Monday, August 5, 2013

Movies In Review: World War Z

This movie is a full frontal attack on our misconceptions of living in a secure environment. Zombie movies and shows, (yes, I love The Walking Dead too) always sends my anxiety level through the roof. What scared the living 'begeezus' out of me in this movie was that the Zombies are fast. They can turn quickly and their agility and speed make them a fierce monster.

World War Z starts with the Lane family, their morning routine, and their ordinary lives. This helps us to connect with the main protagonists so that we can experience what they are going through. On their way out, they encounter a traffic jam, stressful but not particularly out of the ordinary. Until, the natives get restless and the commotion sends them fleeing for their lives. In the process we see what is attacking the crowds - humans.
After the Lane family escapes the chaos, that ensues that collapse of the modern world, they make contact with the United Nations. Gerry (Brad Pitt) is a former employee, soon to be reinstated. Gerry (Pitt) is opposed to agreeing, but does this because it is the only safe guarantee he has for his family. As long as he is helping, his wife and children have a place on the huge military ship, safe away from the zombies. There are intense scenes when Gerry is thought dead and his family is escorted off the ship. Gerry has to risk everything in order to find a way to survive the supposed virus outbreak. He has the ability to put the puzzle pieces together and notices that the zombies do not attack everyone. Swarms of them would avoid a single person at times. Gerry builds his theory and presents it to the professionals that could help him find a way through the darkness into the light.

Overall - if you are a fan of the zombie genre I could recommend this movie. It is a gut wrenching experience for sure. Not for the squeamish. I had not read the book either, so I can't compare it to the original source. But, I did like the movie and I thought Pitt did a great job portraying Gerry, the experienced United Nations survivor, who is hell bent in getting back to his family. I hope that when they release this on DVD they will include the extended scenes and original end scene. The one now gives the audience the false facade of hope. 

Do you think there will be a sequel?