Friday, August 23, 2013

Movies In Review

Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters

Not having read the books, I have that rare ability to sit open minded in a movie theater, with no preconceived notions of what to expect, and just experience what is before me. Well, other than watching the first Percy Jackson movie. What originally drew me toward this franchise was the mythological implications. I've always enjoyed learning all the different aspects and perspectives within different mythologies (and that's why I include so much of it within my own written work).

In the beginning...

The movie opens with the foreshadowing story of Camp Half-blood's protective barrier. How
Camp Half-blood
through the death of a young half-blood daughter of Zeus produced the impenetrable protective barrier. Impenetrable, until now. During a victory celebration from the recent camp challenges, a wicked mechanical bull is able to break through this barrier. Once Percy destroys the beast, in the chaos the ensues, he sees through the wreckage fog non other than Luke, who he thought he had defeated before.
The Oracle
Luke explains to him how there are half-bloods who are joining forces and informs him of a prophecy that he needs to inquire about. How convenient that the camp has their own oracle! Percy learns of his prophecy and this begins the list of obstacles that will combine throughout their quest. The main objective: the get the golden fleece. Sounds easy? Well, to make matters worse there is a blood-hungry cyclops that has been guarding the fleece. 
Through the foreshadowed story-line of the protective barrier, the fallen half-blood still lives as she
The Fallen - Thalia
was consumed by the forest that surrounds the camp. The new life that she projects is not only the barrier itself, but this symbolical tree. To which Luke had poisoned to gain access into the camp. The fleece needs to be retrieved in order to save the tree, to which will reinstate the protective barrier for the camp.
Half-brother - Tyson
While at camp, another new arrival, Percy's half-brother who is a cyclops. Is it mere coincidence that his new half-brother is part cyclopes an they have to go and face one as well? Their plan is to use this to their advantage, if they even have one. Percy's new brother is nothing like what they have stereo-typed cyclopes. Tyson, Percy's new half-brother, is very noisy and clumsy, he's not use to their ways. Watching the special effects was interesting and my opinion is that they did a great job with creating their version of this Titan.
The main goal is to stop Luke from retrieving this golden fleece. Luke wants to use the fleece to
Percy holds the golden fleece
resurrect Khronos who would only bring death and destruction to the entire earth, including Olympus.  As you can imagine, Luke does obtain the fleece, through the help of Percy and his friends (without them knowing it), and the process begins of this resurrection. As fate would have it, Percy (who was given his father's sword) has the very weapon that cut-down Khronos before.
Clarisse delivers the golden fleece
Inevitably, once they have returned to camp and fulfilled the quests mission to restore the protective barrier, the camp soon learns that the fleece did much more than just heal the previously poisoned tree, it healed the fallen half-blood. She soon explains so she is, the half-blood daughter of Zeus - who apparently could put a new twist on Percy's prophecy.

Overall - I enjoyed the movie. What I didn't enjoy were the gang of young disrespectful and
Tyson, Percy & Annabeth
meeting their water taxi
immature idiots that sat behind us. Why yes, of course I would love to hear your excessive references to bodily-noise functions, and of course I would just love to continually hear your inability to conduct yourselves in a civilized manner. As much as I wanted to remark to them that maybe the next time they go out in public to remember to take their anti-psychotic medicine, my mother actually raised me better. 
Nathan Fillion as Hermes
I can't reference the the book to screen adaption, as I have not read the original origins - yet. But, this movie definitely set-up for the next, as Hollywood likes to do.  My favorite parts were the groups water taxi ride to Luke's yacht, the beginning during the camp challenge, and definitely Nathan Fillion's character - had some great lines!  

Sunday, August 18, 2013

True Blood Episode 10 - Season Finale


This was probably one of the weakest season finale's since I started watching the series back in 2009 or whenever it was that it premiered. But, in True Blood fashion, it did leave you hanging. While this wasn't the usual climatic finish for a season, it did have some interesting twists and bends along the way.

