Monday, January 27, 2014

Sherlock 3.2

Watson Wedding

I absolutely loved this episode! It showed us the intimate relationship between John, his bride, and Sherlock. Some might not be comfortable with how much the show might skip around, but if you are able to follow it is a full sensory extravaganza. Some of my favorite scenes were Watson's stag night escapades and when the trio were working through some wedding planning - absolutely brilliant! 

Watson with his best mate, Sherlock

This episode was packed to the brim with mystery and intrigue. It goes from wedding planning and funny, to murder and malicious intent. Once again the puzzle pieces are awaiting Sherlock's master manipulation or his power of deduction in order to put them all in place in time to save lives. I loved Sherlock's best man speech, it was pure Sherlock and it was all from the heart which made it so touching. Especially the reveal of 'Watson, party of 3."  As Sherlock mentioned, Watson has humanized Sherlock, has given him the conscious and friendship to give him the focus of life. This is where my theory, that his brother Mycroft, could become his nemesis. After all, if we look to Sherlock as a hero, doesn't every hero need a nemesis?

Sherlock and his best man speech...

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