Monday, April 28, 2014

A to Z Challenge - X

My Favorite Top 10 "X" Movies

Usually in the lists that I have compiled, for series I just put the first to state that they are among my favorites. Sometimes, if there were two movies and I thought they were great, I added them too. For the sake of a difficult letter to create the list with; I've decided to add an entire series - even a movie that hasn't been released yet (the trailers look amazing though). I would also say that the list are in sections, the X-Men series being my favorite, then the X-Files series, and lastly XXX. I want to give a nod to Xanadu (1980) not because I think it's a great movie - more because other people might like it.

X-Men (2000)

X2 (2003)

The X Files (1993-1998) TV Series

The X Files (1998)

XXX (2002)