Monday, August 12, 2013

True Blood Episode 9

Life Matters

This episode seemed all about revenge, Eric's revenge for his sister's death, vampire's revenge for their capture and testing, and lastly Bill's revenge from Lilith. Full of pain and heart ache as we watched Terry's funeral, his friends and family shared great memories. I can't believe that next week is the final episode!! 

Eric's Revenge

Fully cocked with Warlow's blood coursing through him, Eric is dead set on serving the cold dish of revenge for his sister, Nora's horrible death. As my boyfriend was watching I had to explain to him what was going on, I told him that after the death of his sister, he's now taking a little excursion through crazy town. Eric, the Viking King sets his sights on the vamp camp and makes easy work of killing anyone and everyone that gets in his way. He is 'armed' with everything he needs to gain access. He then sets free the trapped vampires and they continue the killing spree as they feed and kill off the scientists and people that were involved with their sick testing. When Eric frees the lady vampires in gen pop, he finds Jason and heals him. Jason helps him navigate through the vamp camp with more ease. As they are making their way through a bloody hallway full of victims laying in their karma ridden waste, we see Sarah Newlin who cowardly hid under dead bodies and escapes.

Bill and Sookie have had a horrible season, they continue to fight because of Bill's insensitivity and his new-found inhumane comments and demands. He wants to take Warlow, even though he is not conscious enough for their quest. Sookie yells at him that Eric has more of Warlow's blood, for Bill to go and get Eric to help him and leave her and Warlow alone. Warlow tells Sookie to use her light and she gives Bill a flying exit out of her realm. Sook leaves Warlow to attend Terry's funeral.

Saying Good-bye

The only people missing from Terry's funeral weren't there because they were busy storming the vamp camp. Alcide was there and offered his shoulder to a grieving Sookie. I liked how they had flashbacks when Andy, Sam, and Sookie spoke about the deceased. Mainly with his struggle recovering from returning from war. Sookie's memory was how much Terry really did fall in love with Arlene from the beginning. Sookie also revealed to the town that she's telepathic, for those that didn't already know.

One thing is for sure - we won't have to worry about Steve Newlin making an appearance, snitching, or destroying anything ever again - Eric made sure of that. Bill had made his way to the white circular room where the vamps that were refusing the Hep V infected Tru Blood were awaiting to meet their true death via sun light. Bill was able to find them first and let them practically drain him, hence they could now revel in the sun and Sarah Newlin's attempt to crank open the ceiling to kill them off failed. She did get to witness her ex-husbands true death as he proclaimed his love for Jason Stackhouse though, it was pretty funny. Jason chased down the sick and twisted Sarah Newlin with malice, but he has a honest heart and could not end her life - he let her go (unfortunately). The vampires escaped and were drunk with Bill's blood rejoicing in the ability to feel the light. Jessica remembered Bill and went back for him, her and her new guy saved Bill from Lilith's naked, blood soaked women taking him. 

The episode ended with Pam stopped, realized that Eric was not around, she scanned the scene and their eyes locked. Having known each other for such a long time, no words were needed to communicate. Pam knew Eric was leaving, heartbroken she tried telling him not to go, but the last shot was of him shooting up into the air - gone. Eric can't go! I'll be so mad if he left. I hope it is for a good reason and not just for self loathing or anything. In the books I love him and Sookie together. Warlow has grown on me - but as of right now - I still want to believe they could be together. What do you think??? I still can't believe next Sunday is the finale - seems way too soon.

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