Thursday, March 7, 2013

Walking Talk: Psychosis Unchained

March 7th, 2013
The Walking Dead, AMC
It was reported before the show even aired that this particular episode was going to be epic.  The writing was superb and the acting talent between Rick and his long lost friend was great to watch.  I could probably watch this episode a dozen more times, it was just that good.

The episode starts with Rick, Carl, and Micchone driving down a road. One of the interesting scenes (I thought) the traveling trio passed a sign pleading with "Erin" that their loved ones had gone to a certain place and the sign was more of a warning.  Of course, their vehicle gets stuck and walkers are on them rather quickly. The tie-in was that one of the walkers on Micchones driver's side door had a bracelet on with the letters "E-R-I-N."  However, the traveling trio makes quick work of their crowd of walkers and Rick gives Carl a lesson in how to get a car unstuck (great character development).
The destination was Rick and Carl's old stompin' grounds. They marvel at the difference in what they had once known.  Soon, they come upon an complex maze intended to attract walkers for 'clearing'.  Soon the trio is met with gun fire and Carl saves the day by a shot to the chest of their shooter. Luckily, he was the only one in the maze and wearing a bullet proof vest.  Rick removes the face mask to reveal the guy that Rick had first met shortly after waking up in the Zombie Apocalypse.  Morgan is revealed and out-cold.
This was a great episode because it really presented the viewer with the psychosis of survival alone and having other people to keep you in check. Morgan had a few wires missing.  He tragically lost both his wife and son. This loss, accompanied with the singular aspect of life on earth, switched the gears in Morgan's head. He was obsessive with 'clearing'; meaning he had to clear the walkers that came around.  In the end, after heated conversations, and Rick getting stabbed - they part ways.  Morgan continues to 'clear' his area while Rick starts to load their car with the guns and such that Morgan had compiled.
Meanwhile, Carl decides that he wants to go get Judith something.  Rick agrees to let him go on a condition that Micchone accompanies him.  You can tell he's not happy about it, but they set out to do a run for "little ass kicker."  Micchone and Carl are soon met with another walker situation.  However, Micchone shows a softer side that I really liked to watch. I enjoyed learning more about her.
This episode also confirmed that Carl's 'soldier' attitude is warranted. He is growing up in a different time and his character is an element to his survival.  After Morgan tells Rick of his son's attack from his own walker mother. It drove Morgan to see red and his brain com-busted (not literally) with fury.
After Micchone, Carl, and Rick are all packed up - they exchange small conversations reaffirming that they needed each other.  I really hope this has retired Rick from the land of fog and uncertainty.

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