Sunday, April 6, 2014

Game of Thrones 4.1

Two Swords

The long awaited season premiere of Game of Thrones has come and gone. This first episode seemed to be more of a recap of past events, so we are reminded of the characters, and a little bit of foreshadowing of what to expect. I'm sure I will re-watch this episode and pick up things that I didn't see before, as I usually do, and it's what I love about this series - the intricate complexities and story plots. 

***Below will include this episodes review. If you have not watched it and do not want to know what happens, than please - DON'T READ ANY FURTHER. I might also comment on the book to series comparisons, so there could be some spoilers - just as a precaution *** 

Cersei and Jamie catching up
The episode opens with Tywin Lannister observing a blacksmith as he's working on some swords. Later, when he is talking - rather, arguing - with his son Jaime, he reveals that it was Valyrian steel. My thoughts on this, and I can't quite remember - but, I'm thinking that he had Ned Starks sword melted down after the death of his oldest son Rob Stark at the finale of last season. Please, correct me if I'm wrong - as I'm getting older it's harder to keep up with all the different plots and things going on.

"My bloody honor is beyond repair." Jaime Lannister

Father and Son catching up
Jaime and his father discuss his return to the Kings Guard. Tywin, as he usually does, cuts deep and doesn't hesitate to tell him that he only has one hand and wouldn't be of much use. Tywin obviously expects Jaime to marry and produce heirs to their banner. Jaime tells his father that he doesn't want any of those things and upon leaving his chamber, leaves with a smile on his face... and probably directly to his sister, Ceresi's chamber.

Cersei refusing Jaime
Ceresi expresses her disappointment in Jaime stating that he took too long (in getting back to her). Jaime wants to pick things back up where they left off, but Ceresi refuses his advancements. "Everything's changed" Ceresi Lannister. She explains to Jaime that she is to marry 'a pillow biter' and expresses her distaste that her son, King Joffrey will be marrying 'some High Garden bitch'. She is also still upset about her younger children being sent away. They are interrupted by a maid that is reporting to Ceresi.

"You drink more than you use to." Jaime Lannister 

Tyrion refusing Shae
The maid that reported to Ceresi had been watching Tyrion Lannister's chambers. The maid witnessed Tyrion's mistress and Sansa's lady maid, leave the room upset after Tyrion refused her. Tyrion tried explaining to Shae that he is under a lot of pressure right now - she wasn't suppose to be in his room to begin with. After all, Tyrion has just come from a stressful meeting with a new character, a horny Prince with an agenda for blood.

Tyrion and the blood-lust prince
I'm not sure - so again, correct me if I'm wrong - but listening to the Prince speaking about the last time he had been in The King's Landing, was for his sister's wedding. She married a Targaryen and had children - I think this makes him Daenerys' Uncle. Anyway, he continues to talk to Tyrion telling him of the rumors he had heard about what they had done to his sister once 'The Mad King' (Targaryen) was murdered. He explained to him that if they were murdered it was by order of Tywin, Tyrion's father. The Prince is there for vengeance.

Daenerys shocked at the behavior of her dragon
Meanwhile, Daenerys Targaryen is leading her army to knock on the gates of a city she it getting ready to concur. We're reintroduced to our favorite Queen as she is basking in the sun with her black dragon as her other two are in the the air, and what seemed to be playing. When they come closer to shore, we can see that they are playing with their food - a baby calf. Once they drop it upon the shore, the black dragon actually turns on Daenerys - which shocks her. That's when her long time friend tells her that they are still wild animals.
Who's missing?

The Mother of Dragons army is assembled and she notices two of her finest are not present - she's informed that they are gambling. She finds them and tells them that the last man to leave the bet, will have to find a new queen to fight for. They both immediately drop what they were doing to follow her back. There is romance in the air, as one of the former slaves seems to have feelings for Daenerys lady maid, while the other fighter obviously likes Daenerys herself.