And Then There Were None

If you were starting to like Warlow (like I was) then this episode will definitely change your mind. Unless you like to be treated like a material possession or to be slapped around and choked. I thought it was lame how Sookie was asking Warlow to 'date' her, it seemed like this is what brought out the monster the half-vampire half-fae royalty, Warlow. He not only hit Sookie he tied her up and began the process of turning her, as he started to drain her of blood. I was highly disappointed when the misogynistic monster was out on display. It seemed like a total turn-around from what we had been experiencing with him prior. 

Bill, having found his humanity again, decided to recruit Jason to help rescue Sookie from the monstrous Warlow. Knowing that he damaged the trust that he and Sookie once cherished, he hesitates going to her aide. Once he tells Jessica that he sacrificed her for his cause, she reminds him of what he had put her in charge of. This sets him in motion to take actions. He instructs Jason that he needs to recruit Adilyn Bellefleur to enter into the realm that Sookie and Warlow are in.

Once Adilyn (through her father's protests) agrees to help, they stock up and head out toward the grave yard to help save Sookie from Warlow. Jason's new Vampiress tags along with Jason, Andy, and Adilyn. When they arrive at the cemetery, Bill is already there anticipating their arrival. They try to help Adilyn, who proclaims she's only two weeks old, generate her light; which we find out works best through fear.

The fight to free Sookie seemed pretty quick and not as brutal as I had expected. Especially for a being as old as Warlow was, I would have expected more from him. Bill and Warlow took each other on as the rest of the rag-tag gang exited carrying the unconscious Sookie. Bill and Warlow continue to fight until Warlow flies off, leaving Bill in his dust.

Speaking of flying off - Pam makes the decision to seek Eric out. Which - HUBBA HUBBA!! We find Eric on the top of some snowy mountain range in Sweden. However, the gorgeous shot didn't last long because once the 'magic' blood wore off he started to burn in the flames. As I was watching this with my boyfriend, he kept writing off Eric. I reassured him that Eric is a very old Viking King and that he knows how to protect himself, my exact words were "he just has to bury himself and he'll be fine." Then I thought maybe Pam would reach him in time - but then again, she would be bursting into flames as well.

The reason the vampires are burning in the sun again is because Lilith's blood dies when Warlow does. Once Warlow makes quick work of those trying to protect Sookie, he finds her in the bathroom (she was able to get up because Jason's Vampiress gave her blood to heal). He finds her in her bathroom, the same place where he attempted to first make contact with her. Luckily, Niall penetrated the realm within Sookie's bathroom too and was able to hold Warlow as Jason drove a wooden stake through his heart - perfect timing?


Once the boogeyman is dead, it seems everyone went their own ways. The one remaining threat is Hep V and how it will affect the future. Through a church reverend, we learn that there are infected campire person's who have the decease. While it doesn't seem to bother humans, Sam (who is now the MAYOR) and Bill came up with a fabulous solution. For every single healthy human (healthy referring to those unaffected by the Hep V) there is to be a vampire. 

Can you believe it - six months later, Sam has a pregnant wife and is the Mayor. He can be of useful asset within political entities. However, it is during church that the threat is reminded  people and hence, Ms. Bellefleur (Arlene) has opened or taken over Merlotte's and changed it to Bellefleur's. She is hosting the town as they were tested to make sure they weren't infected, as well to match the person to a vampire that can offer them security.

Infected Vampires on the Prowl

Something I did really like about this episode (two things actually) but for now, was Alcide cutting his hair and being the gentleman we've grown fond of. And that Sookie is with him; for now, he is capable of taking care of her. However, as a confrontation is about to start with Bill and Alcide, they get a whiff of something, and the episode ends with the infected vampires emerging and heading straight for Arlene's shindig party. 

Cast photo from season 6

Monday, August 12, 2013

True Blood Episode 9

Life Matters

This episode seemed all about revenge, Eric's revenge for his sister's death, vampire's revenge for their capture and testing, and lastly Bill's revenge from Lilith. Full of pain and heart ache as we watched Terry's funeral, his friends and family shared great memories. I can't believe that next week is the final episode!! 

