Sunday, April 27, 2014

Game of Thrones 4.4


I'd love to hear what you'all are thinking about this season so far! I think it has been an amazing season and it's definitely helping me get through my Sunday's without The Walking Dead. Plus, HBO is (as far as I can tell) staying true to the books as well. I'd also love to know if you've read the books, if you prefer the books, the show, or maybe you just love it all. Personally, I started reading the books but couldn't finish them. I would skim through the pages to the characters I love and eventually I was lost and uninterested in the new characters. If you are new to my blog, there are inevitably spoilers. If you whine or cry, the rules here are that you will be fed to the Direwolves. If you don't know what they are than you have no business reading about the show anyway. That being said - on to the fourth episode of season four - Oathkeeper. (P.S. if that sounded a little too sassy - I apologize. No one will be fed to wolves of any form. Today's my birthday and I'm feeling a little saucy)

Kill the Masters

Missandei is tutoring "Grey Worm" with his vocabulary and he asked her where she came from, and other things when Daenerys interrupts to inform them that "It's time." Her soldiers have all dressed as Maareen slaves and make their way into the city and crash a slave meeting. Grey Worm talks to the slaves about the Mother of Dragons and how if they want freedom that they must take it. The slaves of Maareen are scared because they have no training in battle and no weapons. The soldiers then reveal what they had carried into the city - swords. Grey Worm continues to tell the slaves that they number the masters three to one. The next scene a master is walking in the streets of Maareen when he comes across the writing on the wall "Kill the Masters" he is then surrounded by the slaves and presumed slaughtered. The next scene is of Daenerys walking through the broken-chains-of-the-slaves littered streets surrounded by the slave children. She orders the 'masters' that were not killed to be crucified as they had done to the slaves they encountered on their way to the city. When Daenerys asks Mormont how many, he answers her "163" - but her other counselor suggests a more merciful means. Daenerys replies to him "I will answer injustice with justice." 

Meanwhile @ Kings Landing

Jaime is having his lesson with Bronn and just when Jaime thinks he's gaining on Bronn - as his clever smirk gives him away - Bronn immediately reminds him of why he's getting these lessons by grabbing his golden hand and hitting him with it. When they are taking a break from the excursion of their choreographed routines, Jaime asks Bronn if he thinks Tyrion killed Joffrey. Bronn explains to him that poisoning isn't Tyrion's thing and that he doesn't think he did it. He also explains to him how Bronn and Tyrion first met. When Tyrion had to call on a Champion - how he originally called for Jaime to be his champion - but since this couldn't be negotiated at the time, Bronn stepped in to be his champion. He also explained that Tyrion knew Jaime would ride all day and all night to fight for his brother... then he asks Jaime "are you going to fight for him now?" 

Cersei is a venomous viper without alcohol, multiply that venom when she's been drinking... Jaime visits Cersei who is more than ready with her rants and hidden rage. She interrogates Jaime about how Catelyn Stark freed him. He explained to her that she wanted her daughter back - that he promised her if he returned and her daughters were at King's Landing and alive, he swore that he would return them to her. Cersei redirects her aim to Sansa and attempts to manipulate her brother into going after Sansa Stark to bring her back. When Jaime first entered her chamber, she asked him how many guards were at Tomlin's door. Tomlin is her only remaining son and soon-to-be King. He explains that there is a guard at his door. She's dissatisfied and states how their security measures didn't protect Joffrey - before he leaves she demands four guards to be posted at his door at all times.

Jaime finally visits Tyrion in his prison cell, brother-to-brother they discuss their different confinement positions. Jaime explained to Tyrion how when he had been a prisoner his conditions were worse... trying to find the upside to his brother's imprisonment. He asks what he can do for his brother and Tyrion half-joking but seriously suggests setting him free. Jaime explains how he can't do this because then he would be on the chopping block as well. Tyrion explains how his own father has wanted him dead and Cersei won't rest until he's dead too - basically that his trial will only be their pawn for his execution. 

Brienne is reading from the book about Jaime's accomplishments. Jaime then presents her with the sword his father had made from Ned Starks sword. But his gifts come with a favor, he wants her to find Sansa Stark, and she agrees to do so to also honor Lady Catelyn. Jaime also gives her a new set of armor. It's such a touching scene. We know she cares for him, and you feel he cares for her too... but I feel that he can't act on anything because one; he has this twisted relationship with his sister and he believes he loves her, and second; I think he knows if Cersei found out she would have Brienne killed. Jaime tells Brienne that he has another surprise for her. This was a funny scene because it cuts to Tyrions squire who has a hilarious expression on his face. Jaime knows he'll be safe with Brienne and he can keep her company during her quest. Bronn is there as well and gifts the Squire with a gift from Tyrion himself; his battle axe. Another great scene as the squire is admiring the ax Bronn says something like "go on, kiss it" - it was funny. Jaime tells Brienne that all good swords have names, he asks her what she'll name hers, and she replies Oathkeeper.

