Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Walking Dead 4.15

*****Only 1 Episode Left!!!*****


Us opens with Glenn and his group discovering Maggie's blood written sign, for Glenn to go to Terminus. Dr. Eugene porter talks constantly to Tara, who seems to be blocking him out. Abraham tried to figure out Tara. When they stop for an attempt to rest, Tara gets knocked down and hurts her knee. When she tells Glenn that she can keep going Rosita explains to Glenn that Tara will do anything he says because she feels like she owes him. They come to a tunnel and Abraham explains that they're on their own. Tara agrees to go with Glenn and they accept Abraham's offers of food and flashlight. 

Glen: "I'm sorry I hit you in the face."
Abraham: "I'm not. I like to fight."

The good doctor scientist might be a genius but acts more like a savant. He obviously likes Tara and states it so when they depart ways. Glenn and Tara enter the train tunnel, it's too creepy. It's dark, there are doorways where a number of walkers could come walking through to trap them. Glenn explains how he understands her 'numbness', Tara explains how affected she is by the Governor's actions. 
Am I the only one that is like "Kill them already? Don't you have a knife!?" When anyone comes across a incapacitated walker.

They come to a herd of walkers in the tunnel. My question is how did Maggie, Bob, and Sasha get through this tunnel - did they go through the tunnel? Glenn looks in the herd for Maggie, he figures out that Maggie and them made it through (because she wasn't in the tunnel, as a walker or as walker food). Tara gets stuck between a rock and a hard place. She yells for Glenn to leave her, he refuses. When he runs out of ammo, they are saved. MAGGIE is among the group to save them. Praise God!! Glenn is such a great guy, he doesn't bother to tell Maggie that Tara was with the Governor's group. Then there were eight. Abraham, of course, says that they need to go to D.C. all together. They decide to go to Terminus first. "Tomorrow we go to the end of the line. Then Washington" Abraham.

My reaction when Maggie & Glenn reunited!!!

Hunters Claiming Crap

A walker comes to the hunters camp, surrounded by barbwire. Gross zombie experience: the walker seers his own face with the barbwire - ick! Daryl wasn't with the group. One of the hunters (Len) challenges Daryl (rabbit hunting - claimed) - Joe to the rescue. "That's a paradox right there" Joe, he's the leader and tells Daryl their rules. Daryl explains "Hey, there is no us" Joe states "You leavin' right now? No? Then there is an us." I want Daryl to get away from them. Hopefully, the only reason he's staying with them is to help find Beth - then when he finds her he claims her!! Especially since Len made it a point to explain the process of claiming and he also explained to Daryl how the 'little ones' (referring to women) "don't last too long out here". 

Is it sick that I want Len to die? Preferably, by Daryl? 

Find Beth already!!
Len plays the game - putting his half of the rabbit in Daryl's bag - trying to frame him. When he confronts Daryl, it gets tense. Joe, being the leader, steps in. After listening to both sides; he clocks Len and tells the rest of his group to 'punish him'. The next morning Daryl finds Lens body, and does the decent thing and covers it. When they continue down the tracks, they find the Terminus sign. You can see the hope light up Daryl's eyes. Joe says it's a lie - no sanctuary. My stomach drops when I realized that Joe is talking about Rick (oh shit!), how he had been in the house they were in, strangled one of their men and left him to turn and attack them. Joe said that they tracked him (Rick) to a Terminus sign, they're going after Rick! Daryl doesn't realize that they're talking about Rick though. As they're walking along the tracks, they pass the candy bar rapper that Michonne had dropped when she was rewarding Carl for a bet he had won.

Really? Michonne, Rick, Carl, and Daryl can take a hand full of lame hunters...

Winning Challenge

Michonne, Carl, and Rick - following the tracks to Terminus

Rick's Back!!! Three episodes is too long to go without Rick. I wouldn't want to go that long without Daryl either. Actually, there was a poll on-line which character in the series is the protagonist, the main themed character. While I agree that it is Rick, I don't think you can discount some of the other characters either, especially Daryl. It's also rumored that next weeks episode will be a "savage" one according to producers. They are hinting that not even Rick is safe... great.

The hunters are underestimating the power of the Carl = "I win"
Rick, Michonne, and Carl continue down the tracks. Carl and Michonne had a bet going on who could stay on the tracks the longest. Carl won; his prize, candy. This is when the candy bar wrapper fell, which later you'll see Daryl and the hunters walk past. In The Walking Dead style, there is that calm before the storm; that normalcy before all hell breaks loose. This was it: Rick enjoying watching Carl and Michonne on the tracks.

The episode ends with Glenn, Maggie, Sasha, Bob, Tara, Abraham, Rosita, and Dr. Eugene making it to Terminus. The place seems deserted, there is evidence of life. There are plants and seems like civilization. They come to a lady cooking, who's pregnant. She introduces herself "welcome to terminus" Mary.

Sneak Peek - Seasonal Finale "A"