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** Spoilers Galore ** I've read most of the comics (I haven't read the last couple) but, I know what's happening at this point in the comics (some changes here and there). In the comics before the group arrives to Alexandria they run into some cannibals (I can't recall if they're hunters or what they were in the comics) but, they did eat people. If I remember correctly though in the comics it's Dale that was bit and taken, in the show they're using Bob. The whole "we're being watched" was in the comics too, if I remember correctly this all ties in with the comics and all this happens right before Alexandria and Negan appears. If I'm wrong, please correct me!

The Family Unit

Strangers introduces us to Father Gabriel, so far what we know of his character is pretty much the same as the comics, he's timid and hiding something. Within the comics we learn that he is in fact hiding something, he hides behind the cloth. He literally turned his flock away, locking himself in the church for his own selfish survival. I think that's why in this episode when Carl is showing Rick the scratches and the etching on the outside of the church, it leads to what happened: Father Gabriel closed the doors to people seeking shelter for his own survival. What I liked in the episode in regards to Father Gabriel is the tie-in of the food bank walker that was freaking him out with the glasses and the blond chick in the picture with him. I'm sure we'll get to know Father Gabriel a lot more this season.

What I noticed in the episode was Rick trying to keep the peace. He didn't want to go head-to-head with Abraham and he was listening to everyone else letting them give their suggestions. When Sasha suggests how to approach the water logged walkers at the food bank, he praises her for her idea and they follow through with it (unfortunately Bob gets bitten - we didn't see it but, you can connect the dots when he's crying outside of the church). I think Rick's speech with Carl was important as their relationship is stronger than ever and while Rick is "you're not safe" and Carl's "we're stronger together" they're both right. In the end, they're going to head to Washington.

I can't get enough of Daryl & Carol right now. I love them together and their relationship. There has been talk of Daryl being Gay, to people pulling for Daryl & Carol to hook-up, or Daryl & Beth to get together. Either way, I'd love to see Daryl fumble his way through showing that side of himself. Which, I think we got a little glimpse of in this episode. When Daryl ran to her in the last episode it was beyond touching but, as many of us have commented there was more of a motherly feel to their affection. However, I think Beth might have woken something up inside of him but, he might realize that it's really Carol that he has these true feelings for. Who knows really because does Daryl even know? There has been more flirting in previous episodes via Daryl and Carol. What I would love to know more about was the scene when Daryl and Carol were at the car and what exactly happened with the water jugs? Was this his way of fumbling with flirtations?

Still no Beth! Why is it never addressed that Maggie has any concern over her missing sister? This subconsciously drives me bananas. Having a sister myself there would be nothing keeping me from trying to find her or at least keep mentioning her. When they talk about going to Washington why couldn't Maggie have spoken up and commented about Beth and what they could do to find her? However, when Daryl sees the cross on the back of the car they (Daryl and Carol) take off to try to find her. I hope to God that we finally get to see where Beth has been. I don't know if the creators are going to take the place where Beth is in a different entire direction. What I thought initially was that Beth was abducted and is now in with the group Negan is in charge of. I keep cringing and anticipating with the appearance of this guy. If you don't know who he is in the comics, he's much worse than the Governor, he's more maniacal and relentless. Not to mention other things that happen around the time in the comics when Negan's introduced.

I was cringing when religion was evident within this episode. Usually when shows try to incorporate religion I just feel like it's done in a more desperate way. Here though, I feel it was done tastefully and respectfully. We get to see each character and their reaction to different things within the church. Carol investigation the writings about thou shalt not kill, Daryl coming across a piece depicting the Last Supper, Michonne contemplating the 40 years of wondering in the desert, and various other scenes. The irony and how the messages apply to what they've been through is transcending. The church was beautiful and we learned in watching The Talking Dead that the church was built from scratch and took like six weeks to construct, they did a wonderful job. What was your favorite scene?


This was a great follow up to the premiere kick ass episode! This was a little slower but still delivered the Walker fun and what we expect from The Walking Dead; a great show with in depth characters and all around a stellar experience. There wasn't anything I didn't like about this episode - maybe the water logged walkers, not that I didn't like them, it was just really gross. I had anticipated it as I had heard about the scene and it's level of grossness. We already had a taste of water and walkers in the well walker episode - ick! The surprising end (poor Bob) and once we discover that he's been bitten, the next question will be what (if anything) will happen to Gareth & his goons now that they've eaten from an infected Bob. 
P.S. Michonne needs her sword back!

On the Next Episode - Four Walls and a Roof


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