Sunday, August 4, 2013

True Blood Episode 6

Don't You Feel Me

My apologies that I have slacked off on the True Blood updates (not that anyone is reading). I was enjoying some time away for a much needed vacation. The first thing on my list when I returned home was to get caught up on the episodes though. When I had left off Sookie was being drowned by a possessed Lafayette and Eric and Pam were being pinned against each other in some twisted AVL picnic in the park. The most upsetting though is Terry's desperate plea to an associate that agrees to kill him.

The episode begins right where it left off, with Sookie being held under water. Come to find out, when Sookie was younger her father tried to kill her to stop Warlow. Lafayette, possessed by Sookie's murderous father, is now holding her under water and she is seconds from death when Warlow swoops in and saves her. Sookie instructs Warlow to use his light to vanquish her father from Lafayette, she then proclaims that her father is to leave her life forever (there is more profanity - but you get the point). This has to cut like a knife through Sookie, is there any man in her life that she can fully trust?
I had a hard time breathing during the intense scene between Eric and Pam. I wasn't quite sure what was going to happen. Things kept running through my head like "they've been together too long to kill each other now"... but mostly just "they can't kill each other!" So, it was a breath of relief when they teamed up to attack, killing LAV (League Against Vampires) personnel. Plus - I hope that Steve Newlin enjoyed his 10 seconds in the spotlight helping the AVL plan this little picnic in the park for Eric and Pam, now that Eric has seen that he is involved, I can only hope that he'll catch up to the snitch and give him what he deserves.

After Warlow saved Sookie, Bill begins to summon Warlow back, through great pains. However, Sookie decides to transport them to a different realm. It almost looks like a fae light realm. Here they talk about how Warlow can sense something is coming, they also discuss his past a little. Warlow warns Sookie that she is special and that he doesn't want to hurt her, he instructs her to tie him up.

Bill discovers Jessica's gone, fearing his vision is coming true, where the vampires that matter to him meet the sun "It's happenin'" Bill says with worried and anxious emotion. In seeking Lilith's advice, he glamours the basement scientist to put him in a coma. The bloodstained naked women appear to take him to Lilith.  Bill wants answers and Lilith answers in riddles, he gets frustrated and they both clash with faults. Lilith is pissed with Bill accusing her of all this being her fault, she tells him that it is up to him to fix things, and not to seek her out for answers again.

Jason wants to do right by Jessica, especially since his one-night-stand (actually twice) Sarah Newlin busted Jessica and sent her into the depths of the vamp camp. Now, Jason is enrolling with the forces to get inside the camp in an attempt to help get Jessica out. I don't think he knows at this point that Tara is in there as well. While working up the ranks quickly (with the extensive vampire knowledge he has) he comes face-to-face with the religious whore Sarah herself. She is quickly acquiring the taste of blood, not literally, but she has a deep passion to kill all vampires for what they have taken from her (first her sister, then her husband, and soon even more). I think they both vow no mercy, pretty much. 

Sam has to make hard decisions about Emma and Nicole. Alcide catches up to Sam, through the help of his philandering father. I'm so disappointed in this Alcide this season. He is one of those individuals who when given a little power, lets it get to his head, or in his case he's letting his over rampant testosterone govern. I hope Alcide looks back on his quibble with Sam and can fix their relationship. Meanwhile, Sam hands over Emma to Martha, her grandmother and he instructs her to never let Emma around the pack again. I hate seeing Sam have to suffer so much. He seems to loose everyone he gets close with, destined to be alone I guess - I hope not. Nicole is cute and all, but they don't seem to mesh well. Alcide tells Sam that he is dead to him and tells him that he won't be there to protect him from his pack. He practically banishes him from his town he lives in - which is BS! I hope Sam shifts into something that can kick Alcide's ass!

Andy & his fae daughter, who finally gets a name: Adeline Bellefleur (and a name for each of her sisters who are now presumed dead). Meanwhile Terry visits Lafayette and gives him the key to a lock box. This freaks Lafayette out and he calls Arlene, so continues the freaking out. She consults in Holly and they revert to using a vampire to glamour Terry to forget what haunts him (why didn't they think of this before!) Unfortunately, the bliss won't last long.

Since the Governor didn't get his revenge upon the picnic in the park session with Pam, when they were suppose to fight, but defended themselves instead. The Governor again gets information from Steve Newlin, about Nora. Eric is caged, and they wheel Nora in, who is strapped down, to face Eric. The Governor has her injected with a new weapon, Hepatitis V. Eric tries through great strain to get her help. He summons his baby vamp to help him bust out to get Nora the help he's desperately seeking for his sister. Getting her out of the vamp camp he also discovers the contamination of Tru Blood that has the Hep V in it. 

How the episode ends...
Sookie telling Warlow she's a danger whore
I just hope they used protection!! LOL

Character Who We Lost

Terry Bellefleur ~ You will be missed!
I'm not going to lie - I cried like a baby :(

The Governor - rot in hell you rat bastard :)
This was a great scene, super-Bill arrives at the secure, well guarded Governor's mansion. He then uses his new abilities against the armed security guards to kill them all. He approaches the Governor and strikes out at him, decapitating him and leaving his beheading out on display. Bill wanted knowledge of the white circular room where vampires meet the sun, but the Governor either didn't know or wasn't going to give the information - either way - he's gone now.


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