Sunday, August 4, 2013

True Blood Episode 7

In The Evening

So, in this episode our close knit group of vamps are networking that Hep V is in the Tru Blood and not to drink the blood. Pam being the smart cookie that she is, informs them to let the rest of the vampires drink, so the wardens wouldn't be on to what they know. Eric escapes the vamp camp with Nora and takes her to Bill. Alcide makes a critical decision that changes his path in the pack. Plus, another great character tragically dies.

Pam initiates and manipulates sex with the therapist to gain access into general population. Meanwhile Sarah tells Jason about the Governor, so he no longer has the leverage he thought he had. She wounds him and throws him in with the general population of vampires (who are starving). But, the mysterious vamp who claims him; "he's mine"....

Alcide starts to get his head back on his shoulders. He returns to his pack having decided to spare Sam and Nicole. He tells his pack that he killed them and not to bother with them anymore. However, some she-bitches call Alcide out; they have captured Nicole and her mother (who had arrived to take Nicole home). They know their pack leader lied now... honestly, I want to see this she-bitch of a character die with as much ferociousness that she spews out.

Eric is able to escape the encampment, with the help of his baby vamp, the deceased Governor's
daughter. They make it to Bill's house where Eric makes his plea with Bill to help her. Bill's only solution is for her to consume some of his blood, or rather Lilith's blood. However, this doesn't work Eric's desperate hope to save her. Her veins are very dark, she seems to be in tremendous pain. Eric and Nora reminisce about how they first met, at the King's request, Eric went to save Nora from her inevitable death from the plague. As Nora draws closer to meeting her true death, Eric's holds her in his arms as she melts into a heaping mess of vampire goo.