Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Walking Dead 4.14

The Grove

Strap yourselves in and get ready! The Grove opens with a kid playing with a Zombie (has to be psycho Lizzie), she's running around as the Walker is trying to catch her. It's the preface of what's coming. Night watch, Lizzie and Carol talk, Carol talks about Sophia, which I believe is the first time she really had talked about her to others outside of the original group that knew Sophia. 

Carol holding Judith, Lizzie, Mika, and Tyreese
Carol sets off with Mika. She had explained to Tyreese how she thought Mika was too nice. When they set off on their own (away from Tyreese, Lizzie, and Judith) to find water, Carol tries to talk to Mika about her disposition. Funny, Mika brings up the deaths of the two people from the prison (Tyreese's girlfriend Karen and another guy). Carol doesn't flinch, even though she's the one that killed them. She tried to get her to understand that sooner or later she'll have to kill a human. But Mika doesn't waver, she proclaims that she can't kill people and tells Carol how her mom told her basically everything works out - ironically, where's her mother now?

What makes me really nervous is how often they leave psycho Lizzie in charge of Judith. Lizzie and Mika start to argue about Walkers; how Lizzie feels they are people and Mika knows that Walkers are dangerous. When a walker comes out of the house and charges the girls, Lizzie has Judith in her arms and is defenseless, Mika had to pull the trigger and take care of business. 

Carol has to make some tough decisions...
Carol fills the tea pot of water and then the whole sequence comes together, the pot is whistling and you see her running outside because Lizzie is playing with a Walker. Lizzie tries to plea with Carol to wait, the walker is inches away from her. When Carol ends the Walker Lizzie LOOSES IT!! There's a reason I call her psycho Lizzie and her true colors show. She yells profusely at Carol saying "what if I killed you", "you killed her, you killed her" which is interesting when Tyreese is watching this because Carol did kill her, she killed Tyreese's girlfriend Karen (he doesn't know that though). 

Carol and Mika go hunting. On their walk Carol tries again to tell Mika that she needs to toughen up, that Lizzie might be bigger and in some ways stronger, that she's smarter and tells her that she'll have to watch out for her sister. They come upon a deer and Carol instruct Mika to shoot the deer but she can't. You can tell that Carol is disappointed in her, but in other ways understands. I think that Carol is trying to warn Mika, how Sophia was the same as Mika and she didn't make it.

Mika's in trouble...
Mika follows her older sister, who is feeding a walker that had broken it's legs on the track, Lizzie feeds the downed walker a mouse. She has her crazy moment - telling her sister how she hears them and in her crazy mind she just thinks they want to make her like they are. When burnt walkers come out of the woods and Mika pulls Lizzie and yells for Carol. Mika goes down and a walker is grabbing at her, Lizzie fights for her and finally isn't hesitating and joins their group in shooting the walkers in their heads, ending them. Carol seems proud of her.

At some point, Tyreese had injured his arm, Carol had the girls dig something like syrup from a tree and put it on his arm and wrapped it up. She said that it would help draw out the infection and heal. When they start talking about setting up house and staying at the house vs. going to Terminus, my first thought was that they're going to have to go because Tyreese is going to need medical treatment for his arm. While Carol and Tyreese go for a hunt, Tyreese is talking about Karen. Carol can't seem to bare it anymore and just when I thought she was going to tell Tyreese, she doesn't. Her crying leads Tyreese to tell her never to be ashamed of who she is and even gives her a caring hug.

Psycho Lizzie
On their way back from the hunting trip they see Lizzie, bloody in the yard. I can't believe what she did!! She's truly psychotic!! I don't even know if I should say it... let's just say it was heinous!! She's truly demented. But what do you do in this situation? It's not like they have psychotic medication to give this girl. Carol talks Lizzie down and Tyreese is able to get Judith and go into the house. Thank goodness they got back when they did, Lizzie had commented that she was about to do the same thing to Judith as she did to her own sister. Tyreese and Carol talk about their options and decide that Lizzie can't be around other people.

Lizzie and Carol take a walk, to pick flowers for Mika, who Lizzie had killed
look at the flowers (Mika calmed Lizzie down by telling her to look at the flowers and count to three). Carol kept telling Lizzie to just look at the flowers, then shot her. Carol has been through so much, it was a tough choice.

What would you have done in these situations?

Tyreese gets closure...
There had already been a grave or two at the grove when they had arrived, now there are two more. Carol and Tyreese are sitting across from one another at the table, in the aftermath of the chaos and burying two children. She tells Tyreese that she was the one that killed Karen and the other guy and then hands him her gun. She tells him "do what you have to do", but he can't and states "I forgive you". HUGE! I keep wondering if they're going to put Carol and Tyreese together, they are in the comic book (or what I have read of them so far). The episode ends with Carol, Tyreese, and Judith setting back out for Terminus.


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