Sunday, April 20, 2014

Game of Thrones 4.3

Breaker of Chains

"Where's Sansa?"
The episode opens withe Joffrey's poisoned body still in Cersei's evil arms, and her demanding Tyrion's imprisonment. Just in case any of us GoT fans would have forgotten the best death scene ever! Then Cersei asks where Sansa is, when no one can attest to her whereabouts, Tywin and Cersei get all paranoid and demand her to be found. Meanwhile, the ex-knight who had told her to follow him if she wanted to escape; they make their way to the shore and hop into a row boat and make for the fog covered waters ahead. Once within the natural camouflage, you can just make out a boat. For those of us who have read the books - we know what is happening and who she will see on the boat, who her rescuer is. The ex-knight instructs her to climb the rope latter - when she almost looses her grip when she's at the top, who catches her and helps to on board the boat but the twisted and genius, Little Finger - her rescuer. When she is safe on board, he asks the ex-knight what the agreed price was, but instead of Little Finger paying him with the silver or gold as promised and agreed upon, he delivers an arrow through his head and throat. Sansa's upset by this, and he explains to her that there can be no trace about her whereabouts, that the (now dead) ex-knight was a drunk
Sansa taking one last look at the capitol before escaping
and could easily be bought. 

Little Finger "What did I tell you about the Capital?"
Sansa "We're all liars here..."

He then proceeds to explain to her how he had her necklace made weeks ago, and how the crystals were actually the poison that killed King Joffrey. I believe this is when he also told her about how she would or could be named as a possible accomplice, if not the killer. He makes it obvious that her only choice is to go with him.

Am I Queen?

"I must be cursed..."
Margaery Tyrell is talking with her grandmother, and asks if she's queen. Her grandmother (who is a master player in the whole scheme of things) informs her that since the wedding was not consummated, that she is not the queen. Margaery is upset, she feels as if she is cursed. Rightfully so, her first husband, who she said liked other men, died; his throat slit I believe and now Joffrey poisoned. However, her cunning grandmother explains to her how the pleasure of watching Joffrey's death was more than he would have ever given her if he had lived. The grandmother soothes her by saying that the next time should go much smoother."

In the King's Tomb

The Future King...
Meanwhile, in a cathedral room where Joffrey is laid out, it is his younger brother, Cersei and Tywin. Tywin starts to condition the younger brother for his impending duties - as the net King. There is a moment when Cersei looks at him, and I don't know if she's questioning his ability or at the possibility of having to go through all of this again... however, I highly doubt the younger brother is anything like Joffrey - he seems much more niave - which the grandfather picked up right away and began his manipulations and conditioning tactics. Tywin starts by asking what the younger brother thinks makes a good king, and he gives his answer of why his answers could be perceived as incorrect. Finally, they agree that what makes a great king is wisdom. Then, Tywin takes the young man under his wing and exits the room while explaining to him while he must marry and begins the discussion of the duty of the King... meanwhile, Cersei is exactly where she had been standing, through out the entire conversation, completely over-looked - practically ignored.  

Cersei using the only weapons that she has...
Once Grandad Tywin and his grandson, and future King exit the chamber, Jamie enters. It seems there is a moment of realization upon his face that his son lay before him, dead. But, nevertheless - he pursues Cersei. She wants vengance for their son's death, she still thinks it's Tyrion and explains to Jamie why she thinks it is him (even though it wan't him)... how Tyrion and Cersei once had a discussion and he explained how he would make her pay (more or less) one day for her wickedness. Cersei explains this to Jaime, but I think you can tell that Jamie doesn't think - for one minute - that his brother is the blame here. She pleads with Jaime: "Avenge your son, kill Tyrion." She then uses the only weapon she knows how to, and begins to kiss him. She quickly draws away though to Jaime's near shock. His retort "You're a hateful woman" to which he then kisses her back. He then proceeds to take her right there by the side of their dead son. Cersei pleads with him to not do this and exclaims how it's not right... blah blah blah [she should have thought about that before she slept with her own brother]. However, Jaime wants her and he is going to get what he wants...

In Other Parts of the Castle...

Prince Oberyn and his Lover Whore
There is quite the orgy going down with Prince Oberyn's chambers. When Tywin interrupts the party and asks for the room to discuss matters with the Prince. Once everyone has left they quickly enter conversations about the Prince's sister, her death, the Mountain and how he was the one that brutally murdered her, and how the Mountain works for Tywin. Where Tywin discusses how Oberyn is known to have studied poisons and starts his interrogation if he had anything to do with Joffrey's death. Once Tywin states that he did not 'categorically' have anything to do with his sister's death, and how he could arrange for the Prince to have an audience or meeting with the Mountain... Oberyn knows Tywin's not just going to give him anything. So, he asks what he wants in return. Tywin wants Oberyn to be one of the judges for Tyrion's murder trial... as well as to sit on the small counsel at the Capital. Tywin further explains how The Mother of Dragons will eventually make her way to the capitol and how he needs Oberyn. 