In High Garden society there in Kings Landing, Olenna Tyrell and her granddaughter Margaery Tyrell take a turn in the garden again. Which Olenna explains that if she has to walk through Kings Landing gardens again she's likely to throw herself from a cliff. This is a great scene because she reveals to Margaery that she did have something to do with the Kings death. She also explains how she secured her position with marriage to her grandfather. She explains how she was good at manipulation and seduction to get what she wants, and how Margaery is even better. Later that night Margaery sneaks into Tomlin's chambers while he's attempting to go to sleep. Imagine being a young teenage male and this beautiful woman shows up and is slightly seducing you... it's kind of creepy to think of her putting any moves on him, while it's cute and a little comical to see him reacting to her. She makes him promise that these visits will be their little secret before she leaves.

Catching Up with the Stark Family

Jon Snow is trying to train new recruits, especially with the oncoming threats. However, the Chief in Charge until they choose a new leader is harsh with Jon - telling him to go find a pot to clean or something - just belittling him in front of his friends. Meanwhile there is a danger within their midst. The guy, who he introduced himself as Lock... he's trying to gain trust with Jon... he eavesdrops on Jon and Sam as they are trying to figure out where Bran could possible be. Later, Jon is selected to go on a mission outside of the walls and he is instructed he can only take men if they volunteer. When he addresses them, about five men volunteered (I think). Lock also volunteered (yikes). I think this also showed them how many men would side with Jon. I stopped reading the books - so I don't know! I really hope Jon becomes the new Chief for Castle Black... if Castle Black survives the battle that's coming. 

Meanwhile Sansa is trapped on a boat with Little Finger... who gives me the creeps!! He is a master manipulator... He explains to Sansa how she was (indirectly) involved with Joffrey's death - although he makes it sound like she killed him... obviously because he wants to scare her into submission. Meaning, if she thinks she is involved with killing the King she'll need protection, and he believes he's just the man for that job. He wants Sansa for himself and he sends her that message. When Sansa asks him where he's taking her, he explains that he's to marry her aunt (the crazy one) and how she'll be safe there. Which I believe in the book her aunt gets super crazy and Little Finger kills her somehow (pushing her out a window) ??? Which, we know she's crazy - but, it'll still be fun to see how these scenes play out. Of course Little Finger wants to do away with her Aunt - it's all strategy!!

We didn't see Arya Stark this episode, but we did get to see Bran and his troupe of misfits. Which tie into another scene involving a very foul and sadistic character. I believe they have taken over Manse Rayder's camp (please correct me if I'm wrong). They are also taking advantage of all of the women there. What's Game of Thrones on HBO without some sex scenes - right? I get it - sex sells. Whatever. I can't concentrate on what characters are saying when there is some guy in the background going to town on someone... it's really distracting. Anyway. The self-proclaimed leader of this group tells someone to 'go feed the beast' - after his putrid diarrhea of the mouth and elderly woman enters the camp and proclaims that the baby she's holding was Mance's. The women begin to change something about sacrifice... which I'm sure they all have had their babies sacrificed. The new leader states he's not one to break tradition and instructs the baby to be taken to the White Walkers for sacrifice. The guy obeys and upon returning to the camp taunts Ghost = Jon's direwolf that they have in a cage. 

Bran and his group hear the baby crying - Bran uses his abilities through Summer (his direwolf). I just want to say I am so happy to see the direwolves!! Love them. Anyway, Bran uses Summer as he's tracking the baby he hears Ghost and changes directions. He sees Ghost trapped - then gets trapped himself. When Bran comes out of the trance he tells his group what happened. They want to leave but Bran states that he's not leaving without Summer. They are close to Mance's camp when they are discovered and taken prisoner. As the vulgar leader is interrogating them, he knows Bran is highborn, he can tell by his clothes, but he doesn't know who he is. He tries to get it out of the brother and sister, but then the brother starts to have some sort of seizure. Desperately, trying to help the situation, Bran yells out his name, revealing who he is... uh oh! What I really hated about this scene was that Hodor was being taunted by the men in the camp viciously, and they ended up stabbing him in the leg = boo!!

The Creation of White Walkers

At the end of the episode you see a White Walker upon his dead horse and bundled in his arms is the baby that Mance's camp left out to sacrifice. The baby isn't crying anymore and seems content. The rider comes to an alter. Around the ice cylinder alter are slabs of roughly cut ice as well. It gives you the eerie feeling that it could be the sacrificial place that all the babies arrived at. Then, off in the distance (through the ice) we see a wall of White Walkers standing. The middle Walker begins his journey forth toward the baby, lying uncomfortably upon the ice alter. When he reaches the alter, he takes the baby in his hands... placing his dead nail upon the baby's cheek... the baby is transformed, his eyes turn the ice crystallized blue as the Walkers... and that's where they leave us until next week.

What's to come... Next Episode First of His Name