Sunday, April 13, 2014

Game of Thrones 4.2

The Lion and the Rose

The episode opens with dogs running through the forest, they're on the hunt. It's a human hunt, Bastard Bolton and his Whore are hunting some poor girl. He states that if she can make it out of the woods alive, than she gets her life. She doesn't make it out. The Whore that is with him shoots her with an arrow through her upper leg, crippling her. Theon Greyjoy, now Bitchboy, is in their wake following them. Once the part catches up to the girl, the dogs are holding, and Bastard Bolton excitedly talks some psycho babble with her and then sicks his dogs on her. 

Later when his father and his party return to their home, they argue over what he has done to Grejoy. The Father Bolton says how he was going to use him, that he had plans for him and needed him whole. The Bastard has cut 'bits and pieces' off of him. He then instructs his new Bitchboy (Greyjoy) to give him a shave. While shaving him they ask Greyjoy about the Stark boys. He explains how he had used two farm boys in a deception, because he had claimed he had killed the Stark boys. Now, the Boltons know the Starks live and they have a hard-on to find and kill them. Greyjoy even tells them to look to Jon Snow, how he is half Stark and they want him dead as well.

Brotherly Love
Tyrion and Jaime Lannister talk about their faults. Jaime feels crippled because of his hand and Tyrion is a caring brother and helps him accept his handicap. He also sets up a sparing session with his Head of Security. They meet up somewhere by the sea to start training Jaime's left hand to fight with a sword. There is a really sweet scene when the brothers are talking, when Jaime dismisses the help and then spills his wine. Tyrion then purposefully spills his own wine to help Jaime to feel better.

"How can I protect the King when I can hardly wipe my own ass" Jaime Lannister

Breaking Up is Hard to Do
Later, Tyrion meets with Shae. He knows that he has to break it off with her, for her own good. His father, in the past, has threatened Tyrion that the next whore he bedded would hang by her neck. Now, in the book Tywin (Tyrion's father) head Lannister, beds Shae and Tyrion finds them in bed together. This could still happen, so I'm not quite sure where this is going to go. Tyrion set it up that Shae would go to a distant land, she would have a home and help. But, she would have to leave, and leave immediately. Tyrion's Man sees her off and later reassures him that she was on the boat and it is long gone. Of course, Tyrion has to tell Shae harsh realities to get her to leave. I still doubt this is the last we see of her.

I was so glad to finally see Bran! His troupe warns him about spending too much time in his Direwolf's body. They warn him that the more he spends in his Direwolf, the less he will know of their world, and the less he will care - he'll forget everything. When they set off, they come across a mystical tree. Bran directs Hodor to take him to the tree, when he places his hand upon the tree he is overtaken by a premonition. It tells him to seek his father under the tree "under the tree, you will find me." When he comes out of the premonition, he proclaims to his troupe that he knows where they have to go.
Burning @ the Stake Ceremony

When we come to the Red Witch and her underbelly dealings, they are burning people at the stake as sacrifice. Later over dinner they discuss his daughter and her marked face. The witch goes and visits the princess. I think she has a fondness for her, she is smart and the Red Witch sees her struggle and can relate because she struggled as a child. I hate the Red Witch and I have a hard time watching her segments honestly. What I think would be great - if the princess would cut her throat! lol

"There is only one hell princess, the one we live in now" The Red Witch

Lannister and High Garden Unite

You are cordially invited to a Royal Wedding

The day has finally arrived - it's time for the wedding fair. The first segment was Joffrey accepting his wedding gifts. Tyrion gave him a book of history, you can tell Joffrey doesn't care for the gift and after looking to his Grandfather (Tywin) and his mother (Cersei) he graciously accepts the gift. Then, Tywin presents his Valyrian sword. Joffrey is excited about getting such a prestigious sword. He mentions how Ned Starks head was taken off with such a sword, in front of his eldest daughter Sansa. He then demonstrates how it can cut through anything by cutting up the book that Tyrion had presented to the King. Joffrey detests his uncle (Tyrion) and takes every opportunity to belittle and humiliate him.

"Kneel before your King" King Joffrey
During the reception Joffrey proclaims Tyrion his cup barer, a complete humiliation; this is after he poured his cup of wine over his uncle's (Tyrion) head. This was the result of Joffrey presenting to his guests small people dressed up as the Five Kings and a farce of the war. It was done in very bad taste and while most of his guests laughed, the ones that knew better looked on in disgust. After the presentation Joffrey calls out his uncle Tyrion and tells him that he should join the fellow little people in the farce presentation. Tyrion, in the way he does so well, puts Joffrey in his place explaining how he has experienced enough first-hand combat and then calls Joffrey out because of his cowardliness during battle, saying how he should draw his new sword and show everyone how a true King wins his throne.

Kiss of Death
The new Queen breaks up the family feud, as King Joffrey is demanding Tyrion to kneel before him, and his uncle is not following his orders. She exclaims that the wedding pie has arrived. Joffrey quickly draws his sword to cut the cake. When he does white doves fly from the pie - him killing one of them. He's drinking the wine Tyrion has poured for him and his new Queen is feeding him the pie, when he starts belittling his uncle again. Joffrey then starts to cough. If you have read the books - you know what's coming - and it's marvelous!! He has obviously been poisoned. He begins to choke and falls to the ground, the new Queen proclaims for people to save the King, but only Jaime and Cersei run to their son. It's too late - there's nothing they can do for him. He's vomiting, and he looks horrible. Eventually bleeding in his eyes, out his nose, and everywhere else. But, before he expires, he points his talons toward Tyrion - naming him as his killer. After his last breath has left him, Cersei screams "take him" - demanding the guards to take Tyrion into custody. 

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