Eric's Revenge

Fully cocked with Warlow's blood coursing through him, Eric is dead set on serving the cold dish of revenge for his sister, Nora's horrible death. As my boyfriend was watching I had to explain to him what was going on, I told him that after the death of his sister, he's now taking a little excursion through crazy town. Eric, the Viking King sets his sights on the vamp camp and makes easy work of killing anyone and everyone that gets in his way. He is 'armed' with everything he needs to gain access. He then sets free the trapped vampires and they continue the killing spree as they feed and kill off the scientists and people that were involved with their sick testing. When Eric frees the lady vampires in gen pop, he finds Jason and heals him. Jason helps him navigate through the vamp camp with more ease. As they are making their way through a bloody hallway full of victims laying in their karma ridden waste, we see Sarah Newlin who cowardly hid under dead bodies and escapes.

Bill and Sookie have had a horrible season, they continue to fight because of Bill's insensitivity and his new-found inhumane comments and demands. He wants to take Warlow, even though he is not conscious enough for their quest. Sookie yells at him that Eric has more of Warlow's blood, for Bill to go and get Eric to help him and leave her and Warlow alone. Warlow tells Sookie to use her light and she gives Bill a flying exit out of her realm. Sook leaves Warlow to attend Terry's funeral.

Saying Good-bye

The only people missing from Terry's funeral weren't there because they were busy storming the vamp camp. Alcide was there and offered his shoulder to a grieving Sookie. I liked how they had flashbacks when Andy, Sam, and Sookie spoke about the deceased. Mainly with his struggle recovering from returning from war. Sookie's memory was how much Terry really did fall in love with Arlene from the beginning. Sookie also revealed to the town that she's telepathic, for those that didn't already know.

One thing is for sure - we won't have to worry about Steve Newlin making an appearance, snitching, or destroying anything ever again - Eric made sure of that. Bill had made his way to the white circular room where the vamps that were refusing the Hep V infected Tru Blood were awaiting to meet their true death via sun light. Bill was able to find them first and let them practically drain him, hence they could now revel in the sun and Sarah Newlin's attempt to crank open the ceiling to kill them off failed. She did get to witness her ex-husbands true death as he proclaimed his love for Jason Stackhouse though, it was pretty funny. Jason chased down the sick and twisted Sarah Newlin with malice, but he has a honest heart and could not end her life - he let her go (unfortunately). The vampires escaped and were drunk with Bill's blood rejoicing in the ability to feel the light. Jessica remembered Bill and went back for him, her and her new guy saved Bill from Lilith's naked, blood soaked women taking him. 

The episode ended with Pam stopped, realized that Eric was not around, she scanned the scene and their eyes locked. Having known each other for such a long time, no words were needed to communicate. Pam knew Eric was leaving, heartbroken she tried telling him not to go, but the last shot was of him shooting up into the air - gone. Eric can't go! I'll be so mad if he left. I hope it is for a good reason and not just for self loathing or anything. In the books I love him and Sookie together. Warlow has grown on me - but as of right now - I still want to believe they could be together. What do you think??? I still can't believe next Sunday is the finale - seems way too soon.

Sneak Peek - Finale of Season 6 "Save the Population"

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Movies In Review: After Earth

After Earth is a dramatic, futuristic depiction of the perseverance of the human race. Earth has to be evacuated, so humans retreat to a different planet where huge insect like aliens hunt them. Ghost rangers are soldiers that are fighting for survival, for all man kind. Will Smith and Jaden Smith, a real life father and son duo, join forces to create this epic dramatization of a family struggling through a loss, and having to depend on each other to survive the quarantined planet earth once their ship crash lands on it.

Will Smith's character, Cypher, is a senior commander who has just arrived home after, what is presumed, a long tour.  Jaden's character, Katai, is having a hard time advancing in his Cadette training. Cypher seems like a person that has had to put up an impenetrable wall, in order to continue to fight for survival, not only for himself, but for his family. This is probably why, through the tragic loss of their daughter, he has continued to shut-down. Where Katai, having first-hand experienced his sisters tragic death, by the hands of a nasty alien insect, is harboring too many emotions, with not enough guidance or help from his father. This leaves Katai to his own fears, that his father thinks the worst of him.

