Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A to Z Challenge - H

Top 10 Favorite "H" Movies

It's been too difficult to put the top 10 movies in each section in any particular order. I've merged into just trying to put them in the most likely order I would watch them in. Most of the lists have been so difficult! There are just too many great movies...

Adult Section

Hairspray (2007)

The first Hairspray that I was introduced to was the 1988 rendition with Ricki Lake; while it was written and directed by Baltimore native John Walters, I respected the flick but never would have considered it a favorite. So I was leery about the 2007 remake until I heard John Travolta was dressing drag for the role of Edna Turnblad; than it's a must see! The cast also includes Michelle Pfeiffer as Velma Von Tessle, Christopher Walken as Wilbur Turnblad, and Queen Latifah as Motormouth Maybelle. The talent doesn't stop there either - the movie is filled to the brim with great actors and toe-stomping music. 

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids (1986)

This might need to be in the Kids Section, but sometimes the genres mix - in this case I just needed more options. Honey, I Shrunk the Kids was an epic movie when I was younger and it has stayed with me all these years later. I love this movie because it is full of adventure with heart.

Hangover, The (2009)

A bachelor party in Vegas, what could go wrong? Everything! The Hangover is a hilarious depiction of friends that went through experiences - that they don't remember - now they have to retrace their tracks to find the groom and get him to the alter in time. This race against time adventure left me laughing and I love the credits where they show pictures of their experiences.

Happy Gilmore (1996)

Adam Sandler is the comedic genius behind Happy Gilmore, a character determined to help his grandmother get her house back. He just has to win a prestigious golfing tournament to do so. While he might feel like a fish out of water, he also has to reel in his temper to get to the top. This is a classic comedy that people quote, enjoy, and will continue to do so for years to come.

Hard Ball (2001)

Keanu Reeves gets a lot of flack for his acting I think, but I love Keanu; and this gem was just an additional bonus. I hadn't heard about this movie and just happened to watch it via a premium programming. I was glued to the television and loved this underdog movie. Reeves portrays Conor O'Neil, a guy down on his luck, especially since he double downs on gambling. However, his luck definitely changes when he is depended on to coach a little league team. Another hidden gem is Diane Lane as an added spark.

Heart and Souls (1993)

Before his mega-fame with Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr. (who I think is amazing) plays Thomas Reilly, a businessman that is about to be reunited with something from his past: four souls that need his help to get to the afterlife. The assemble is top shelf and increases the charm and warmth within the movie.

Help, The (2011)

I didn't read the book - but love the movie! This movie reminded us of the time when the help faced appalling adversity. In The Help we follow housemaids that handle the challenges and cruel people, with the grace and warmth that - in my opinion - are saints. Even when one of them feeds a 'special pie' to her witch of a boss, it's hilarious. I love this movie and could watch this again and again.

Home Alone (1990)

Not only did Home Alone make my favorite "H" movies, it would make my list of favorite all-time movies. Part of the anticipation and excitement of the holiday's is my expectation of catching this flick on t.v. I don't care how many times I've seen this movie (which is a lot) the slap-stick comedy gets me roaring with laughter - every time. This movie reinvented the joy and excitement of being home alone.

Hello Dolly! (1969)

Barbara Streisand and Walter Matthau pull together to make the quirky romance blossom, at the hands of Dolly, of course. Dolly Levi (Streisand) is a vivacious character that seems to have something to say about everything. She's steps ahead of Horace Vandergelder (Matthau) in the romance department, and he doesn't know what's about to hit him either. She comes in like a fierce hurricane and uproots his traditional frame of mind. I love this movie because it pulls so many things together to make an enjoyable viewing experience.

Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, The (2012)

Peter Jackson continues his movie magic in The Hobbit. Starring Martin Freeman as the lovable Bilbo character and Ian McKellen as the iconic Gandalf. My boyfriend and I lined up for the midnight premiere and was not disappointed. We were so thrilled to be immersed back in The Lord of the Rings universe of Peter Jackson's again (yes, I know the source is actually The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkein). This is the example of master writers working with a master director making their masterpiece.

Kids Section

Hocus Pocus (1993)

Happy Feet (2006)

Heidi (1937)

Holes (2003)

Harry Potter (2001)

Hercules (1997)