Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Walking Dead 4.13


What About Bob?

Bob on the tracks
This episode opens with Bob walking around nearly mindless, surviving. He kept finding ways to hide from herds and keep going. Then, while he was traveling on the road he hears the roar of a motor cycle and when he turns to see and question his sanity, like is this really what I'm hearing, he sees for the first time Daryl and Glenn. Daryl asks him the three questions: How many Walkers have you killed? How many people have you killed? Why? Bob tells them that he's killed more walkers than he could count - even through we don't see him in any physical take-downs. When they ask how many people he's killed, his answer was one. Why? His response was because she asked me. This seems acceptable to Daryl and Glenn so they invite him to go with them. This was the original introduction to the group, before the prison fell and everyone scattered.

In a tight spot...
Fast forward, now Bob is with Sasha and Maggie, their backs are to one another as they are in a dense fog with immediate dangers of surrounding walkers. Very intense scene. I couldn't imagine not being able to see but a foot in front of you. You only have seconds to react to a walker that is coming from all sides. Bob does get bitten, but luckily it's on his bandages so he's fine. As far as we know. Once they are able to catch their breathes they decide that they can't stay there. Maggie is still determined to find Glenn and wants to set out to do so. Sasha is the devils advocate expressing her own fears that everyone else is dead and tries to tell Maggie that Glenn is probably dead. But, Maggie is holding on to the hope that he's out there and everyone else is with him. On the Talking Dead, Lauren (the actress that is Maggie) explains how the hope she is holding onto inside is that everyone, including her sister, is with Glenn and when she finds him then everything will be fine. As they set out they find the sign for Terminus and they discuss their opinions about going vs. trying to make it on their own. Maggie decides that she has to go there because if and when Glenn sees this sign she knows he'll go there looking for her. I think to Maggie it's the only hope of reconnecting. 

Maggie's a survivor
Maggie manages to sneak away and tells Bob and Sasha (she wrote them a message in the earth) that she doesn't want to endanger them. She has to find her husband though and she made the choice to leave them and set off on her own to get to Terminus. Bob, without hesitation decides to pack it up and go after Maggie. Sasha's more reserved and is hesitant to go. Meanwhile Maggie decides to leave messages for Glenn along the tracks. At first she was going to carve her messages, then a lone walker makes it way toward her and she makes quick work of the walker and then tears into his stomach. She'll be writing her messages with walker blood - fierce. Her message is telling Glenn to go to Terminus.

Bob and Sasha decide to split up, he wants to continue to follow Maggie where Sasha wants to set up camp in a sturdy looking building. Almost in a desperate plea, Bob kisses Sasha. I thought for sure that one would bend and stay with the other. However, the kiss must not have meant anything because he continues on the tracks alone and Sasha goes to investigate the building that caught her eye. As she makes her way to the window in an upper level, she sees Maggie and rings the dinner bell for all the walkers around when she accidentally pushes the window out and it crashes to the ground. She runs to Maggie's aide who had been laying on finished walkers. When Sasha called her, there was a walker coming up from behind Maggie so she rushes to her, crossing the path with even more walkers. Sasha has a big steak and Maggie has a road sign, together they make two bad ass walker-killing machines. Maggie and Sasha catch up with Bob as they continue down the tracks. Cut-to Glenn finds the sign of Terminus!!! About time!!

The Ultimate Piggyback

Piggybacks and now hand holding...
Daryl and Beth continue their paths together. She's learning to use the bow and track. She is on the track of a lone walker. When she comes up behind the walker she steps on something and hurts her ankle. When they continue she has to take a break, and Daryl tells her to jump on for the ultimate piggyback... who wouldn't want a piggyback from Daryl!?! Although, he did say you're heavier than you look. They come to a mortuary where they take refuge for awhile. They find a food stash and notice that someone has been living there, it's too clean. They stay there while they can. These two are getting pretty intimate and even flirtatious. I was so team Carol for Daryl, while it might be hard to watch Daryl fall for little Beth, it also makes my heart beat even more for Daryl. Just when you are wondering what's going on - they hold hands. Which might not seem like much, but in a zombie apocalypse I would think that's one of the safest actions they could convey their affections.

Beth inspired to sing...
There's a piano in the mortuary, and you wold think in this realm of theirs that you wouldn't want to make more noise than you should. But Beth feels the need to use the piano and sing. While she has a lovely voice and I enjoyed her singing, I'm sure anyone else around there would like it too - and they might not be so innocent or nice as she believes in people. Anyway, Daryl interupts her to lay down in the coffin - exclaiming it's the most comfortable bed he's been in awhile. He tells her to continue and she does. They make their way back into the kitchen when they hear their walker traps make noise. Daryl investigates and meets a survivor dog with one eye. When the noise happens later he goes to tell the dog what for and opens the door without hesitation to a mini-herd of walkers! 

When Daryl gets into these situations all I can yell is NO!NO!NO! He always manages to fight his way out of it. This was too tight though, there must have been 15-20 walkers in a little mortuary room while he was using everything he could get his hand on to fight away the herd while yelling at Beth to get her shit and get out, that he'd meet back up with her outside. When he makes it outside he sees her bag laying on the ground as a car speeds off... he runs after her, he runs and runs and runs... He finally has to stop, he just sits in this crossroads in the road which is by the railroad tracks (that lead to Terminus). As he's sitting there he gets surrounded by people. He feels threatened and strikes out at the leader pulling his crossbow on him. It's the same pack of hunters that was in the house where Rick was! Daryl has his bow aimed at the leader who explains how he respects a bow-man and introduces himself as Joe. Daryl introduces himself and is accepted by the group (more like pack of wolves). My DANGER-DANGER warning signs are going off like crazy. Poor Daryl is in such a tight spot. I think he would rather face more walkers then have to put up with the very people he wanted to protect Beth from. Not only that, being an introvert, he knows he has to find Beth. Hopefully, he can use them to his advantage someway to help find her and then make a clean break. Doubtful, but I'm still hopeful that things will work out for our hero.

Watching this with my boyfriend he makes the comment that it's getting to be like a soap. Maggie's desperately searching for her husband. Daryl and Beth are flirting with disaster. And now Bob kisses Sasha? Interesting that Carol is with Tyreese. I've been reading the comic books and in them Carol and Tyreese are together. Does this mean that Michonne will be with Rick?? It's almost like everyone that got separated or found one another, now they're "together" together. 

What are your thoughts on tonight's episode?

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