Monday, August 5, 2013

Movies In Review: The Croods

A great movie for the whole family to watch and enjoy! The Croods are cavemen (and women) headed by their over-protective father Grug, who is voiced by Nicolas Cage. His wife is the first modern mom Ugga, voiced by Catherine Keener. Their children, the teenage rebel Eep, voiced by Emma Stone; meat head son Thunk, voice talents provided by Clark Duke; the youngest of the group is the wild child. Gran is voiced by the iconic Cloris Leachman. They are a fun family to watch, they'll squeeze your heart and lead you on an adventure for survival.

After their cave is destroyed, they have to seek shelter elsewhere. Which is very hard for them, especially Grug, who has managed to keep his family alive by hiding in their cave. Now that it is gone, what is he going to do? Eep, after sneaking out of the cave (the night before a huge rock slide devours it), she meets Guy (Ryan Reynolds) who has adapted and has not only survival instincts, but the intuition to create and to keep moving. Reluctantly Grug has to work with Guy if the family is to survive.

Overall - I think this movie is well worth the watch! The artistry on the big screen is really awesome to watch, especially this star scene which I loved. The different concepts of landscapes and animals was so creative and interesting to experience. I would happily watch this movie again. It has a great ending, and their is a The Croods 2 planned for 2017.