Sunday, October 12, 2014



Season Five Starts Off With A Bang!

The season premiere definitely gets started with an explosive episode for the series fifth season. We've been waiting several long and torturous months for this and have read articles, watched vlogs, and so forth about the upcoming season. It's finally here! And it definitely doesn't disappoint. Opening scene starts with a Then and Now, introducing us to the Termites when they were victims themselves. Now, Rick and the crew are preparing to fight their way out as they're still in the train car. They have constructed all sorts of different DIY weapons, they're ready. However, instead of coming in through the car door as they were expecting, when the Termites announce that they're coming in they come in through the roof, dropping a smoke bomb. The next scene Bob, Rick, Daryl and Glenn (along with the four other nameless victims) are lined up on their knees against a draining trough.

Carol and Tyreese are making their way down the tracks when Carol takes down a walker and sees the impending herd making their way toward them. They run to get away from the herd when they come across a Termite, they overhear him talking about "The chick with the Samurai sword and the kid with the hat." Carol discovers that they're at Terminus and packs up to go get her friends. Tyreese stays with the Termite and Judith (because he has some issue with killing at this point). Carol covers herself in Walker crud so that she can follow the horde to Terminus and enter undetected. Tyreese has a discussion with the Termite, they talk about how things use to be. "Horrible shit just stacks up day after day"

"There's more" escaping the horde...

Carol Rocks Terminus

Hardened Carol has definitely become an asset against whatever Rick had determined before. Now she's armed, not only with weapons, she also has an intelligent mind and isn't afraid to use it! She uses a tank at the entrance of Terminus to lure Walkers toward it before she blows it up, causing the front gates to the compound obliterated. Walkers, flaming fire consumed walkers, continue to enter Terminus.

Walker Explosion
Terminus in shambles, Rick and his crew get a reprieve from the shit heads cattling them. Rick gets free and sets Daryl, Glenn, and Bob free. He was able to use the wood shard he had pulled from the train car, and during the beginning attack, he was able to cut through his constraints and used his tool to end the Termites (and they left them to turn). The rest of the group that were left in the train car, Carl and Maggie tell them that they need to be ready to fight when Rick and the rest show up to rescue them. Walkers are attacking the termites as Michonne sees through the cracks that Walkers have invaded. Carol makes her way in with the walkers and takes out a few Termites along the way. While Rick, Daryl, Glenn and Bob enter the Terminus "meat room" and grab what weapons that they can. They make their way through when they decide to rescue the rest of the people in the train cars. However, the first car Glenn opens they're met with a crazy guy (who we later learn was one of the people that had taken over Terminus before). The hordes makes their way through as Darryl saves Glenn from being spotted by the horde.

"They're messing with the wrong people!"
Carol enters a room where she recognizes Daryl's bow along with some other things. She finds items from her friends and sets out to find them. Gareth and his crew start to take care of the horde as Rick and his start taking down the rest of the termites. I love how Daryl always has Rick's back "We don't have to double back" Rick comments after he takes care of their problem. Carol enteres the cryptic Terminus room with candles as she's confronted by Mary. They start throwing each other around but Mary is no match for Carol. "Your the butcher or your the cattle" Mary states. Carol asks where her friends are, when Mary doesn't answer Carol shoots her in the leg. Carol definitely couldn't have accomplished this in the first season.  You can't believe a single word any Termite says. Even when Mary's talking to Carol you can't believe what she's saying. Carol opens the door and lets the walkers free on Mary. Next scene Tyreese sees walkers approaching where they are as the vile Termite threatens Judith's life. This had me beyond PISSED!!! I actually yelled "Get your hands off that baby!!" I wanted to kill him viciously myself. The vile termite tells Tyreese to go outside of the house or else he'll hurt Judith. Tyrese goes out the door to face the incoming Walkers - with no weapons...

Look at the flowers bitch!
Termite tries calling Terminus as the walkers are banging on the walls getting ready to enter the house. Suddenly the walkers go silent as the termite takes out the knife -- Tyreese busts through the door taking him down and giving him a Tyrese beat-down! Whoohoo! The rest of the crew in the train car, Sasha asks Eugene what the cure is. The two groups butt heads a little as Eugene starts to explain "fire with fire". Rick arrives opening the door to reveal the war within Terminus as they make their way out killing Walkers. They battle their way through, going over the fence leaving Terminus in a fiery mess. Rick & the crew go for his weapons -- they start discussing the plan. Rick wants to go and take out the rest of the people, the majority is against his plan "They'll run or die" Maggie. Carol finds the rest as Daryl doesn't hesitate and runs to her to give her a hug!! *SIGH* Love that scene :) Ricks asks her "did you do that?" and they hug - YEAH!!!! "You have to come with me" Carol takes them to Tyreese and Judith -- REUNIONS :) Rick and Carl are reunited with Judith as Tyreese and Sasha are reunited as well.

Reunited and it feels so good!
Taking five, they decide to get far away from Terminus and start walking the railway tracks. Eugene, Abraham and Rosita going with them for now. Rick stops to cross off a Terminus sign leaving it to state "No Sanctuary" A bonus scene at the very end has an unknown person arrive at the "No Sanctuary" sign, after a dramatic elevation, the mystery person removes his mask to reveal Morgan!! He starts tracking things and sees the X on the tree (I believe Rick marked to find their weapons they had buried). Is he searching for Rick? What do you think is going to happen with Morgan?

Morgan Returns!
 THANKS TO THE FANS COMMERCIAL -touching and awesome. AMC had a commercial during the premiere thanking the fans. Overall, and exceptional episode! From start to finish your sitting on the edge of your seat. If you go and do the AMC The Walking Dead Story Sync there was a cool quiz, there are questions and you'll learn if you would survive the episode. My results were that I was most like Michonne and I survived! YES! I originally thought that the guy that hit Gareth in the last segway of the episode might have been Negan (for those of us who have read the comics). However, after reviewing the Story Sync I learned that he's actually the crazy guy that comes out of the train trailer when Glenn opened it to free him when the Walkers were doing their thing and dies when Glenn bashes his head in :) One of my favorite scenes was when Gareth was "talking" to Rick asking him about "what was in the bag?" Rick tells him and then chooses the weapon that he'll kill Gareth with. If you watch Talking Dead the guest Conan O'Brien had a good point about how Carol must have read the Yelp review and decided (originally) not to go to Terminus. I don't particularly like him but, he was a great guest.

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