Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Walking Talk: This Sorrowful Life

This Sorrowful Life on (aired Mar. 24, 2013) 

Rick decides the fate of Michonne. One of the group betrays Rick. The Governor and his group head to the meeting area.
Con you name the characters that are no longer among the living?
Rick enlists the help of one of the Dixon brothers to help him deliver Michonne to the Governor. His reasoning is that by doing this, it will save his group. When we all know that the Governor is not going to stop with Michonne. Since this is against Rick's instincts, he begins to question his decision. His vision of his dead wife, Lori, helps him to understand that this isn't who he is, or a choice he should follow through on. However, when he tries to find Michonne and the brother he enlisted, they are nowhere to be found.
Merle and Darryl Dixon
The Dynamic Dixon Brother's
Through the first two seasons, Darryl never gave up the hope that his big brother Merle had survived. In the first season, after a heated argument that was about to get out of hand, Rick handcuffed Merle. Rick gave T-dog, the victim, the key and instructed him that Merle's fate was up to him. However, Merle's fate wasn't decided until this last episode.
Merle was the brother that Rick enlisted to take Michonne to the meeting place to hand over to the Governor. On their journey to the meeting place, Merle has a change of heart and sets Michonne free. There was a great, intense, zombie encounters before this happens. But, when he let's her go, you witness his humanity and start to wonder if he really could merge and stay in the group. His plans were very different, and very honorable to his brother and his group. Meanwhile, once Darryl learns that Merle has left with Michonne, he is fast on his trail and flips his super-human tracking skills switch on.
Walker Merle - R.I.P
Ode To Merle
Just when I start to semi-like him...
In his attempt to go-out fighting, the Governor claims Merle's fate.  Their scene was crazy and the last scene you see is the Governor firing his gun, at what you assume to be Merle. However, something I didn't even pick up on until watching The Talking Dead, was that the Governor didn't shoot Merle in the head, he shot him somewhere else so that he would turn. Which, is a huge no-no among the surviving living in this world. It was like an ultimate bitch-slap, with the intention of torture, and to leave him as a Walker. Cut to Darryl arriving on the scene, having followed Merle's trail. The Governor and his crew were gone, as far as we know. The delivery of Norman Reedus's level of emotion was heart wrenching. He locks eyes on his brother who is now a flesh smacking, gut eating walker. Little Brother had to pull himself together and end his big brother. Cut to black. This Sunday is the season finale.
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