Sunday, August 18, 2013

True Blood Episode 10 - Season Finale


This was probably one of the weakest season finale's since I started watching the series back in 2009 or whenever it was that it premiered. But, in True Blood fashion, it did leave you hanging. While this wasn't the usual climatic finish for a season, it did have some interesting twists and bends along the way.

And Then There Were None

If you were starting to like Warlow (like I was) then this episode will definitely change your mind. Unless you like to be treated like a material possession or to be slapped around and choked. I thought it was lame how Sookie was asking Warlow to 'date' her, it seemed like this is what brought out the monster the half-vampire half-fae royalty, Warlow. He not only hit Sookie he tied her up and began the process of turning her, as he started to drain her of blood. I was highly disappointed when the misogynistic monster was out on display. It seemed like a total turn-around from what we had been experiencing with him prior. 

Bill, having found his humanity again, decided to recruit Jason to help rescue Sookie from the monstrous Warlow. Knowing that he damaged the trust that he and Sookie once cherished, he hesitates going to her aide. Once he tells Jessica that he sacrificed her for his cause, she reminds him of what he had put her in charge of. This sets him in motion to take actions. He instructs Jason that he needs to recruit Adilyn Bellefleur to enter into the realm that Sookie and Warlow are in.

Once Adilyn (through her father's protests) agrees to help, they stock up and head out toward the grave yard to help save Sookie from Warlow. Jason's new Vampiress tags along with Jason, Andy, and Adilyn. When they arrive at the cemetery, Bill is already there anticipating their arrival. They try to help Adilyn, who proclaims she's only two weeks old, generate her light; which we find out works best through fear.

The fight to free Sookie seemed pretty quick and not as brutal as I had expected. Especially for a being as old as Warlow was, I would have expected more from him. Bill and Warlow took each other on as the rest of the rag-tag gang exited carrying the unconscious Sookie. Bill and Warlow continue to fight until Warlow flies off, leaving Bill in his dust.

Speaking of flying off - Pam makes the decision to seek Eric out. Which - HUBBA HUBBA!! We find Eric on the top of some snowy mountain range in Sweden. However, the gorgeous shot didn't last long because once the 'magic' blood wore off he started to burn in the flames. As I was watching this with my boyfriend, he kept writing off Eric. I reassured him that Eric is a very old Viking King and that he knows how to protect himself, my exact words were "he just has to bury himself and he'll be fine." Then I thought maybe Pam would reach him in time - but then again, she would be bursting into flames as well.

The reason the vampires are burning in the sun again is because Lilith's blood dies when Warlow does. Once Warlow makes quick work of those trying to protect Sookie, he finds her in the bathroom (she was able to get up because Jason's Vampiress gave her blood to heal). He finds her in her bathroom, the same place where he attempted to first make contact with her. Luckily, Niall penetrated the realm within Sookie's bathroom too and was able to hold Warlow as Jason drove a wooden stake through his heart - perfect timing?


Once the boogeyman is dead, it seems everyone went their own ways. The one remaining threat is Hep V and how it will affect the future. Through a church reverend, we learn that there are infected campire person's who have the decease. While it doesn't seem to bother humans, Sam (who is now the MAYOR) and Bill came up with a fabulous solution. For every single healthy human (healthy referring to those unaffected by the Hep V) there is to be a vampire. 

Can you believe it - six months later, Sam has a pregnant wife and is the Mayor. He can be of useful asset within political entities. However, it is during church that the threat is reminded  people and hence, Ms. Bellefleur (Arlene) has opened or taken over Merlotte's and changed it to Bellefleur's. She is hosting the town as they were tested to make sure they weren't infected, as well to match the person to a vampire that can offer them security.

Infected Vampires on the Prowl

Something I did really like about this episode (two things actually) but for now, was Alcide cutting his hair and being the gentleman we've grown fond of. And that Sookie is with him; for now, he is capable of taking care of her. However, as a confrontation is about to start with Bill and Alcide, they get a whiff of something, and the episode ends with the infected vampires emerging and heading straight for Arlene's shindig party. 

Cast photo from season 6