"Take a knee Cadette"
Once they have crash landed on the now quarantined Earth, their circumstances become more dire once Cypher announces that both of his legs are broken. Furthermore, that Katai will have to travel some distance, in hostile territory and extreme terrain to retrieve the working beacon. The landscapes are gorgeous and it is great to see a depiction of what Earth would look like without the human species upon it.

Cypher trying to reel his son in while the ship is being torn apart!
Overall - I think this movie is a great watch. I'm sure it isn't for everyone, but I enjoyed watching the Smith's talents. I enjoyed watching Will Smith play this sort of character, something I can't remember seeing him do before. One of my favorite scenes in the movie is when Will Smith's character, Cypher reprimands his son sternly at the dinner table (for his disrespectful tone). I enjoyed this only because I feel that children need more discipline and respect for others. I would definitely watch this movie again, maybe not in the theater, I'll wait for the DVD now. But I do hope that they will include behind the scenes documentaries and things - I love those.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Movies In Review: Grown Ups 2

If you are a fan of Adam Sandler and his Happy Madison Productions then this is a must see. It is a laugh-out-loud comedy that will leave your happy endorphin's swooning for more. Especially if you saw the first movie, this is a must see.
Fraternity Brats 

Fader (Sandler), and his family moved back to his home town. Here he can reconnect with his childhood friends on a daily basis. However, this day is no ordinary day, it is the last day of school and hence, the beginning of summer. The boys know how to throw down right, they high jack their sons and daughters school bus (because the bus driver was high on pills), to ensure the safety of the children and their safe ventures to and fro. But, this is only the beginning. The boys decide to have a summer party, 80's style!

80's party is about to get ROCKED!!
On their daily adventure, they decide to relive their past and visit their old swimming hole. This is where they clash with a local fraternity. The fraternity brats degrade and humiliate them by making them jump off, 30 feet into the watery depths below, butt naked! When the fraternity brats return to their lodgings, they find it vandalized and assume it was the 'old guys' and seek revenge. So, after a very eventful day, the party is pumping when the fraternity brats crash the party and a massive fight ensues.

Overall - I would definitely see this movie again while it is in the theater and rent it as well, if not own it and add to my movie collection. This is a hilarious movie that had me literally LOL'ing quite a few times. I noticed the correlation of both Disney characters and Saturday Night Alumni in the casting. It was great and full of talented comedians and actors that make this a ride you won't forget anytime soon!

Movies In Review: The Smurfs 2

The Smurfs 2 is a movie, I think the kids will enjoy, while this kid at heart fell asleep during the movie, if you are a true-blue Smurf fan you will enjoy the movie, and hopefully stay awake. However, if your children liked the first movie, I am sure they will enjoy this one too. A great rainy day activity.

Everything is going well it seems in the Smurfs village, until Smurfette has a bad dream about Gargamel. We learn how Gargamel created and brought Smurfette to life, however Papa Smurf was able to use a formula to make her the Smurf she is today. Smurfette, feeling very insecure about her origins, seeks refuge at the local watering hole where Vexy, another Gargamel creation grabs her and takes her through a portal and into Gargamel's clutches.

Vexy, along with her brother Hackus are "The Naughties", Gargamel's newest creations. His maniacal plan is to get the formula from Smurfette, create more Naughties, turn them into Smurfs, then put them in cages to extract their essences and then take over the world. The Naughties also introduce us to the voice talents of Christina Ricci as Vexy and J. B. Smoove as Hackus. Even though Vexy's plan was to manipulate Smurfette into trusting them and becoming a family, I think it worked the other way around.

Once Papa Smurf and the rest of the gang realize that the birthday girl is missing, they set out on the quest to find her and bring her home. Papa Smurf (Jonathan Winters), along with Grouchy (George Lopez), Vanity (John Oliver), and Clumsy (Anton Ylchin) enlist the aide of their friends the Winslow's.  Neil Patrick Harris reprises his role of Patrick. Jayma Mays is Grace and now they have their son Blue. A great addition to the cast is Brendan Gleeson, Patrick's step-father who helps him to realize what he's been missing for so many years.

