Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Are you ready for Halloween yet? 
Don't worry, you still have time to get together your killer costume and don't forget to buy candy for Trick-or-Treater's! I don't know if you are like me and love to curl up with your favorite fright fest for Halloween night. Some Halloween's in the past have been quite disappointing if you leave your viewing pleasure to cable alone. Make sure you stock up on your favorite horror movies, along with your favorite candies, turn off the lights and get ready to scream!
Until then, check out this TOP 10 list of Horror Movies that will help you get in the mood for frights and scares. Hopefully your favorite made the list!


When your child is hurting from the death of their pet, you would almost do anything to help your child. But, would you bury the dead pet in a pet cemetery where the animal would physically come back. However, there are more sinister and darkness within this spiritual contract that could affect those that you love the most. There were specific scenes in this movie that haunted me for years. Stephen King is a master at wielding the story of complete horror. 

WORLD WAR Z (2013)

Brad Pitt breaths life into Gerry Lane, a husband, a father, and a kick-ass veteran United Nations operative. When the world is in ruin the UN reinstates Gerry as he races to find answers. He globe trots witnessing armies fall to the Z virus. Gerry finally solves the puzzle through intense situations that I was holding my breath during. If you love Zombie movies definitely check this one out! It's currently on Netflix and Amazon Prime for your streaming pleasure.


A young Jamie Lee Curtis portrays teenage babysitter Laurie Strode who is babysitting on Halloween and is stalked by a psychotic murderer (who also happens to be her brother) Michael Myers. He's been hospitalized since childhood. Now he's out and causing havoc as his doctor attempts to hunt him down. If you are looking for great classic Halloween scares, definitely put this one on your list to watch this Halloween.

THE RING (2002)

This movie had me on the edge of my seat back in 2002 when it was released. It didn't help either that immediately after the movie my house phone rang sending me flying off of the seat and into an immediate panic! Why? The movie is based off of a phenomenon, a group of teenagers at a weekend cabin find a VHS tape filled with disturbing images. After the video finishes the phone rings and then you only have days before you are found dead. It's chilling and very creepy!


Another chilling movie about a psychotic killer, his name isn't mentioned in the town where he terrorizes local children within their dreams. This movie still sends chills down my spine, especially when Freddie's song plays. This is also first time screen appearance for the adorable Johnny Depp. Just a little advice - don't fall asleep!


Lorraine (Vera Farmiga) and Ed Warren (Patrick Wilson) are paranormal investigators attempting to help the Perron family as they tackle those terrifying fears that give life to what goes bump in the night. There is a sequel in the works as well as a spin-off of one of the terrorizing spirits within a horrid doll. Yikes!


Based on the book by Stephen Kin, The Shining follows Torrance family as they tend and care for a grand hotel during their off season. Soon the family start to encounter weird encounters and horrifying experiences. As much as the mother (Shelley Duvall) begs her husband (Jack Nickolson) to leave, he too has experienced many disturbing experiences. He's consumed by the darkness and the chaos that ensues is a slow building climatic arch of destruction. 


Patrick Wilson portrays Josh Lambert, who has a very unique and special gift that he has passed onto his eldest son. When his son is in danger, Mr. Lambert has to use this gift to save his son. Meanwhile, his wife (Rose Byrne) and their other child are terrorized by other spirits attempting to infiltrate their home. The sequel is available on Netflix streaming and is equally terrifying.


Technically, IT is a TV Mini-Series that ran in 1990 when I was 13. It was the movie that generated my Coulrophobia; 24 years later and the movie still sends those chills down my spine. Many believe that the first part of the series is the most scary and fizzles out on the second half. I've never been brave enough to actually read the book but, there has been rumor that a big-screen movie is in the works for 2015.

ALIEN (1979)

Sigourney Weaver is Ripley, who is Captain of the Nostromo vessel who has been commissioned into space for a specific reason. When they receive a distress call, they investigate and unbeknownst to them, they have a bioform stowaway that may just consider them to be their snacks.

IF you are a fan of the Alien franchise and are a gamer, you have to check out Alien Isolation. Nothing like immersing yourself into a horror game to really get the shit scared out of you! Even watching the play through videos on YouTube can be quite intense and scary. It's new and exciting, definitely check it out.