Saturday, August 3, 2013

Movies In Review: Star Trek Into Darkness

In no way am I a Trekkie - I have watched a few of the old classic television episodes, along with the majority of the movies, and maybe this is why, that through my ignorance, I can enjoy the last two movies that have been made now. But I do, I loved Star Trek (2009) and now Star Trek: Into Darkness (2013). Again, while people could be particular to the original actors portraying the different characters, I love the actor assemblage for these movies. The talent that they have attracted and been able to put on the screen is amazing and only helps toward the delivery, which in my opinion is near flawless. Of course then again, my opinion shouldn't matter because when it comes to Star Trek, I do not know much at all!
Cumberbatch as Khan is chilling!!
Benedict Cumberbatch performed beyond perfectly. He is quickly becoming one of my favorite actors to watch, if not the favorite actor that I love to watch. I became addicted to Cumberbatch watching him as Sherlock Holmes, now as he plays the maniacal Khan. He is on a mission, the first step to acclimatize his crew. They are all disguised, hidden within cryo tubes within these huge missiles on the USS Enterprise. Where he knew he would end up, his well-planned out schematics. He first attacks Star Fleet headquarters, killing Captain Pike, who James T. Kirk was friends with. This leads Krik (portrayed by Chris Pine) to lead the crusade to find and destroy Khan. However, things aren't always what they appear.
Scotty, Bones, Uhura, Kirk, Spock, and Sulu

What I really enjoyed about this movie, well there was a lot that I enjoyed, but the hidden charms that I love within the well written aspects. Uhura (Zoe Saldana) and Spock's (Zachary Quinto) relationship, and how protective Uhura is over Spock, often risking her own life to rise above and defend. The heart and soul of the move is the relationship between Spock and James Tiberius Kirk. Spock is very analytically, play by the rules character, while Kirk is more go with your gut, fly by the seat of your pants kind of guy. Together, they combine knowledge with intuition and mix for a commanding and strong combination.
More hidden gems include Scotty, who is played by Simon Pegg, hilarious and talented, gives a new dimension to the Scotty character. I love the scenes when he is in the bar, and then when he is running around on the weaponized ship - hilarious. 
Overall - this is a must go! If you haven't already. It is full of well written delivery, and hold onto your seat action. As must as the character of Khan is despised, Cumberbatch projects a humanity to him that helps with understanding his character Khan's ability to manipulate those around him. Even though Khan is put into a cryo tube with the rest of his crew, you want to believe that in some way, he will resurface to fight another day - Bring it! This only adds the the air raising, goose bump prickles of Kirk rereading the captains oath, the movie ends with the USS Enterprise leaving for their five year voyage into the unknown.