Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Walking Dead 4.12


In A Tight Spot

Beth and Daryl have to spend the night in the truck of a car to escape a herd of walkers. Once they escape, Daryl goes to work hunting for food (where he discovers that he needs to find new arrows). While he's out hunting Beth sets up camp, preparing a fire and cooks up the snake that he killed. Beth proclaims that she needs a drink, Daryl just stays quiet. Beth walks off camp to find alcohol when she finds a small herd of walkers. She dodges them, but Daryl was right on her heels. He takes her back to camp where she yells at him and sets off to find alcohol again, leaving Daryl to figure out what to do with her crazy ass.

They stumble upon a country club where they find some walkers just hanging around. They have the small herd on their tails, they follow them into the club. When the walkers are knocking to come in, they go further into the establishment and begin to scavenge around (or at least Daryl is looking for supplies. While Beth in on a single mission of self-destructive behavior. She finds what she's looking for, but at what cost. The noise she makes trying to retrieve the bottle, a walker comes up behind her and she uses the bottle to jab in his head. Once she puts her knife through his skull, Daryl finds her. Beth, with an attitude, comments to Daryl something along the lines of 'thanks for the help' and he replied "you said you can take care of yourself".

Once they fight their way into the bar, she explains to Daryl that this is something she has to do. She's grieving over the loss of her father (she wants to dull the pain). I love how Daryl forges on, he gathers all the paper he can find (for fires). She finds some peach schnapps and asks him if it's good, but she can't seem to take a drink, she begins to cry. The hero in Daryl smashes the bottle of peach schnapps and says her first drink isn't going to be that shit, and they leave. 

What's your guess? What do you think Daryl did before the apocalypse?

He takes her to a cabin where they raid a moonshine stash, he says how he had found the cabin with Michonne. As much as I don't want to see Daryl and Beth together, I love this scene; because he talks about his personal life. We know about his brother and some of the abuse he suffered, but here he talks about how he knew what the cabin really was because his dad had one just like it. Once he opens up a little to Beth, she convinces him to loosen up a bit. Maybe it's because he feels a little at home there too, but he takes a jar of the moonshine... bottoms up! 

What we've learned by the drinking game: he's gotten drunk and done a lot of things he regretted. He hasn't been in jail. What else we learned, that Daryl gets a little crazy when he drinks. Or, it might just be he's done playing miss Beth's games. What I think is hilarious is that Beth wanted Daryl to open up, when he does she think he's a jackass. However, when the fun and games are over she does get him to open up and verbalize how he feels. He's introverted, of course he feels like what happened at the prison is his fault. When she sees his struggle she hugs him and he just stands there crying.

Burn The House Down

After a heart-to-heart Beth suggests that they burn the cabin down. As much as I didn't like her in the beginning of the episode, their talk made me realize she's not a total waste. She told Daryl he needs to be him, who he is. The bad stuff that happens you have to just put away. He says "what if I can't" she explains that you just have to or else it will kill you. He understand this. Then she says "let's burn the house down - like they're burning is past and giving it the finger!

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