Tyrion is in a sticky situation
In a small cell, Tyrion's squire visits him and explains how they wouldn't let him bring in wine but he was able to bring him other things. Tyrion is very thankful and inquires about what he has heard. The squire explains the judges that have been assembled: Mace Tyrell, who Tyrion explains will vote however his father tells him to basically; Tywin, his father - which he doesn't have much faith in any love between them; and Prince Oberyn which Tyrion knows immediately was a strategic move by his father. Tyrion, when informed he can call witnesses, asks for Sansa to be called and his squire explains that she has not been seen since the wedding. Tyrion also states that as much as Sansa had motive to kill Joffrey, she isn't an assassin. However, before all of this he asks about Shae - his squire explains that there has been no word of her and Tyrion assumes that no news is good news. I really wish Tyrion happiness... however, he'll never achieve much until he breaks away from his family... then again, I think he relies on his families name and power as a protection... I'm sure a lot of people are out there that would kill him just in spite against the Lannisters. I love Tyrion... I just want something good to happen for him.

In Other News...

Stannis Baratheon trying to calculate their next move...
The Red Witch story line is not my favorite (I actually hate it)... however, the remaining Baratheon is relishing off of the power of throwing the leech of the bastards (his brother who was king's bastard son) blood... he uttered Joffrey's name and now he's dead. He's delusional. He's also pissed at his right-hand man's choice to let the bastard son go. His right-hand man tells him how he has been rallying banners to aide in their fight, he also explains how troops win wars, not visions and witches. However, Stannis Baratheon doesn't want to hear it at all. He basically tells his friend to get his shit together or it'll be his head. Meanwhile, his guard or right-hand man goes to visit Stannis' daughter - who they keep locked away because of her disfigured face. While he is talking with his friends daughter, he has a revelation and demands her help in constructing a letter. She has been helping him learn how to read.

Feeding their horse - Arya is a quick thinker
Arya and the Hound have stopped and are watering the horses. She's asking him a lot of questions when they're interrupted by the land owner. Arya lies and give him some sob story explaining how the Hound is her father and has suffered a burn because their house burned down with her mother in it. Gaining sympothy from the farmer, he takes them in, feeding them and offering them a roof over their heads for the night. Over dinner he asks if the Hound would be interested in working for him "fair wage for fair work"... when Arya is awoken in the morning, she runs to see what's going on and the Hound has stolen the farmer's silver explaining how they will not survive and  "dead men don't need silver." This was a pretty funny scene during dinner though. I think it's hilarious how Arya came up with the lie and how she kept the rue up. 

News From Castle Black

Jon keeps warning about the impending war
Wildlings are practically knocking at their door. Jon Snow has been trying to tell them to prepare themselves for war, but of course they doubt him and don't think anything of it. Until a boy arrives that has just witnessed the slaughter of his villiage and was only kept alive to tell them the message of the horror that awaits. Within minutes of the boys arrival with the message, two more arrive with similar messages - that the Wildlings are coming to war with the wall. Now they know that they must prepare. They do not have full numbers and know this is going to be a tough fight. Meanwhile Sam is concerned about the girl that he's been taking care of and her baby. He's terrified that the
Sam wants to get her to safety
men could harm her there at the wall. He suggests that she go to Mole town (which I believe is the town he's from). She's upset that he's sending her away. Sam sets them up in a whore-house, but he tells the madame that she is to do no other work - meaning she isn't to be a whore. He sets up her room and board and explains that she can watch the other children. It's sad that he leaves her there, but maybe with the Wildlings knocking at the wall, it might be better that she isn't there at this point.

Champions Duel

[Let me kill this man for you]
Daenerys arrives at the gate of her next conquest - Meereen. Where, before arriving they have taken all of the chains off of the slaves along the road that Meereen has crucified to warn people or send some twisted message. When she arrives at the gate they send their champion out, who then proceeds to piss on the ground... apparently marking his territory. Khaleesi wants to deliver her message, but she states that he must be silenced first. The men surrounding her begin to offer their services to kill this man for her. She explains why each of them cannot do this until she gets to the guy that likes her. The champion from Meereen is on his horse and begins to head toward them, when Khaleesi/Daenerys leans to her fighter and questions his choice of no horse. She explains that horses are fast and he explains to her that horses are not too smart. I knew what he was going
She fights for those enslaved...
to do, but seeing it was an awesome scene. He took his knife in his hand and threw it at the horses head - instantly killing the horse and grounding it - which also caused an uprising in the dirt and sand around them. Khaleesi's fighter used this to his advantage and approached the Meereen champion and cut him down - like it was nothing.... very impressive. She then addressed the slaves of Meereen explaining to them how her vast army are slaves of her conquests and how they have joined her - freely. She then says that she is there to deliver justice to those that have enslaved them. Then, she orders them to fire as catapults sling long cylinders upon the city... which rain down chains. The scene ends with a Meereen slave picking up one of the rained down chains and understanding that it is the same chains that they use to enslave them... then it clicks that these are the chains that Khaleesi's army has collected during their travel. Cut to black! 

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