Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Who Will Survive?


If you do not want to contemplate the future of The Walking Dead series, then read no further. If you continue to read and then cry spoilers, you will be served to Mary for her next BBQ Kabob batch at Terminus... to welcome the newcomers. Now, let's dive in!

Who Will Arrive?

Well, from last weeks episode, we already know that Glenn, Maggie, Abraham, Rosita, Eugene, Tara,
Sasha, and Bob arrived at Terminus, and were greeted by Mary. From what we can analyze from this: Mary didn't seem alarmed or concerned about people entering. She was cooking and offered them rest and food. She also looked pregnant. More speculation to come...

Who Will Survive?

That leaves Tyreese, Carol, Judith, Michonne, Carl, Rick and Daryl, that have yet to reach Terminus. It was also revealed in last weeks episode that Joe is tracking Rick because of past events. He feels wronged and wants his own justice. My personal prediction is that they all will make it to Terminus. After reading different comments and postings, I agree that they'll make it - it's more of who will make it out of there alive?

According to the Comics...

Hardened Carol
Is she ready for what awaits?
I have only read a handful of the comics (I plan on reading them all) however, after watching last weeks episode I did some research. I kept reading about The Hunters and now The Saviors. So after doing some research I was really disheartened, but a little hope is that the AMC series and the Kirkman comics do have quite a bit of differences. Some interesting things I learned that are in the comics: Tyreese and Carol were in a relationship, then Tyreese and Michonne are in a relationship during The Prison. Sohpia is still alive at this point and is in a relationship with Carl. Carol, Lori and Judith all die before the prison is overrun. So, what does this prove? That we'll just have to watch next weeks finale!! It means that just because it is in the comics, does not mean it will be in the show. Carol and Judith are still alive... for now.

After the prison there are new threats introduced, such as The Hunters. This is speculated that the new character "Joe" and his gang are hunters. The Hunters in the comics are lead by Chris. What we know in the comics about the hunters, and has been posted all over the place by now, the hunters are cannibals. The Hunters even sacrificed their own children, at them, to survive. Can you imagine if Mary is pregnant and is a hunter?? Heinous and gross!! But definitely cringe worthy.

The Saviors are led by Negan... I will be cringing myself if and when this character is every introduced into the AMC series, because Negan (in the comics) kills Glenn. The saviors started off in a different colony (The Hilltop - there is even more) and Negan formed his group and his rules. Negan's way of ruling is that he gets a share of the surrounding colonies as payment for his protections - his gang patrolling and keeping the zombie count down.  He wields a barb wired wrapped baseball bat that he dubbed Lucille. I really don't want to see Glenn die!! More predictions and scenarios abound...

On the Show...

With Carol and Judith still in the script (for now) I hope this gives the glimmer of hope that Glenn will remain. However, it has been speculated that Glenn might not make it. This is based on the events from the last episode after reunited with Maggie, she burned his picture of her sleeping and commented that he'll never need another pictures of her. They just got reunited! Of course, this would be devastating to us, the viewing world - because for this half of the season we have been hanging on watching their desperation to find one another - just to have that hope ripped away and crushed? Not yet. My prediction is that our characters that we all know and love are going to gave to take on the hunters. This will lead into the next season, and we will probably be introduced to Negan before the mid-season finale next season. Those are my predictions.

The facts on the show right now are that some of the group have reached Terminus. While everyone is speculating that Terminus is bad, we actually do not know yet. All we know is that the group that has already arrived were not met by force. The gates to Terminus were unlocked and they could walk right in. There were signs posted and it was obvious from the surroundings that there are more people there. Could Terminus be a good colony? I haven't read a single posting that suggested this at all. Everyone has a feeling that Terminus is bad news. It could just be a helpless colony that is having to provide for a character like Negan. We can only wait and see.

From the previews we have seen Rick explaining to Carl about trapping, postings immediately sprouted that this was foreshadowing and reflective of how Terminus could be (probably is) a trap, or that their group will be trapped. In the preview from New Zealand (thank you!) we see Joe exclaiming "the day of reckoning". We now know that Joe's group (consisting of Daryl) catches up to Rick, Michonne, and Carl...


