Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Walking Dead 4.11


Rules of the Game My Friend

Michonne and Carl set out to find food, batteries, and a crazy pink room. As Carl and Michonne continue to talk, Carl uncovers that she had a child and wants to learn more about his friend. This happens after she tries to share some spray cheese, or easy cheese, and she tries to get him to at least crack a grin from some antics. When she fails she explains that she's not use to making older kids laugh and it comes out that she had a toddler. Carl pries and Michonne sets up the game where he can ask one question per room they clear. We learn that her son's name was Andre Anthony. She's also confronted when she finds the disturbing pink room where a mother made some hard choices, ultimately ending everyone's life that had lived there previously because of the apocalypse.

Rick's Tight Spot

Rick wants to join Michonne and Carl on their scavenging, but Michonne explains that he's in no condition to be out there with them, that he should stay and recover. As he's resting in bed, he's awoken to some disturbing sounds coming from the floor below him. I've just started reading the comics and haven't gotten to the 'hunters' yet, but I'm wondering if these no holds bard ruffians are the hunters from the comics. They seem like they would shoot first ask questions later kind of group. Rick hides under the bed; what I love is that he took the book he had been reading in bed before falling asleep. Then he remembered he had a bottled water and quickly grabbed that as well. He's stuck under the bed while these guys are in the house. He even gets to witness two men fighting over who gets to sleep in the bed (that he's hiding under) the man that lost his life over this priviledge comes face to face with Rick, while he's being strangled. Rick manages to get out from under the bed while the guy is sleeping and escapes the house - just barely. Meeting up with Michonne and Carl before they come back to the house full of unwanted guests. A great scene is when Rick is navagating the house while the hunters are walking around and he goes to hide in the bathroom, where one of them is on the toilet. Rick has to think fast and ends up strangling the man, getting his gun and making his exit.

Behind Schedule

Glen, Tara and the Funky Bunch. So now we've been introduced to Abraham and his motley crew. We have learned that he's transporting some savant genius who's obviously not street smart as he doesn't know how to shoot and ends up slaughtering their mode of transportation. So, now they're on foot. Glenn is determined to get to his wife, however Abraham is trying to tell him to forget it "she's dead" and wants him to move on to join up with his group who are transporting the idiot genius to Washington D.C. The reason the doctor (idiot genius) shoots up their truck is because a small herd exits the surrounding fields and they have to take care of them. Through Glenn's persistence the group follows Glenn as he heads back to try to find Maggie. Abraham thinks his mission is to save the world - which to him is getting Doctor Eugene to Washington.