Saturday, August 3, 2013

Movies In Review: The Conjuring

The Conjuring combines two families, the Warren's and the Perron's. The movie proclaims that is is based off of true events and even at the end of the movie pictures of the original families involved are shown. Two families, very different, yet have to work together to save the lives evil presents to destroy.
The Warren family: Ed Warren (Patrick Wilson) a proclaimed demonology expert and Vera Warren (Vera Farmiga) a medium, are a husband and wife duo that educate about the paranormal. We are introduced to them as they are investigating and educating about the case, Annabelle. A demonic entity that is using a very creepy doll as a vessel in the attempts to possess the living. Which they take to protect against others being subjected to the demonic haunting. They keep their past endeavors with the paranormal in their protection within their home. If you can imagine, this can cause a problematic scenario, especially when they have a young daughter drawn to the Annabelle doll.
The Parron family: Roger Perron (Ron Livingston), Carolyn Perron (Lili Taylor), and their five daughters;
Andrea (Shanley Casell), Nancy (Hayley McFarland), Christine (Joey King), Cindy (Mackenzie Foy), and the youngest April (Kyla Deaver). The conventional family discovering their new home, we learn of their randition of hide-and-seek, which they term hide-and-clap. One person is blindfolded and has to find the other participants by requesting a clap, they only get four claps though. When the youngest, April plays with the Mother, Carolyn when the other daughters are off to school, creates an intense scene that we, as the viewing audience, are only aware of since Carolyn is blindfolded.

Through this innocent game, the girls inadvertently discover a hidden door that leads to the cellar. I am guessing since this movie takes place (I believe in the 70's) that they were not as aware as the people are today, we know if a door is boarded up, there is probably a reason that someone took the time to close it off. However, they discover a spider web ridden dark room full of someone else's things. Of course, we know that there will inevitably be some intense scenes in the cellar... moving on.  Carolyn Perron, through her desperation to protect and save her family, attends a class where she meets the instructors, the Warren family. Through their expertise and experience, they start to uncover the true horror behind what the Perron family has been experiencing.
Overall - it combines different genres within the horror spectrum, especially paranormal and possession. While I don't agree with the advertising statements that it is the scariest movie, I think this is a wait to rent. If you've seen one bump-in-the-night scare, you've seen them all. I'm not saying it's not scary, it definitely has it's moments. It fulfills the formula for a good scare film; builds in intensity, character building, and darkness (on different spectrum).  Of course then again, I am not comfortable watching scary movies in the theater. However, this gives a unique element to the experience; other people's reactions. I'm not saying the movies not good, I liked it and would watch it again. If you liked Insidious (2010) or the Paranormal Activity (2007) franchise, then you'll enjoy this movie.
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