Monday, August 5, 2013

Movies In Review: Grown Ups 2

If you are a fan of Adam Sandler and his Happy Madison Productions then this is a must see. It is a laugh-out-loud comedy that will leave your happy endorphin's swooning for more. Especially if you saw the first movie, this is a must see.
Fraternity Brats 

Fader (Sandler), and his family moved back to his home town. Here he can reconnect with his childhood friends on a daily basis. However, this day is no ordinary day, it is the last day of school and hence, the beginning of summer. The boys know how to throw down right, they high jack their sons and daughters school bus (because the bus driver was high on pills), to ensure the safety of the children and their safe ventures to and fro. But, this is only the beginning. The boys decide to have a summer party, 80's style!

80's party is about to get ROCKED!!
On their daily adventure, they decide to relive their past and visit their old swimming hole. This is where they clash with a local fraternity. The fraternity brats degrade and humiliate them by making them jump off, 30 feet into the watery depths below, butt naked! When the fraternity brats return to their lodgings, they find it vandalized and assume it was the 'old guys' and seek revenge. So, after a very eventful day, the party is pumping when the fraternity brats crash the party and a massive fight ensues.

Overall - I would definitely see this movie again while it is in the theater and rent it as well, if not own it and add to my movie collection. This is a hilarious movie that had me literally LOL'ing quite a few times. I noticed the correlation of both Disney characters and Saturday Night Alumni in the casting. It was great and full of talented comedians and actors that make this a ride you won't forget anytime soon!