Overall - I would say this is a wait for rental. Unless you want to see it in 3D (which I didn't) and that could give it a whole different experience. While I grew up with The Smurfs, I cannot call myself a true-blue fan and it could be why I fell asleep (only a short period of time - more of a nod off). Anyway, like I said, this would be a great rainy day excursion for the kiddos. It's cute, full of heart and charm, and a movie that a family could enjoy watching.

Movies In Review: The Croods

A great movie for the whole family to watch and enjoy! The Croods are cavemen (and women) headed by their over-protective father Grug, who is voiced by Nicolas Cage. His wife is the first modern mom Ugga, voiced by Catherine Keener. Their children, the teenage rebel Eep, voiced by Emma Stone; meat head son Thunk, voice talents provided by Clark Duke; the youngest of the group is the wild child. Gran is voiced by the iconic Cloris Leachman. They are a fun family to watch, they'll squeeze your heart and lead you on an adventure for survival.

After their cave is destroyed, they have to seek shelter elsewhere. Which is very hard for them, especially Grug, who has managed to keep his family alive by hiding in their cave. Now that it is gone, what is he going to do? Eep, after sneaking out of the cave (the night before a huge rock slide devours it), she meets Guy (Ryan Reynolds) who has adapted and has not only survival instincts, but the intuition to create and to keep moving. Reluctantly Grug has to work with Guy if the family is to survive.

Overall - I think this movie is well worth the watch! The artistry on the big screen is really awesome to watch, especially this star scene which I loved. The different concepts of landscapes and animals was so creative and interesting to experience. I would happily watch this movie again. It has a great ending, and their is a The Croods 2 planned for 2017.

Movies In Review: The Heat

Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy are comic gold! Bullock puts her mark on Ashburn, an uptight FBI agent. McCarthy spins the foul mouthed hardened Mullins, a cop from Boston. Ashburn is given an assignment in Boston and crosses paths with Mullins. Their relationship doesn't start off so well, as you can imagine the hard, foul mouthed Mullins doesn't work well with others and doesn't hesitate to tell Ashburn, and anyone else off. Where Ashburn, through her obsession of getting the job done, and by her terms, is categorized as 'doesn't work well with others'. But maybe, they can work well with each other!
I really enjoyed watching this movie, the chemistry between
Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy builds and touches your heart, they make it seem more than just a movie. They are two women fighting for respect within their careers, while they were having a hard time attempting this by themselves, together they become unstoppable.

Overall - if you are a fan of Sandra Bullock's this movie won't disappoint you. It makes the perfect rainy-day trip to your local cinema an enjoyable one. I don't want to say it's a must see or a must go, because I'm always conscious of ticket prices. This could wait until it's available to rent. But, this is a movie that I could watch more than once.

Movies In Review: World War Z

This movie is a full frontal attack on our misconceptions of living in a secure environment. Zombie movies and shows, (yes, I love The Walking Dead too) always sends my anxiety level through the roof. What scared the living 'begeezus' out of me in this movie was that the Zombies are fast. They can turn quickly and their agility and speed make them a fierce monster.

World War Z starts with the Lane family, their morning routine, and their ordinary lives. This helps us to connect with the main protagonists so that we can experience what they are going through. On their way out, they encounter a traffic jam, stressful but not particularly out of the ordinary. Until, the natives get restless and the commotion sends them fleeing for their lives. In the process we see what is attacking the crowds - humans.
After the Lane family escapes the chaos, that ensues that collapse of the modern world, they make contact with the United Nations. Gerry (Brad Pitt) is a former employee, soon to be reinstated. Gerry (Pitt) is opposed to agreeing, but does this because it is the only safe guarantee he has for his family. As long as he is helping, his wife and children have a place on the huge military ship, safe away from the zombies. There are intense scenes when Gerry is thought dead and his family is escorted off the ship. Gerry has to risk everything in order to find a way to survive the supposed virus outbreak. He has the ability to put the puzzle pieces together and notices that the zombies do not attack everyone. Swarms of them would avoid a single person at times. Gerry builds his theory and presents it to the professionals that could help him find a way through the darkness into the light.