Theories and Predictions...

When I was watching last weeks episode, one of the first things I picked up on was when Daryl and "the hunters" (that's what I will refer to them as) are in the garage, didn't Daryl start to take the tarp off of the car that drove off with Beth in it?? When I asked my sister, who is an avid watcher as well, she said "definitely!" Which adds to my theory that the surrounding area is all one big cluster-?uck of badness. You have groups like Joe's going around for maintenance. Meanwhile, you have these 'bate' houses that are stocked with food and supplies to lure in survivors. Why would they need to lure them in? It could be for different reasons or all of them; to enslave and possible to eat. 

This is where another theory of mine jumps in. While watching last weeks episode, Joe was teaching Daryl how to claim. If and when Daryl finds Beth he'll claim her. Meanwhile, Joe also was feeling Daryl out about the possibility of Terminus and saying something like - guys like us don't belong there. I think Joe is impressed that Daryl made it out of the house alive and furthermore followed the car all the way to the crossroad. Joe obviously has a respect for Daryl and sees him as an advantage. What Joe doesn't know, the wild card, is that Daryl knows 'the guy' they're tracking to kill (who is Rick). I think season 5 (next season) will be all about the hunters leading into the big-bad saviors and the character Negan.

Who would you like to see portray Negan in The Walking Dead?

We're going to be introduced to a new character named "Gareth" who has been described by producers as a mix of a couple different characters from the comics. My prediction is that Rick, Michonne, and Carl are discovered by the hunters (Daryl is there and helps them escape). With Daryl and maybe some other people in tow, they arrive at Terminus. However, the hunters have already learned of the group so they are met with more force (Gareth). 

One of the postings on-line asked what "A" could refer to for the episode title. My two favorite responses were A is for Alpha, or 'A' as in choices that are given. Like, for instance, when Joe catches up with Rick he gives him a couple choices. A: they take Carl, B: they take Michonne, or C: they kill him... something along those lines. However, it has also been speculated that Morgan will reemerge for the finale? I remember them finding him in his barrier town with the crazy writing all over his walls (which would be interesting to read to see if there was anything referring to Terminus on them). 

I think the most posted prediction has been that Terminus is a colony of cannibals. That Beth is what's for dinner, or that she's locked up somewhere there. Although Len did tell Daryl that "those little ones don't last too long." I also read that she was on some other show (The Following) although the screen shot that they showed was of her character with a cut throat. I do hope they find Beth and that she's o.k. I also saw the character Bob on a different show. Bob is a disposable character and he could very likely not make it past the finale, and I would be o.k. with that - especially since sparks didn't explode between him and Sasha - which didn't seem like a good pairing anyway. What I'm waiting for is Beth to be like "Where's my sister?" This is when they could meet resistance from Terminus, if they want to leave to find Beth, or if Beth is already there...

Waiting's the hardest part...

Noteworthy Mentions...

Remember the group that was attacked on the tracks and eventually turned. I believe Tyreese tried to help them and then Michonne (I think) cleaned up the mess. I wondered if they were a part of Terminus or if they were other survivors on their way to Terminus? What are your thoughts?  And, remember the couple Rick and Carol came across while savaging, before Rick sent Carol away. This always struck me as peculiar, especially since Rick found the girl dead... we didn't see the guy again, I think he might be at Terminus and Rick's going to make that connection somehow. I can't remember what the couple's story was either to compare to what we know now.

The house with the pink room and foreshadowing pictures. People have been posting the pics left and right. The pictures of the bunnies; like the ones Lizzie killed. A picture of a dog that resembled the one eyed dog that Daryl encountered. The picture of the sunflowers; they were everywhere when the group reached Terminus. And last but not least, the picture of the creepy woman, it has been compared to Mary from Terminus, but I also saw a picture grouping that looked exactly like the girl in the picture (outfit and hair) as a walker, where it's compared to Mary because of her side-braid hair style. Maybe the girl in the picture is Mary's relative or someone close.

Mutilated woman portrait... what happened to her?

Could that be the one-eyed dog? Looks like it...

Lizzie's favorite - baby bunnies
Don't look at the flowers Michonne!!!



(all images were captured via Google search)