Wednesday, October 8, 2014


The Walking Dead (2010-) Get caught up before the season five premiere October 12th on AMC. Netflix has all four seasons available and commercial free (one of my favorite features). The show follows survivors of an apocalyptic world where zombies (a.k.a walkers) area a main deadly threat. As the show progresses we also learn of more severe threats to the survivors. It's chalked full of intense situations that will make you question your own choices. Excellent cast gives way to memorable scenes and cherished characters that will keep you watching and wanting more.

The Break Down

Season 1 - 6 episodes - 290 minutes or 4.83 hours
Season 2 - 13 episodes - 575 minutes or 9.58 hours
Season 3 - 16 episodes - 688 minutes or 11.47 hours
Season 4 - 16 episodes - 686 minutes or 11.43 hours
Total Time Invested = 2239 minutes or 37.32 hours