looked a lot like Mycroft from the back, watching John's rescue... The second piece of the puzzle that left me scratching my head was Sherlock's reaction to Molly's fiance. He obviously recognized and deduced something about him, but it hasn't been revealed yet. She did mention her type was the psychotic or sociopath type (he did have weird shoes). Other than that - I am thoroughly looking forward to this season!

My question after watching this episode - is Sherlock's brother, Mycroft planning on the sinister side?