Wednesday, October 1, 2014


American Horror Story (2011-) is a unique spin on classic horror scares and hair raising, skin tingling story telling that is both addictive and quite terrifying. The first season brought the chilling tales of haunted houses and horrific personal agonies onto our screens and into our homes. The second season continued the intrigue as returning actors portrayed different characters in a completely different horror story set in a corrupt and wicked insane asylum. Currently, the first two seasons are available on Netflix. The third season, as of time of publication of this post, is not yet available to view through Netflix. The fourth season premiers on FX October 8th.

The Break Down

Season 1 - 12 episodes - 518 minutes or 8.63 hours
Season 2 - 13 episodes - 550 minutes or 9.17 hours
Total Time Invested = 1068 minutes or 17.8 hours