Overall - if you are a fan of the zombie genre I could recommend this movie. It is a gut wrenching experience for sure. Not for the squeamish. I had not read the book either, so I can't compare it to the original source. But, I did like the movie and I thought Pitt did a great job portraying Gerry, the experienced United Nations survivor, who is hell bent in getting back to his family. I hope that when they release this on DVD they will include the extended scenes and original end scene. The one now gives the audience the false facade of hope. 

Do you think there will be a sequel? 

Movies In Review: Red 2

The original RED (2010) movie was one of those movies for me that was a hidden gem, something I might not have gone to see, but so glad that I did! RED 2 wasn't a disappointment either. It reunites the original cast: Frank (Bruce Willis), Sarah (Mary-Louise Parker), Marvin (John Malkovich), Victoria (Helen Mirren), and Ivan (Brian Cox). With this caliber of talent, you really can't go wrong.

Sarah, Frank and Marvin
RED 2 also includes Anthony Hopkins as Dr. Bailey, Catherine Zeta-Jones as Katja, and Byung-hun Lee as Han. Action packed, and jet setting around the world, this movie keeps you on your toes. From the start Sarah is starting to think her relationship with Frank is starting to get stale. It's when Marvin re-enters the scene that everything starts to get all fired up. Mysteriously a confidential Cold War document surfaces that states the involvement of Frank and Marvin, which isn't true. They have to find out more information to set the record straight - oh yeah, and save the world! 

Helen Mirren as Victoria
Kicks Serious Tail!
Overall - I would recommend going to see the movie, especially if you saw the first movie and loved it as I did. You won't be disappointed. When you add the charismatic Sarah with the eccentric Marvin and Frank, the trio creates a relationship that you want to continue to watch, even after the movie is over. The cherry on top is the addition of Anthony Hopkins as the mad scientist, who they have to crack-the-nut to get the information they need. Of course, nothing is easy in the world of espionage, spy games, and covert affairs!

True Blood Episode 8

Dead Meat

Eric, with his sister Nora's warm blood fresh upon him, lashes out at Bill. In retaliation Bill tries to explain to Eric that he had done everything he could do. But, the grieving Eric reminds him that he was suppose to bring Warlow to Nora, and he failed to do so. Bill informs the Viking King that Warlow is with Sookie. What I didn't like was the anger Eric had toward "Bill's precious Sookie", I must have missed something along the way, because I thought Eric felt differently toward Sookie. I really hope this doesn't change how he feels about her! I really love the relationship in the books between Sookie and Eric.

Alcide is confronted by his pack, his she-bitch Rikki having just shown him his lie, challenges him. She doesn't believe Alcide can show her up. It is the first time - ever - that I actually enjoyed watching this huge man beat the crap out of a woman, but Rikki is a nasty were-bitch and is nothing to Alcide's size or strength. Alcide walks away from the defeated Rikki. Sam arrives at Merlotte's and Alcide informs him that Nicole and her mother are safe inside of his home, that his pack had taken them. Sam and Alcide bury the hatchet, they both picked up on a smell, it is a bit of a mystery. As Nicole and her mother are leaving Sam asks her to stay with him. There is some tension that Sookie breaks up. Sam tells her how Nicole is pregnant. I liked how Nicole's mom calls Sam "silver fox".

