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Movies In Review: Life of Pi

Movie Review: Life of Pi
March 20, 2013

Directed by Ang Lee, Life of Pi (2012) stars Suraj Sharma as young Pi and Irrfan Khan as the adult Pi Patel. Mr. Khan delivers a great performance as his character divulges the journey he experienced as a “young man who survives a disaster at sea” (imbd.com, 2013). His family owned and operated a zoo in India. When they are challenged with tough times, the father decides that they must sell.  Then the family embarks on an adventure to accompany the animals to their new homes across the raging sea. As Pi runs to the outer decks to challenge the sea in its rage, the alarms start and suddenly chaos erupts as animals appear in their attempt to escape the sinking ship.
The critical devastation leaves Pi alone on the sea. His only means of survival is an escape boat that a few other animals escaped upon. Survival is brutal for the remaining few and even though they are not on land, the food chain remains. Can you imagine being stranded in the ocean with a Bangle Tiger?  The journey intensifies as hunger sets in. Pi Patel used his knowledge and instinct for survival. 
The cinematography was stunning. At times it was nerve racking considering what this young man was going through and then other times it was amazing what he did get to see and experience.  I didn't read the book, watching the movie I might add the book on my list ‘to read’.  I would recommend this movie, it may start off slow, but once Pi survives your senses are thrown into and intense experience.
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