Could there be love in the air?
While on the road, the progression stops, when Daenerys makes it to the front there is a young girl that has been crucified. Her long time friend, Jorah Mormont, explains that there is 'one of these' at every mile marker until they reach the city. When she asks how many more he says 168 and that he will have someone ride ahead and bury them. She refuses, looking at the dead girl on display, she wants to look at each one (obviously to fuel her fire to take down this city that would do such a thing). She instructs them to take off their color before they bury them.

Meanwhile, back at Kings Landing, Sansa Stark, now Sansa Lannister, is refusing to eat. Shae tries to get her to eat before they are interupted by her husband, Tyrion. Tyrion tries to get her to eat as well before she explains to him that she cannot sleep, she can only think of what happened to her brother and her mother. She further explains how Rob's head was cut off and his wolf's head was sewn on and how her mother's throat was cut to the bone and she was thrown into the river. Tyrion tries his best explaining how he respected her family members. She asks to be excused, explaining where she's going. Tyrion is understanding and state show prayer helps during these things and she comments that she doesn't pray anymore; she goes there so people don't talk to her.

Could this be Sansa slipping away?
While Sansa is there, she feels a presence watching her. She starts to escape, surely fearing it could be Joffrey, or someone there to harm her. She is reintroduced to a former knight who presents her with a necklace. She tries to give it back to him, but he explains how it would honor his name if she were to ware it, and she agrees. I believe, if I remember correctly, this is someone that Little Finger has employees to help sneak Sansa out of Kings Landing (in the books). 

Brienne - wants revenge for her former King
Before the previous scene with Sansa and the former Knight, Jaime and Brienne had been discussing some things. Jaime said she surely must be a Lannister because all of them are being pains in his butt. I missed some of what they were talking about, but I believe Jaime was discussing the missing Stark sister (Arya) and how they should return Sansa to Winterfell - where the Starks had lived before all hell broke loose. 

Joffrey couldn't care less about the security detail...
In another scene with Jaime Lannister, he was discussing security detail with a fellow Kings Guard and Joffrey. Joffrey was admiring the different weapons that were upon the chamber walls. When Jaime addressed him Joffrey was obviously not interested in their plans. Furthermore, Joffrey belittled Jaime (who is actually his father) with snake venom stating how Jaime wasn't worth much with only one hand. Joffrey sure is making a lot of enemies... which we're going to enjoy even more, watching what's to come of that little prick.

Jon's on trial
Back at the wall, Jon Snow is on trial for the death of his old leader. Jon tries to explain how he was instructed to kill him, so he would gain favor with the Wildlings; that he was to infiltrate. The counsel lead was not listening to him and was ready to give him a harsh sentence when the elder spoke. The elder has the power to know when someone is lying, Jon wasn't lying. Later when the elder was asked how be knew so well when people were lying, he explained that he grew up in Kings Landing. Jon tried to warn them that there were armies preparing for war, but they weren't interested.

Will they reunite?
Back over the wall, his red-headed tart was making arrows while her brother and her were discussing Jon's escape. She let him go because she loves him, but her brother isn't convinced. They're interrupted by a new clans arrival. They are more harsh and brutal as they explain how much they like to eat crow - they'r referring to the black guard; when they put a Crow's arm on the fire pit.

Arya: I want my own horse
The episode ends with Arya and The Hound. They're riding together on a horse, Arya states that she wants her own horse and they discuss trust issues as they ride through an area that had been attacked with the dead laying where they had been killed. When they come to a tavern, she explains how she knew someone who had come outside to relive himself. She sees her needle (her sword) and goes to regain it. The Hound is in the middle of saying they're not going in there when the front door opens - now they have to enter.

Nicely played Arya
When they sit down, the guy that Arya knows comes over and states that he knows who The Hound is and they start to talk. You can tell The Hound is tired of the mans jabber and picks a fight. When the fight is dwindling down, Arya takes a sword and sinks it into one of the men. She also grabs her sword and begins to taunt the man, reciting what he had said to her before he had taken it and killed her friend with it. He seemed to remember before she sunk the swords end into his throat, killing him. The episode ends with The Hound and Arya, now on her own horse, riding off into the landscape that is scattered with smoke from the pillage that it had endured (probably from the men they had just killed).

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