Jason, being claimed by Victoria, a perceived powerful vampire among the general population, who claimed Jason, starts to understand the gravity of his situation. Victoria explains to Jason that he will be hers for eternity. I feel really bad for Jason, his mission was to help Jessica (so far, he only helped her get laid by James, her new vampire friend). Now, he is in the grasp of a powerful vampire. Also, at the vamp camp, Pam and Jessica catch up in the hallway and Pam is now with the general population. Jessica had warned James, in who turn warns Steve Newlin not to drink the contaminated Tru Blood. Sarah gets wind of this and is capable of getting it out of her former husband. Meanwhile,
the Japanese businesswoman arrives highly upset and discovers that her Tru Blood product is being tampered with. Sarah is unsuccessful in defusing the situation and it only escalates, as the Japanese businesswoman tries to escape Sarah catches up to her and brutally murders her, to which she proclaims "thank you Jesus".

Eric's mission - as he's searching for Warlow at the graveyard - he encounters Andy's half fae daughter Adeline with Holly's son's. Eric glamours the boys, while doing so Adeline escapes - after coming inches of loosing her life before at the hands of a vampire (Jessica). Eric catches up to her and drinks from her. She survives though and her father Andy finds her running down the road and comforts her. I think Eric is trying to get as much fae blood so that he too can walk during the day and start his war against the vamp camp and those responsible for Nora's death.

Warlow gives Sookie an ultimatum - for his help in rescuing the
"Who could have done this?"
vampires trapped at vamp camp, he wants her to be his. He purposes to her with the fact that he's waited for her for 6,000 years, and how he couldn't bare to wait any longer to start eternity with her, especially since they have 'been together' already. When Sookie leaves Warlow, to try to process everything, she doesn't see that Eric was in proximity and attempts to locate Warlow. Sookie attempts to talk with Bill, hoping to find some shred of the old Bill left. She is disappointed to find that he in't concerned about her at all. Mortified, she tells Bill off, since he needs her help and time is getting pretty desperate. She sulks off to find someone else to confide in. This is when she interrupts Sam at the bar. But, again she's disappointed - she has always thought of her and Sam having a special relationship, now isn't the right time though. Her and Sam do not depart on good terms. Desperate she calls Jason to leave him a message about Terry's funeral and how she hopes to see him there.
"Eric"  Oh - snap!!
Sookie is intertwined through out the entire episode, the weight of her decision is inevitable. The most heart breaking scene is when she goes to the graveyard and tells her parents off for what they were trying to do to her, and she states that she doesn't want to spend eternity laying next to them either. Now we know her decision... she goes home to prepare... The episode ends with Bill and Sookie going to retrieve Warlow for their crusade to the vamp camp to save their friends, when they find him he has been attacked by another vampire, could be near true death.

What's To Come


Sunday, August 4, 2013

True Blood Episode 7

In The Evening

So, in this episode our close knit group of vamps are networking that Hep V is in the Tru Blood and not to drink the blood. Pam being the smart cookie that she is, informs them to let the rest of the vampires drink, so the wardens wouldn't be on to what they know. Eric escapes the vamp camp with Nora and takes her to Bill. Alcide makes a critical decision that changes his path in the pack. Plus, another great character tragically dies.

Pam initiates and manipulates sex with the therapist to gain access into general population. Meanwhile Sarah tells Jason about the Governor, so he no longer has the leverage he thought he had. She wounds him and throws him in with the general population of vampires (who are starving). But, the mysterious vamp who claims him; "he's mine"....

Alcide starts to get his head back on his shoulders. He returns to his pack having decided to spare Sam and Nicole. He tells his pack that he killed them and not to bother with them anymore. However, some she-bitches call Alcide out; they have captured Nicole and her mother (who had arrived to take Nicole home). They know their pack leader lied now... honestly, I want to see this she-bitch of a character die with as much ferociousness that she spews out.

Eric is able to escape the encampment, with the help of his baby vamp, the deceased Governor's
daughter. They make it to Bill's house where Eric makes his plea with Bill to help her. Bill's only solution is for her to consume some of his blood, or rather Lilith's blood. However, this doesn't work Eric's desperate hope to save her. Her veins are very dark, she seems to be in tremendous pain. Eric and Nora reminisce about how they first met, at the King's request, Eric went to save Nora from her inevitable death from the plague. As Nora draws closer to meeting her true death, Eric's holds her in his arms as she melts into a heaping mess of vampire goo.