Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Once Upon a TIme

Once Upon a Time, ABC
March 20, 2013
The Evil Queen - Regina
Who watched the epic episode where it was hashed one will die? My money had been on Cora and I was right. With the new discovery that Rumpelstiltskin is actually Henry’s grandfather, I knew he wouldn't be the one who perished. This gives Regina the renewed evilness in revenge for Snow White (Mary Margaret) who, with the instructions from Mr. Gold (Rumpelstiltskin), used dark magic against Cora (meanwhile, tricking Regina to assist in her own mother’s demise). On a side note: I think Rose McGowan did a fabulous job in the backstory of Cora, the Miller’s Daughter.
Rumpelstiltskin - Mr. Gold
Some things that are irritating me about the story plots: Henry is mad at his mother for not telling him the truth about his father. I get this, but I don’t particularly like how he keeps bringing this up. He needs to get over it and understand that some choices aren't black and white, his mother did the best that she could, and she made the choice not to tell him for his own safety.  Snow White’s moping was sad; I understand that she did something that maybe wasn't the right choice. Again, it was the best choice she could make at the time with the knowledge she was given. No one is perfect; she did what she had to for her family. She needs to get over it too, it was going to be either Cora destroying (everything) her family, or she would have to get rid of Cora. It wasn't an easy choice, obviously, but she did what she had to do. If Regina holds this over Snow White’s head (especially since she’s seen the dark spot in her heart) it will be tedious.
Ethan Embry - Outsider
I probably need to re-watch a couple of the episodes because I can’t recall what happened to Captain Hook. The last I can remember he was left in New York after they went for Rumpelstiltskin son (who is also Henry’s father). That is something I do look forward to exploring more; the relationship between Henry, his biological mother, and biological father. I want to know more back story in Emma & Bane’s history and was their more to the story. 
Snow White - Mary Margaret
I did like the back story of Ethan Embry’s character. Before the Evil Queen (Regina) used magic to create Storybrook, a father and son were camping in the woods. After the magic storm that changed Fairy tale Land’s fates, the father and son explore the new town.  They meet Regina, the town mayor, and are invited to her house for dinner. Things go horribly wrong when Regina wants to keep the boy. The father sacrifices himself (who is taken into custody) so that his son could run to safety. The back story emphasis on the key chain that the father gave to his son and in one of the last scenes we see Ethan Embry’s character start his car and then it is revealed that the key chain is the one that the father bestowed to the son. He’s there searching for his father and hopefully he’ll learn of his father’s fate.
What did you think of the last episode? Do you think Snow made the right choice going to Regina?
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