Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Walking Dead

Update 3/3/13 Filming for season 4 begins in May
It has been reported that this Sunday's episode is one not to miss - tune in or set your DVR's

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February 28, 2013

I thought I would switch gears and talk about something that has been plaguing my mind.  Every Sunday we wait patiently for The Walking Dead, Sunday’s on AMC.  Then we have to wait through the commercials while we analyze what’s going on and what might happen. 
Catching up from the beginning of season 3, I was shocked when a pivotal character didn’t survive.  It was concerning that Lori was over her due date, and when the Walkers attacked and she was running I feared that she would go into labor.  Even more twisted was when Carl had to take care of her – he says he shot her (in the head?) but we, the viewer, never saw it – we only heard the gun shot.
On an episode of The Talking Dead, it was suggested that we don’t know for sure that Lori is out of the picture.  Sure, Rick found a Walker with a full belly – suggesting to the viewer that it had feasted on Lori’s body.  Again, there is a lot of uncertainty there.
The real beef I have is with Andrea.  Maybe it is because I don’t understand her personality or mentality.  For one, I don’t understand how she could discard her friend (I’m not going to try to spell the name – Richone?) the samurai warrior, so easily.  She wanted to have the safety of Woodsboro, and I think she wanted the Governor as well.  She should get a grasp, that if her hormones (putting it nicely) pull her toward a certain man, he is probably not a good guy. 
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February 28, 2013
Andrea is a character that has always unnerved my skin.  Why does she want to stay with a crazy man that kept his Walker daughter locked up, fish tanks full of heads, and deceived her about her friends?  When Rick man-handled her in the last episode, it was totally called for.  I understand she wants to try to find peace between the two.  But, she doesn’t realize her crazy man won’t allow that.  Plus, Rick has been visiting crazy town so much – with two unhinged characters – there is no doubt going to be one heck of a show-down. 
The episode before, when the Governor attacked the prison and the walkers were attacking.  It was quite intense when Rick was surrounded by Walkers.  We literally cheered when an arrow came splicing through the Walkers head.  You knew Daryl had returned!  (About time)  Daryl is one of my favorite characters; we really enjoy the relationship between him and Carol.
So, what’s in store for The Walking Dead crew?  We can only wait, watch, and wonder…

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