Monday, January 13, 2014

Downton Abbey 4.3

 Insidious Intentions

Downton is a buzz with guests and their attendants that are attending a wonderful weekend at the magnificent Downton Abbey. Robert is nearly happy with the prospect of the home being nearly what it was pre-war. Apparently, the affects of the war left everyone with less then what they started with. However, in Grantham fashion, they survive and persevere through their hardships. 
It was interesting to see how the Downton staff interact with the newly arrived attendants. Both downstairs and upstairs have difficulty with the change of modernization of the times. This episode also hurt my soul for one of my favorite characters.


Lady Mary seated for dinner
Lady Mary is still grieving the loss of her beloved husband, Matthew. She's just starting to understand that she needs to pull through this. Now having legal ownership of some of the Downton business, it has given her something to focus on and care for; after all, Downton has always been her home. She connects, reluctantly with a guest over the weekend. He seems charmed with Lady Mary and I doubt we've seen the last of him. 

Mr. Gregson and Lady Edith
Meanwhile, Lady Edith has invited her boyfriend Mr. Gregson. She tried repeatedly to get her father's attentions so that Mr. Gregson could gain some favor with him. Here they are making extravagant plans so that they can be together. This plan includes Gregson to become a German citizen (not a popular notion during the times), to legally divorce his clinically crazy wife, then for the two of them to marry and live happily ever after. Which, I sincerely hope so! I think Lady Edith definitely deserves some happiness, and I truly hope that this all works out for her. Luckily, Mr. Gregson was able to swindle the swindler that was cleaning house at the card table. This was a brilliant move on his part because he was able to regain Mr. Crawley's debt and get him off the hook. Now, Mr. Grantham (Robert, head of household) is in favor of Mr. Gregson, since he saved his behind.

My heart did somersaults for Ms. Crawley, widower and now she is also deeply grieving the loss of her son. Firstly, because I can relate to her heartache. Secondly, because during the dinner you could feel the strain that she was feeling. You know, when your so upset but you can't express or show it; that lump forms in your throat that feels like someone is strangling you. I just felt for her - and thought more of Mr. Branson for showing some form of comfort toward her, and validating the difficulty she was experiencing.

Mr. Branson consoling Ms. Crawley

Mr. Branson himself was having a difficult time during the weekend activities. He was having difficulty articulating himself with the guests. It was evident that he felt completely out of place, even though he certainly was not out of place. I think Tom does a wonderful job helping with the land and connecting the Mr. Crawley (Robert) to the modern ways and connecting with the people that depend on Downton as well, within the town. I truly hope he doesn't cut-out. Although, on a side note. I do not like the new lady's maid Edna. I feel like she is trying to sink her talons into Tom with ulterior motives.


Because of the weekend activities and guests, everyone is busy preparing for the Grantham grande style. While Anna is very understanding to Ms. Hughes requests, the newest addition, Edna, sort of is snide about Ms. Hughes requests to pitch in. While Mr. Carson is a stickler for tradition, this ends up biting him in the rear when it comes down to it. The house has an important guest, a well known singer that has performed for the Queen herself. When Mr. Carson suggests to Mr. Grantham that the singer should eat in her room and not with the other guests, Mrs. Grantham outright scolds her husband in front of the company, which then ends with Mr. Grantham scolding Mr. Carson. In the end, the singer dines in the Upstairs fashion.

As Ms. Patmore nearly has a heart attack with her duties in the kitchen, again Alfred jumps in to help the dear Ms. Patmore recover. Meanwhile, Daisy seems to have things well under control and probably could run the entire kitchen if she so chose to do so. Alfred later discusses with Ms. Patmore his desire to become a cook. 

Anna trying politely to evade her attacker...
The Grantham's have given their staff the privileged of joining the rest of the house in listening to their musical guest. Although, through the weekend Mr. Bates has expressed his distaste for one of the attendants, that seemed to be keen on his wife, Anna. I thought, at the time, that it was just a little jealousy from her husband. But, something kept eating away at Mr. Bates and with just cause. During the concert, Anna tells John that she has a headache and she goes down to the kitchen in order to take something to tend to her pain. While there the attendant corners her and it quickly escalates - in a horrific fashion. It still turns my stomach thinking about how he beat and hurt Anna. She then turns to Ms. Hughes for help and when her husband notices her obvious injuries, she seems to push him away, in fear that he would return to prison if he found out - because he would surely kill the man that did this to his lovely wife.  What made me want to reach through the television and take the attendant that did this to Anna by the balls and rip them out barehanded, was when he was saying his goodbye's to the Bates' and thanked them - sick bastard.

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