Monday, August 5, 2013

Movies In Review: Red 2

The original RED (2010) movie was one of those movies for me that was a hidden gem, something I might not have gone to see, but so glad that I did! RED 2 wasn't a disappointment either. It reunites the original cast: Frank (Bruce Willis), Sarah (Mary-Louise Parker), Marvin (John Malkovich), Victoria (Helen Mirren), and Ivan (Brian Cox). With this caliber of talent, you really can't go wrong.

Sarah, Frank and Marvin
RED 2 also includes Anthony Hopkins as Dr. Bailey, Catherine Zeta-Jones as Katja, and Byung-hun Lee as Han. Action packed, and jet setting around the world, this movie keeps you on your toes. From the start Sarah is starting to think her relationship with Frank is starting to get stale. It's when Marvin re-enters the scene that everything starts to get all fired up. Mysteriously a confidential Cold War document surfaces that states the involvement of Frank and Marvin, which isn't true. They have to find out more information to set the record straight - oh yeah, and save the world! 

Helen Mirren as Victoria
Kicks Serious Tail!
Overall - I would recommend going to see the movie, especially if you saw the first movie and loved it as I did. You won't be disappointed. When you add the charismatic Sarah with the eccentric Marvin and Frank, the trio creates a relationship that you want to continue to watch, even after the movie is over. The cherry on top is the addition of Anthony Hopkins as the mad scientist, who they have to crack-the-nut to get the information they need. Of course, nothing is easy in the world of espionage, spy games, and covert affairs!