Thursday, March 7, 2013


March 7th, 2013
Elementary, CBS
As a fan of Sherlock Holmes I anticipated the US's version of Sherlock and have not been disappointed. Sherlock is played by the brilliant Johnny Lee Miller and Watson my dear is played by the beautiful Lucy Liu. I love that Watson is portrayed as a female in this adaption, it gives it that romantic spark that leaves me drooling for more each week.
The show starts off as Watson is contracted by Sherlock's father to provide her psychiatric services to help Sherlock stay clean. Once she is no longer employed by Mr. Holmes she is met with a dilemma  should she stay or should she go? Her counselor thinks that she should definitely go. While Watson herself seems hesitant and stays while she is no longer contractually obligated to be there. Sherlock soon discovers that he is better with her there and asks her to stay on full-time with him and she gladly excepts.
Luckily for me Sherlock was on Netflix and I was able to stream it and fell in love with it instantly! In fact Benedict Cumberbatch who plays Holmes is good friend with Johnny Lee Miller who portrays Holmes in the US's version of the show. Including Robert Downey Jr.'s Holmes, I can't seem to decide who I like best as the immortal Sherlock.  Either way, I look forward to what Johnny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu bring to the dynamic duo as well as the progression of the writer's conveying the timeless tales.

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