Monday, August 5, 2013

True Blood Episode 8

Dead Meat

Eric, with his sister Nora's warm blood fresh upon him, lashes out at Bill. In retaliation Bill tries to explain to Eric that he had done everything he could do. But, the grieving Eric reminds him that he was suppose to bring Warlow to Nora, and he failed to do so. Bill informs the Viking King that Warlow is with Sookie. What I didn't like was the anger Eric had toward "Bill's precious Sookie", I must have missed something along the way, because I thought Eric felt differently toward Sookie. I really hope this doesn't change how he feels about her! I really love the relationship in the books between Sookie and Eric.

Alcide is confronted by his pack, his she-bitch Rikki having just shown him his lie, challenges him. She doesn't believe Alcide can show her up. It is the first time - ever - that I actually enjoyed watching this huge man beat the crap out of a woman, but Rikki is a nasty were-bitch and is nothing to Alcide's size or strength. Alcide walks away from the defeated Rikki. Sam arrives at Merlotte's and Alcide informs him that Nicole and her mother are safe inside of his home, that his pack had taken them. Sam and Alcide bury the hatchet, they both picked up on a smell, it is a bit of a mystery. As Nicole and her mother are leaving Sam asks her to stay with him. There is some tension that Sookie breaks up. Sam tells her how Nicole is pregnant. I liked how Nicole's mom calls Sam "silver fox".

Jason, being claimed by Victoria, a perceived powerful vampire among the general population, who claimed Jason, starts to understand the gravity of his situation. Victoria explains to Jason that he will be hers for eternity. I feel really bad for Jason, his mission was to help Jessica (so far, he only helped her get laid by James, her new vampire friend). Now, he is in the grasp of a powerful vampire. Also, at the vamp camp, Pam and Jessica catch up in the hallway and Pam is now with the general population. Jessica had warned James, in who turn warns Steve Newlin not to drink the contaminated Tru Blood. Sarah gets wind of this and is capable of getting it out of her former husband. Meanwhile,
the Japanese businesswoman arrives highly upset and discovers that her Tru Blood product is being tampered with. Sarah is unsuccessful in defusing the situation and it only escalates, as the Japanese businesswoman tries to escape Sarah catches up to her and brutally murders her, to which she proclaims "thank you Jesus".

Eric's mission - as he's searching for Warlow at the graveyard - he encounters Andy's half fae daughter Adeline with Holly's son's. Eric glamours the boys, while doing so Adeline escapes - after coming inches of loosing her life before at the hands of a vampire (Jessica). Eric catches up to her and drinks from her. She survives though and her father Andy finds her running down the road and comforts her. I think Eric is trying to get as much fae blood so that he too can walk during the day and start his war against the vamp camp and those responsible for Nora's death.

Warlow gives Sookie an ultimatum - for his help in rescuing the
"Who could have done this?"
vampires trapped at vamp camp, he wants her to be his. He purposes to her with the fact that he's waited for her for 6,000 years, and how he couldn't bare to wait any longer to start eternity with her, especially since they have 'been together' already. When Sookie leaves Warlow, to try to process everything, she doesn't see that Eric was in proximity and attempts to locate Warlow. Sookie attempts to talk with Bill, hoping to find some shred of the old Bill left. She is disappointed to find that he in't concerned about her at all. Mortified, she tells Bill off, since he needs her help and time is getting pretty desperate. She sulks off to find someone else to confide in. This is when she interrupts Sam at the bar. But, again she's disappointed - she has always thought of her and Sam having a special relationship, now isn't the right time though. Her and Sam do not depart on good terms. Desperate she calls Jason to leave him a message about Terry's funeral and how she hopes to see him there.
"Eric"  Oh - snap!!
Sookie is intertwined through out the entire episode, the weight of her decision is inevitable. The most heart breaking scene is when she goes to the graveyard and tells her parents off for what they were trying to do to her, and she states that she doesn't want to spend eternity laying next to them either. Now we know her decision... she goes home to prepare... The episode ends with Bill and Sookie going to retrieve Warlow for their crusade to the vamp camp to save their friends, when they find him he has been attacked by another vampire, could be near true death.

What's To Come