Saturday, August 3, 2013

Movies In Review: Despicable Me 2

Despicable Me 2 reunites us with Gru (Steve Carell), the ex-villain who turned in his somewhat-evil ways for three adorable girls that he adopted; Margo, Edith, and Agnes. In this movie Margo is introduced to her first 'boyfriend' which sends Gru into defensive mode. Like he's not already? Gru has been recruited by the Anti Villainous League (AVL) to help find a possible threat. The threat: a serum that when injected can produce a purple and indestructible monster (of sorts). The person that is sent to recruit Gru is Lucy, voiced by the lovely and talented Kristen Wiig. We can see that these two crazy characters could make a perfect pair, and soon they are partnered by the AVL and sent undercover in an attempt to sniff out the person that has this purple-people-eater serum.

Although unsuccessful in capturing the villain themselves, Lucy and Gru create a love story all their own. This is a charming movie that the whole family can sit down and enjoy together. Some of my favorite parts were when Gru was on his 'date', and the very ending. When the credits are rolling and the minions are goofing off. As much as I like the story, the minions are what I really love. I also enjoyed seeing more of the girls personalities shining through within the story. How Margo is of the age now where she is interested in boys. How Edith is more of a tom boy and marches to the beating drums of battle. I really thought her Ninja outfit suits her. And of course, precious, adorable Agnes. She still has her affinity for her stuffed unicorn. But, this movie really showcases her innocence and even though she might be the youngest and presumed the less knowledgeable, she knows what's really going on.
Overall - if your looking for something to do to with the kids to soak up some time, maybe for a passing rain or something, then yeah - take the kids to see it. Otherwise, it can wait for rental. A benefit to seeing it in the theater would be 3D, especially the end credits with the minions! Downfall, even with matinee prices, taking a family to the movies could be out of your budget.